Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Becoming a Tweenager.

Hola!  It has been a good day.  I have gotten everything done that I wanted to do.  And I am not too terribly tired considering.  Considering may ask...or not.  I am going to tell you anyway.  I definitely have an overactive thyroid.  My doctor confirmed it yesterday.  And I also have osteopena...meaning my bones are not as dense as they should be.  I guess that is from the thyroid acting up.  At any rate they are going to give me radioactive iodine to kill my thyroid gland.  It's a little creepy, but I guess easier than surgery which is my other option.  And no one wants to operate on me with my blood clot history:)  My doctor said it will relieve some of the annoying symptoms I have been having (anxiety, insomnia, tremors, exhaustion, and a bunch more).  Of course I will have to take thyroid substitute medicine, but I guess thousands of people do that successfully.  I asked him why I was so fat if I had such an overactive thyroid.  I guess I was a little too frank because he seemed a little flustered by the question.  I do need to watch those filters.  Sometimes I just blurt things out.  And after reading about this on the internet, it is often the case that it increases your appetite rather than decreases.  I guess it is the luck of the draw which symptoms you end up with.  And I guess it can be rather serious long term...heart damage and other organ damage.  So I am so glad he caught this.  And I hope all of the annoying symptoms disappear.  Remember I said I just feel so anxious every time I think of painting?  Maybe this could be one of the reasons why.  That would be so nice.  Then I could stop worrying about everything!!!!  I really have gotten to be so anxiety ridden the last year or so.  And I really couldn't figure out any reason.  So once more, chemicals in the body have been playing havoc with my psyche!
Yesterday, Taylor was over.  He is 11 now.  Soon he will be 12....January 2!  So he is already anticipating being a tweenager.  He wanted me to examine the fuzz that is starting to grow on his upper lip.  I honestly could not see anything.  But I had him look at the fuzz that is growing on my upper lip and we both had a laugh.  In fact we had a very fun day.  He is such a delight!   His little brother, Alex, who is only 3, was also with us.  They both came to my doctor appointment:(  It was kind of hard, but my doctor is also a friend from the ward.  And he has a son that is a friend of Taylor's.  So he was very understanding.  Liz was just so sick yesterday that I had to take them so she could rest.  Of course, Alex was very curious about everything.   It brought back memories of all of the doctor visits with Tommy.  He was only 3 when they first found he had cancer.  So we spent a lot of time in doctor's offices.  In some ways it felt a little déjà vu.  Kind of sad and happy at the same time.
So today I have been to Mel's shop, paid the bills, and did some bookwork.  Then he and I went to Boise so he could pick up and deliver parts.  I enjoy that part of the business.  Then I dropped him off at work and I went to Costco.  It was so busy.  But miraculously I was able to get in and out very quickly.  And the best part is I bought now I don't have to bake any if I don't feel like it.  We are having our feast at Michelle's in Twin Falls....the day after Thanksgiving.  I don't mind.  In fact I kind of like less stress at the moment.  And it is easier for everyone.
Well, I hope today is a good day for you.  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!  Melody

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Can you read my lips?

Happy Day!!!  I have a busy day and then a doctor visit to see about this goiter.  But I wanted to write down this funny thing I remembered from the other day.  It was my birthday and we had Kim's family over for dinner.  My granddaughter Ellen loves our dog Max.  She is only a year older than he is, so I think they have kind of grown up together.  Anyway, she is really sad that Max has gone deaf.  She asked me what he could hear.  I told her I didn't think he could hear anything.  So she was playing with Max on the floor when she said, "Grandma, watch!  Max can read lips!"  Then she told him to sit and shake and lay down, all of which he did.  So then she looked up at me...."See?  He can still do all of his tricks!  You just have to stand in front where he can read your lips!"  That made me laugh!  And maybe it is true.  I know I hear better when I can see a person's lips.  Maybe it is true for Max.  I suppose it is a question for science!
Anyway, I hope today is a good day for us all.  Take care out there in cyberspace.  I am pulling for you!  We're all in this together!!!  I don't hear the drums today.... HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!  Melody

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday, Monday!

It's a beautiful day today...filled with sunshine!  It is so nice after the week of inversion and freezing cold we had last week. I am sitting in the car waiting for Mel. He had to bring a mold here to Ontario to run as all of our machines are full and he needs parts for this customer now. It is nice that he is friends with this man in Ontario that has several plastic injection machines and a large facility. We are wanting to buy a couple of his machines as he is retiring and selling it all. He is about 10 years older than Mel and has been somewhat of a mentor. 
Anyway, I left Max in charge back at home. He is our sweet Sheltie. In the last year he has gone deaf and so I am thinking I need to get another that can hear...and also keep Max company when we're not at home. He has had his territory greatly shrunk since Mel fixed the fence:). He used to walk the canal road, but he can't do that now. Poor baby!  I am so glad!  I never liked that he was able to roam so freely. Mel thought it was fine since we live so far out. But things have changed since we first moved here!  We actually have neighbors!
Well I hope things are sunny and bright!  HAGW!!!  Melody

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Birth Day

So I figure I'd better jot something down before company gets here.  I mostly wanted to write about how it feels to be 65 today.  Actually kind of weird.  In some ways I feel like I am just a youngster still. And in other ways I feel like I have learned a ton of stuff during my stay on earth.  I am glad for all that I have learned, although some it was very hard to go through.  But it isn't over yet, and I am sure the best is yet to come.  I hope I can learn what I am supposed to while I am here!  Mostly I think I have to get better at being selfless.  Not selfish, which is the normal way to be, but I want to really be thoughtful of others and to help where it is possible to help, and to put my own selfishness aside.
Well, obviously I am waaayyy too philosophical today. And I still have potatoes to peel!   I hope all is well out there in cyberspace!  Take care and remember.... you know!  HAVVVVVVVGW!!!!  Melody

Friday, November 21, 2014


Greetings!  It has been a good day today.  I got up early and went to Weight Watcher's, where I found I had gained a pound...big sigh!!!  Then I went to the bank and the store and came home to clean up the house and get ready for my birthday lunch with my visiting teachers.  They are the best!  Even though it is still a couple of days until my birthday, they took me to lunch at this very nice restaurant in town.  The food was delicious, but the friendship was even better.  I think we sat and talked for a couple of hours.  The waiters were beginning to circle, so we finally had to leave.  We did have such a nice time and it really cheered me.  This weather has been getting to me big time, so it was nice to sit and just visit with good friends.  One of them is also an artist and so I could complain to her how I am in such a slump.  And she understood.  That is so nice.  Especially when I don't really understand myself.
Now I am home, going through the mail.  I had a late payment notice from a company that is supposed to be getting an automatic payment from me, so I called and found out they had the wrong account number.  So I got that straightened out.  I like when I can solve big problems...a little like a Sherlock character, gathering clues and solving mysteries:)  It is funny how much satisfaction I can get from something so small and simple.  Perhaps I missed my vocation...except I don't think I could really solve much in the real world.  I am definitely not Miss Marple.  And besides, wouldn't it be ghastly if every place you happened to frequent, people got murdered?  It is really strange how she and a few other of those sleuth types just happen to be in a place where someone is murdered....over and over and over!  I can understand if you are called to a scene....but what are the odds that you just happen to be there?  Oh well.  I guess these silly shows don't have to make sense.  It is a little like Doc Martin, who, week after week, is faced with life threatening illnesses in a town that is probably only inhabited by a few hundred people.  I guess you aren't supposed to use logic.
Well, I have a little to report on the health scene.  I got a report back on the internet for my thyroid ultrasound.  The write up from the radiologist said that it is consistent with toxic, multinodular goiter.  Of course I had little idea of what that meant, and I don't see my doctor until next week.  So with the amazing resources available to me on the internet, I went on Youtube and watched a medical student lecture on the history and treatment of MNG's (as they are referred to in highly educated medical circles.)  It was about an hour long, and it was fascinating!  I think I know a whole lot more than I did.  Of course I have no idea of the extent or seriousness of mine, but it is kind of cool that I can find things out so easily.  And one thing I have learned is that knowledge is a good coping skill.  It really helps to feel like you know a lot about something that you are essentially powerless to do anything about.  I am hoping my doctor is very able to do something about this, but in the meantime I am coping very well, thank you.  Or at least I am trying to.  And I was able to identify some of the symptoms I have been having as ones shared on the video.  Pretty amazing stuff!
Anyway, I guess life is pretty good for the most part.  I am looking forward to finally reaching my big 65 on Sunday.  It is kind of a mile stone.  I used to think I would die young....when I was young.  I'm glad I was wrong.  It is nice to be officially entering into old age, or at least retirement age, and to be as healthy as I am.  So take care out there in cyberspace!  I am still pulling for you!  We are all in this leaky boat together!  Hold on and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Good day!  It is a balmy 21 degrees here and foggy. It has been in the low teens all week, so it really is much warmer. It's supposed to reach 30!  Here's hoping!
Today is the first day this week I haven't had a medical test of some kind. It's great!  And I am feeling pretty good. Of course the doctor hasn't called with any results yet. So all is good for today. 
I am planning to go into work today and help out there. I am pretty caught up there though. So I am thinking I might do some things around here. I should paint, but I really get anxious just thinking about it. I'm not sure why. I am procrastinating big time!  And I think all this gray is getting to me. I probably need to get outside and walk....brrrr!  I will figure it out. Mostly I just wanted to send happy greetings!!  Have a gut wan!!!!  Melody 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Inspiring Message

I have been so impressed with this address by President Henry B. Eyring.  He is amazing!  And his message is so timely...given at the Humanum conference of leaders from around the world, meeting at the Vatican, to talk about and defend marriage between a man and a woman.  Here is the link.  Pres. Eyring  I especially like how he said that unselfishness was the key to happy marriage.  It is not always easy to put someone else's needs in front of your own...but it makes all the difference in helping and serving and strengthening any relationship...but most importantly in a marriage relationship.  And it makes me think how all generations are blessed when families are happy and serving each other and the Lord.
Anyway, not much new here.  Life continues to be challenging!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody