Thursday, December 18, 2014

An alarming thought!

Hola!  I was headed for bed when I remembered the sign downtown!  So here it is..."Morning - a cause for alarm!"  And it certainly is when Mel is getting up at 4:45 am!  So I am off!  Nighty night and sweet dreams!!!  Melody

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Good news!

I've had a busy day today. First I went with Jodell and we finished visiting teaching. That feels good. And I love visiting these sweet ladies. 
Then I went to get my hair cut. It was getting unmanageable. So that was good. And then I went to see my new endocrinologist. He is smart!  And he said all of this thyroid stuff could have been set off by the CAT scan I had in Oct. He was very careful to explain everything and then took blood and did some fine needle aspirations to get a biopsy from the nodule on my thyroid. He said it didn't look like cancer, but the biopsy would be conclusive. So that is done and I'll hear from him next week with results. I feel relieved. And it would be great if all of the symptoms just go away!
Our sweet home teachers came to visit us tonight. I am grateful for good home teachers. And now I am tired and about ready for a good nights sleep!  Take care!  Me

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Angels Among Us

Hi!  I was going through some of the photos I had gathered with the theme of "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus" and I found this precious one of Hailey I took a few years ago. We were visiting in St. George, so I think this is the visitor's center there.  Anyway, just by chance I got this precious picture of her.  She is a little angel still....even at 7.  I think I may paint this eventually, although not for the church competition.  I have decided I just need to start painting to paint....blob of paint on the paper kind of thing.  It may be that I am overbooked.  For instance....tomorrow I start visit teaching at 9:30, followed by a hair appointment, followed by a doctor appointment.  And it has sort of been like this for a few months now I think, what with working and doctor visits and medical screenings.   Oh well.  It is all good.
We had our temple preparation class with a young missionary-to-be tonight.  He is a sweet young man. He has a brother with autism, and it has been sweet to see him escort his brother as he passes the sacrament.  And I think it has matured this young man.  He is so ready for spiritual growth.
There was a funny definition on the sign downtown, but I can't remember it again.  I will have to drive by tomorrow as I run around.  It was hard to understand at first, but when I got it I had a good chuckle. I did get some more Christmas stuff done today.  And I am writing my Christmas letter.  It is kind of hard to write for some reason.  Funny, because I never seem to run out of things to write about.  Oh well, I will keep at it.
So I hope life is treating you well, and that you remember.... I am pulling for you!!!  We're all in this together!!!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Family Night

Good evening!  It is family night the world around!  And of course it is a good time to tell stories.  I have one for today.  It is about our fun new puppy.  Mel and I were sitting on our couch, sharing our family night treat of Chicago Mix popcorn.  It is cheese and caramel corn mixed together.  The puppy looked at us with such pleading eyes, I decided to let him have a kernel.  Ha!  That puppy already knows how to beg!!!  He got away with about 8 pieces before I decided I had better not give him too much.  I don't want a sick puppy.  But he was so cute begging.  Of course, he is only about 12 inches high.  It may not be so cute when he is 36 inches tall!  I know about how a dog thinks!  It is much the same as with children...give in only one time and they think it is the way it should be!!!  Sigh!
I am feeling much better about Christmas....and poorer of course.  But I have gotten most of the shopping done now.  Just a few more things, which I am hoping I can find tomorrow.  And I also have a spiritual program planned.  We had a wonderful lesson last week in Relief Society that was all on a DVD.  And our sweet teacher made copies for us all.  It is a compilation of many of the church's videos about Christ.  Here is a link to that site and the video of the nativity.  The Nativity
Well, I had better get back to our family night.  It is not so formal now that there are only 2 of us.  And we did have an empty nester's Christmas family night on Saturday.  But it is fun to just be together.  I am glad for that!  I hope all is happy and well out in cyberspace!!!  Take care and have a wonderful family night!  Melody

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Merry, joyful day to you!  I have been working hard to get everything done for choir practice tomorrow.  And I thought I would upload pictures from my phone.  To my surprise I had 180!  And quite a few videos.  I had given my iphone to Taylor at the concert, so that he could document all of the action.  I guess I was surprised that he really did.  Of course my phone was on silent because it was a concert and I didn't want to disturb the show.  So I thought the videos would be silent too.  But they have sound!  So it wasn't the total waste I was afraid it might be.  Anyway, this music teacher is wonderful!!!  The kids have nicknamed him Tigger because he is so bouncy and enthusiastic about the music.

I hope this video uploads, because you can sort of see how fun he is.  It doesn't look like it is going to work.  And my internet is being weird.  Sorry!  Oh wait!  I downloaded a new version of flash player and now it is going to work.  For the best effect, enlarge the video to full screen!
The last number of the concert was called "Christmas Festival" by LeRoy Anderson.  All of the kids were in it...over 200 aspiring musicians.  It made me cry when they sang, "Joy to the World" to begin.  I am so pleased that there is still sacred music taught in our music programs here in Idaho.  I hope it continues to be a wonderful tradition!
Ellen did well playing her cello, and the concert was a good thing for Taylor, just learning to play his violin.  Afterwards, we went to Coldstone Ice Cream and had a fun treat.  And as I was driving Taylor home he said, "Grandma, we ought to do this more often!"  The perfect finish to a lovely evening!
Yesterday was busy at work and home.  And then Kim and Sean and four of their kids came over to see the puppy and then we all went to see the rest of the puppies...there are 8 left.  One of them has a lame foot and so they were giving him away, and Sean and Kim were hoping they could get him.  But he was already spoken for.  Too bad, because he was really a sweetie, too.  They are beautiful dogs, and they are asking quite a bit for them.  Oh well.
So today Mel is off with one of the men in our ward, working on some project at his shop.  It may be a Christmas something.  I am not sure.  And tonight is our empty nester's Christmas dinner.  It just keeps on keeping on.  And in the meantime, I am my usual self....totally unprepared for Christmas.  I hope I can get a lot done in the next few days!  I may have to visit Walmart at midnight:)  Actually it is probably still busy then.  I think the best time is 4 am:)
Well, I hope all is happy and bright out in cyberspace today.  Have a most fabulous and wonderful day.  And remember the reason for the season!!!  Melody

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Hola!  We had a nice session at the temple today. It is such a peaceful place! It is a little sad to come home to the national many awful reports of the turmoil in these United States. But it is fun to come home to my sweet little puppy. He did pretty well hiding out in the bathroom. And he seemed glad to see me too.  I am so glad for him!
Tonight is a granddaughter's orchestra concert. Mel has a high council meeting. So I am going to take Taylor who has just begun playing violin this year. I think he will enjoy it. And it will be fun for me too. So that is life today. Merry Thursday!!!  And HAVVVVGW!!!!!  Melody

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Stories and Memories

Guten Tag!  It is a windy, cloudy day...leading up to the storm coming in here.  I like living here on the edge of the mountains where we are the first to see the storms coming in from the west and south.
This morning was book club.  We had a Christmas luncheon and a few ladies brought Christmas stories to read.  It is fun to get together and just have a fun Christmas celebration.  One of the ladies read a little storybook titled, "The Crippled Lamb".  It was a sweet story of a lamb that was there on the night of Christ's birth.  But it was especially sweet because she has a grandson who is very disabled, and she said that their family also had a crippled lamb.  So I think the story was quite symbolic for her.  Afterwards a few of us were talking and they asked me about my artwork.  It was good to talk things over with ideas and so forth.  I think I needed to get some approval.:)
And now I am home with my little buddy, Eddy....and Max too of course.  Eddy is sitting by my feet....and Max is by the door ...waiting for Mel.  He kind of pines for him while he is away at work.  Although now that he is older he mostly sleeps.  But he gets so excited when Mel walks through the door.  It is kind of cute.  The puppy just saw himself in the mirror here in my art room...and he thinks it is another puppy.  It is cute how he barks and plays with the image.  It is the first time I have heard him bark!  It was hard to leave him here at home when I left for book club.  Although before I left I had to find him.  He had fallen asleep under my bed and I couldn't locate him for about 15 minutes.  He is a sound sleeper!!!
Well, I guess I will find something meaningful and life fulfilling to do here until Mel gets back from work.  I hope all is well!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody