Monday, September 1, 2014


Good merry morning!  I think Fall is here.  We have had two days in a row with cooler temps.  And that crisp feeling is in the air here.  I think it is my favorite season.  I love the colors, and the cool temperatures.  Although we did have a storm run through here Saturday night that reminded me that we can get terrible winds.  It was kind of a wake up call to pull in the things on the patio that might blow away....too late for the wind chimes which did blow away!  I found them, but they are broken:(
Anyway, I haven't much to share unless you are interested in how the towels are running in the wash.  I guess I will never really get laundry done.  As soon as you think it is done, someone drops a pair of socks and a towel in the laundry basket.  But I have learned to be done with the things of each day.  So that is a good thing.  And I am so grateful for the good things in my life.
So have a great one, and remember I am pulling for you!!!!!!!!  Melody

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Good day!  It has been a good Sunday here today.  We went to our own ward, then drove over to Boise to hear our daughter Kim talk in church.  It was a great talk.  And we saw some friends there in her ward...the Renell's.  Joanne and I used to be in the same ward in California when we were little girls and young teenagers.  And her dad was my brother's scout master.  It was fun to see them, although Jim's health is challenging for him.  He has had quite a fight with cancer, and is having to use a walker at present.  But he seemed happy and still very engaged with life.  They told us they will be moving back to California to her mom's house for a while.  Her folks have both passed away, and they are going to clean out their house.  We have done that for my great aunt and I know how much work it can be.  Anyway, I was so glad to see them before they leave.  Life seems to be in constant change and I was glad to be able to wish them well.
And for the rest of today we have been just resting and enjoying the Sabbath day.  Although Mel had to leave a while ago for a high council meeting.  It shouldn't be too long.  It is not a regularly scheduled meeting.  So when he gets home we will probably enjoy masterpiece theater or some such thing.  And then the week starts again.  Have I mentioned that time is passing waaayyyy too quickly?
So every day I think all through the day of things I want to be sure to write.  And I thought of Steinbeck, and Michener, and other authors, and wondered if they always felt like they had to write something before the day was over, or is that just a quirky thing I have?  I wanted to write about the river that my uncle Kenny had painted.  I wish so much I had just taken a picture.  I want to try the same thing....large river with ripples and current in the foreground, with scenery filling the rest of the canvas.  Only I think I want it to look like Idaho instead of Washington.  He had done this with oils, big, I'm sure I mentioned it in another post.  And I think I have the perfect photo to use as a reference.  So this will be my next painting I think.  I know I had said I wanted to paint a picture of Anna in the temple with the Savior, but I think I need a break from painting is so hard.  And I guess I mostly hope I can find the time to paint at all.  It just seems so busy!!!!!!!!
Well, anyway, I am hoping life is treating you well out in cyberspace!!!  Take care and have a wonderful evening!!!!!  Melody

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Last Days of Summer

Hola!  It's been a nice day stress.  Mel worked on the lawns and I did laundry.  Then we drove out to Glenn's Ferry to visit our daughter Amy and her sweet family.  It is about a two hour drive on the freeway, but we came home the back way, which is more like two and a half hours.  It is a beautiful drive along the Snake River.  There are quaint little towns like Bruneau, which is famous for its sand dunes,
and Grandview, which has a grand view of the river and is like an oasis of green before heading back into the desert.
 The road turns into a view of the Owyhees at it runs through the high plains desert that surrounds our area.  I used to hate that desert, but I have grown rather fond of the tall mountains and rolling plains, full of sage brush and different interesting rock formations.  There are quite a few buttes.  That's something I had never seen before we moved here.  My favorite is Lizard Butte near Marsing on the Snake River.  It really does look like a lizard.
Anyway, it was a nice day, with plenty of time to plan my next painting.  I may not finish the one I am working on as I got a little stalled on it.  It would probably be good to paint something I oceans and rivers.  I do love a good scene.  But I need to take a trip to the art store and get a few canvases.  I could make some, but I love the convenience of a ready made painting surface.  So I think I will make that my painting assignment next supplies!  I will search for some coupons.  It helps when I can get them at a discount.  Or I suppose I could order some online.  I have lots of time to think about this.  Such a nice switch from impending deadlines!  Although, those deadlines did help me to be more productive.
Well, I have had a good day, and tomorrow is Sunday, so another good day ahead.  I hope all is happy and well in cyberspace.  Life is continuing to whiz on by.  I can't believe that Fall is almost here...along with pumpkins and Halloween.  We have a few huge pumpkins in our field that our neighbor planted.  They are really cool!  So have a good evening!!!!  And remember I'm pulling for you!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

Friday, August 29, 2014


Good afternoon/evening!  I have thought it might be fun to gather a few pictures of my sweet Morley, or Mel as I have always known him.  He is definitely the love of my life!  It has been fun to be married to him for the last 44 years.  And since today is our day of celebration, I thought I would share how lucky and blessed I feel to be married to such a fine man.  He really is wonderful.  Not just to me, but to my family and friends.  So here are a few photos of him that I love.
Mel as a cub scout.
As a high school student
As a high school graduate
Our engagement picture
My favorite picture of us together
I just want it down for the record that I love him now, and forever.  I feel so very blessed.  And that is all I need to say.  Happy Anniversary to my dear Morley Jones Weyerman!!!!!!!  Melody

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Very, very Old!!!!!

Hi!  I have been doing a catch up day today.  Mostly catching up on resting.  I did watch 2 year and 364 day old Alex.  It's his birthday tomorrow.  That was only for an hour.  Then I did the rest of my visiting teaching, that was a couple of hours.  But I came home from that feeling exhausted.  So I have just been laying around here with my feet up watching netflix.
Tomorrow is our anniversary....44 years!  It is hard to believe that so much time has gone by!!!!!  But it really has.  All I have to do to convince myself of that is to look in the mirror.  I am not that innocent young bride any longer.  But I hope I have become a little bit more like my mom and grandmas.  They were all such good women!  And they each aged beautifully.  Which makes me think I need to start back to weight watchers...sigh!  I guess it is all in how you perceive beauty.  So we really have no plans for the long weekend.  We are both kind of worn out from our trip:)  It sounds really nice to have dinner in and spend the weekend here at home.  I may get some steaks to barbecue or something nice.
I am fully aware that I have not been writing terribly well for a while now.  I did have a couple of things to share from the sign downtown.  Are you ready?  "Oily - the opposite of late."  And the other side..........hmmmmmmmmm.  I guess I will have to drive by it one more time.  It completely escapes me.  But I'm sure it was funny.
I could tell you how Taylor commented on my age yesterday.  I accidentally scraped myself when his text book fell off the table onto my shin.  Anyway, it started bleeding and Taylor said, "Wow, are you bleeding like that because you are so very, very old?"  I had to explain that NO, I was just on a blood thinner and so it made me bleed a little more easily than normal.  I liked the "very, very" part.  He is so funny.  He is always modifying his behavior to go along with his very old grandma.  Like I will say, "Slow down, you're walking way too fast!"  And he will say, "Oh yeah, I forgot you are old!"  It would make me feel bad if it wasn't so funny....and true!  Of course I don't feel as old as he thinks I am, but it's all relative.  I can remember a time when I thought teenagers were old!
Well, I guess this old granny had better whip up some grub for my old man who just got home from work.  I hope all is happy and well in cyberspace!!!!!!!!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVGreat evening!!!!!  Melody

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Hola!  Things are back to rollicking normal around here. I am watching Curious George with Taylor and Alex while Liz and Adrian are shopping. It is fun to be a grandma but I am hoping they return soon. I have so much laundry from our trip. I've done a few loads but I have a few more to do. 
I did get some visiting teaching done. We will do the rest tomorrow. We have had a hard time this month because we have both been gone a lot. We have such nice ladies to visit I wouldn't want to miss anyone. 
A funny thing happened today. I got a chance to "pay it forward". A lady and her toddler ran out of gas downtown by Mel's shop. They needed a ride to the pharmacy and then home. I was glad to help. I felt so sorry for her though. As I talked to her I realized how very blessed and sheltered my life has been. Some people have it much harder. She was really struggling I think. I felt bad for her. I hope life treats her kinder in the future. 
Well I had better pay attention to these cute kids. Take care and remember I'm still pulling for you. HAVVVGW!!!!  Melody

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Good evening!  We're home again. It feels so nice to be here. Everything is so comfortable!  I guess that is the hardest part of being away. Not that I am spoiled or anything. But I love my own bed and my favorite chair. And my fridge!  And of course the washing machine. It's great to be able to feel clean and comfortable. Not that our trip wasn't great. I loved all we were able to see and do. And especially to be with so many people I adore. 
So I guess I am feeling pretty good tonight. I hope all is good for you and yours!  Melody