Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sabbath Reflections

Today I have been feeling very reflective. It was our stake conference this weekend and our visiting seventy was Elder Ronald Hammond. I really think I learned a lot! He is such a wonderful speaker! He opened up the Saturday night meeting to the audience and let us ask questions, and then addressed each one so well and the Spirit was really strong and evident in what he said, and what I heard in my own mind through the Spirit. One of the things he said was that he liked looking out over the audience and seeing all of the conduits going up from each of our heads through the ceiling to heaven. Of course he was just trying to illustrate the point that the best things we hear in a meeting are the things we hear through the Spirit. Last night I learned how important it was to listen to that spirit as I received some answers to questions I have had for some time. He talked a lot about wayward children and friends and how the best thing we could do was to pray for them. He said, "Prayer works!" Of course I know that, but it was good to hear and have that reinforced in my own mind. He also talked about lifting up the hands that hang down and that by doing that our own hands would also be lifted up. And today he talked about the pain of losing a loved one that was very close to you. His four year old son drowned some years ago, and he said he knew how that experience brings you to question if the gospel really was true or just a nice philosophy made to appease our hurt feelings. He testified that it was true and that each of us at one time or another in our life would have such an experience of losing someone very close to us. And that if we would have faith in Christ He would help us through that. It was very sweet and meant a lot to me. I was sitting next to a dear friend of mine who lost a son a few years ago and felt so close to her. It was a wonderful stake conference, and I am not really conveying the wonderful messages of the Spirit that were there. But it definitely strengthened my testimony of the Savior's love for each of us. He talked about family being so important and how temples were built to strengthen the family. He said that Salvation was important for each of us, but that as God lives....was the most wonderful of all blessings and that the temple helped us to do that. He really was an impressive speaker.
Well, I am feeling like I have had a very good Sabbath day. I know that the Lord will help us solve the problems that now face our family, and I am so grateful for that knowledge. It is so comforting. I hope you have also enjoyed a wonderful Sabbath day. Take care! And HAGW! Melody

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Childhood Games

This morning I am watching my daughter Kim's three children. She doesn't usually have to work on weekends, but she did today.
I am posting this picture I took as we were driving through the valley in California because I like all of the palm trees and the eucalyptus tree. When I was in 7th and 8th grade I went to Strobridge Junior High. There was a hill across the street from the junior high school where there were a lot of eucalyptus trees growing at the top. A bunch of us kids used to take flat cardboard and slide down the hill. The eucalyptus nuts were all over and it made the hill really slippery. It was lots of fun...a little like sledding. Of course, the cardboard was not always easy to hang onto, and we often ended up sliding without it. That was not as much fun.
When I was younger still, we used to go down the hill on Kahlert Drive in Castro Valley on a Flexi Flyer. That was kind of scary. The hill was steep and the ride was rough and you had to watch out for cars! I'm sure I was told not to go down that hill in that fashion...but I did anyway. One day I fell off of the flexi and really skinned up my thigh. I guess I was wearing shorts. Anyway it ended my days of flexi flying:) I can still remember how much that sore hurt and that it took a very long time to heal.
Some of the other memories I have of that neighborhood are also interesting. My friend, Connie Hatcher had a dog. I was not allowed a dog because my brother had asthma. So Connie and I found a stray dog and tied it up in the field down the street and fed it canned dog food that we bought with our own money. Of course, no parent knew about this. I don't think the dog stayed tied up for very long though. (I did finally get a dog, but he always had to stay outside.) We used to play Nazi war games in the field. I was always a French spy with a wonderful and convincing French accent. I would crawl around in the tall grassy weeds and hide from the Germans. It was fun. But one day I was spotted and the Germans were chasing me down the hill when I fell and broke my arm. That really did hurt!
Another game we loved to play was an orphan game...the key game. We would pretend we were orphans without a home and we were soooo hungry and soooo tired. Then we would miraculously find this key and it would open up my friends' house (their parents both worked, so the house was pretty much ours!). We would have to clean the house (that was their chores) and then we could snack on the food from the fridge. The devil usually visited us in the form of one of the little sisters as we played all of the really low and scary notes on the piano. We sure had vivid imaginations. And we loved to play horses! That was always my favorite game. I think I played horses through the sixth grade! I really was a late bloomer. All of my friends by then were very into boyfriends. But I thought it was sort of silly. When a friend of mine asked me to go steady I told him that I needed to think about it. I worried all day about it, knowing that Pres. McKay had told us not to go steady. At the end of school I walked up to this young man and yelled, "No!" and ran all of the way home! It scared me I guess. It makes me smile now to think of it, but it was very traumatic at the time.
Well, I guess I have told enough silly stories for one day. I hope your day is happy and that you are smiling and having fun! HAGW!!! Melody

Friday, February 26, 2010

Good Friday

Good morning! We had such a gorgeous sunrise this morning I had to take a picture. And then I thought I would share it with you. Of course the actual thing was much more beautiful, but at least you get some idea.
I think I have a painting day today. No phone calls yet this morning, and no major plans or appointments. So I am excited about that.
Last night was orchestra. We had a recording session with the choir. We do that once each month. The other clarinetist wasn't there, so I had to do all of the solos. It was kind of fun. The music isn't all that hard and it is so pretty. My favorite is "Sweet Hour of Prayer". It really sounds so nice. The trouble is I get distracted by the words and forget to count. I had kind of an important entrance and lost count and had to ask around me what measure we were on. That is embarrassing. But also revealing, as two of the people sitting next to me didn't know either:) I did get the count and came in on time. It is always so embarrassing to come in early or late by a measure...especially if your part stands out. I did enjoy playing my clarinet. It was funny though. We had been playing for about an hour and a half, and my reed was getting soggy, and I squeaked! Rather loud, and the oboist cracked up. She said I squeaked in tune! I thought it was funny. I don't usually squeak, but Oh well!
It is very windy here this morning. I had planned to walk with the ladies in my neighborhood, but they may not walk with so much wind. I don't know if I want to go it alone. I'll see.
Well, I don't have much to write today. I hope your day goes well. I will post a painting if anything turns out OK. And maybe even if it doesn't. I can see it better as a picture. Take care. Remember I'm pullin' for ya! We're all in this together! Keep smiling. And HAGW! Melody

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hi there! I have had a busy morning, and it is funny because I thought that I had a free morning. Does that ever happen to you? It started with a phone call. And then another. We had two daughters with special needs this morning. I couldn't really do much for the first one but listen. The second one needed a new tire. That was a little easier. But still it takes time. So there went my morning. Oh well. Like I said I really didn't have much planned. I guess it was fortunate that I could help a little.
I keep thinking of the ocean, and of warmer weather. It is supposed to get all of the way up to 50 today. All of the snow has melted away that fell yesterday. But it still feels cold to me. Of course it was cold by the ocean where we went. But there is that special connection there. I need to find that here. I actually used to feel that here sitting in the back gazing out at the lake. But the neighbors built that huge barn and it kind of spoiled it. I can walk out by the canal and see the lake, so I guess I will have to do that today. I need to feel that inner peace. Praying helps of course, so I keep doing that. And blogging:) Funny that. I took a few short videos at Half Moon Bay. I will post them on youtube and post a link here. I have a hard time getting videos to upload to my blog. I love watching these short clips though. It is fun to feel like I am at the edge of the ocean again. That's the first. I'll put a couple more links. Short of Mel dancing on the beach. That hawk was so interesting. It really just hung up there on the breeze for a very long time.
Well, watching these has cheered me up immensely. I hope you enjoy them too. HAGW! Melody

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The house that Jack built

Good Wednesday morning! It snowed here last night. This is the view out my window this morning. It is a good day for finding things to do inside:) Gabe is already busy with his work. He is a pretty happy guy! All of this snow has made me think back to California and a story I promised, but still have to tell. At least I haven't told it yet on my blog. It took place back in 1981. I was full time into cancer care with my son Tommy. He had just undergone a major surgery at UCSF hospital in San Francisco. We had just moved from a 3 bedroom home into a 4 bedroom home before he went into surgery, but it wasn't working out. Julie was born two weeks before his surgery and it was a very hectic and busy time. We came back from three weeks in S.F. to this very awful house. I will not go into the details, but we were renting and the house backed up to the freeway in San Ramon. It was noisy all day and all night. Anyway, it wasn't a good place, so I started looking for somewhere else. I scoured the newspaper each morning and checked out every new lead. But no one wanted to rent to a family with six kids. It was frustrating and hard, and it seemed like there was so much else going on. I made it a matter of earnest prayer. One day as I was driving to Walnut Creek to the Kaiser clinic, I happened to see a paper plate tacked to a telephone pole. It said, "House for Rent" and gave a phone number. So I wrote down the number and called it when I got home. (There were no cell phones generally back then). I reached a lady who told me that the house had already been rented. But she asked for my information, "just in case". When I said we had six kids, she said she did too! I said something like you must be catholic or Mormon. She said she was a Mormon. I said, "Me too!" We kind of hit it off and talked for a while. But she didn't give me much hope of being able to rent her house. A couple of weeks went by, and I was still searching for a house, when she called back. She said she had been praying hard about things, and had done a back ground check on the people that were supposed to rent their house and had gotten a very bad report. She said when she called our previous landlord they had given her rave reviews:) Anyway, she said they would like to meet with us and show us the house and see what we could work out. She mentioned the was $100 over what we could afford. Mel didn't even want to go look. But I talked him into it. This is what we saw, minus the second story, that has been added since.

I fell in love with the house immediately, but Mel said no way. We couldn't afford it. So I was sad but agreed. The next day the lady called back. She said the rent had included a gardener, but if we would take good care of the grounds, they would lower the rent by $100. We were thrilled. It was much closer to the clinic and a beautiful neighborhood in Danville. The Bangerters rented it to us for about two and a half years while they were in New Mexico. It was a peaceful setting. Each morning the birds would sing their beautiful songs, and each night the frogs would croak in the little creek that ran through the back yard. I used to be amazed that we had been so blessed. It seemed to me that the Lord in His tender mercy provided us with a haven from the hard trials we were facing with our son's illness. It was like a little bit of heaven. I am including a photo of an alley that led to our house. It was a blind alley and our car horn did not work, so we used to roll down the windows and yell,"Honk, honk, beep, beep." The kids loved that! And I guess it worked because we never ran into anyone coming the other way.

Well, I hope you enjoyed another small piece of our family history. It was fun to drive by and see our old house. It really is the house that Jack built...Jack Galvin, a teacher that my dad was acquainted with when it was being built. We marvelled at the time at how coincidental that was. It is the house where Tommy died, but it is also the house where we felt the love of God. I know He watches out for each of us, and carries us through the worst of things. I hope your day is great! Take care. And keep smiling! Melody

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well, here it is. I suppose I could work on putting a little more detail in the foreground. And fixing the cliff some how. But it was fun to attempt this. I wish you could see the colors better, and a no wrinkle version. The others are Bob's painting, and then him painting it, and then my poor attempt. I enjoyed painting waves much better than snow! Well, I hope the rest of your day is good. Take care! Melody

Soaking in the memories of the sun

Good morning, buenos dias, guten tag! I am feeling a little down today. I am missing all of the warmth of California weather. I isn't that cold here. But I like that the trees are blooming there and that the air wasn't frigid. The sun is shining here today. So I will build on that.
Last night's art class was a little discouraging to me. I don't know what I did wrong, but it just didn't turn out like I wanted. I will try to do it again this afternoon after Gabe is in school. Maybe it had to do with the fact that we were painting snow....and I'd rather not. I've had enough snow!!! I am wanting to paint beaches and large, threatening, gorgeous waves. So I may do that instead. I would like to paint a large painting of waves and wind and sun. I will see what I can come up with and post it later...maybe. In the mean time I will try very hard to be a sweet, loving and kind grandma. But truth be told, I am kind of tired this morning from a grandson waking me up too early:) Oh well. I am doing a whole lot of complaining this morning. Sorry!

So I guess I could write about some of the funny things Taylor said on our trip. We were at the Pt. Reyes lighthouse where the fog horn was blowing about every minute or so. I love that sound! Anyway I asked Taylor if he knew what that sound was. He said, "Sure, gramma, it's the lighthouse honk!" I liked that. It made me chuckle. Did you know that the fog horn used to be run with steam? Imagine the poor lighthouse keeper having to boil water and then release the steam every so often. They were pretty dedicated men. That particular place is supposed to be the foggiest and rainiest point on the west coast. I believe it. I did take a couple of pictures of pictures that were in the lighthouse. I thought they were great.

The other thing that Taylor said was the next day. We were in Santa Cruz, actually a little south on a very crazy beach. It was so close to the road, and the waves were high and wild. I didn't take pictures because I didn't want to lose my camera in the surf. Oh wait. That has nothing to do with what Taylor said. Oh well, sorry. Anyway we walked by some metal support posts and it reminded Taylor of monkey bars I guess. He said, "Gramma, I really like monkey bars!" I said that I did too. Then he said, "When I do the monkey bars too much I feel like a gorilla." Even writing that now makes me chuckle. I love how unobstructed his mind is. He is always thinking unusual and unique things. I am priveledged to be his grandma and to be privy to such fascinating coversation. Well, I hope your day is going well. And just to brighten up your day I will include a flower or two. Keep smiling! HAGW! Melody

Monday, February 22, 2010

Photo link!/album.php?aid=2051053&id=1459470548 I think this will take you to my photos. Maybe:)

Home again!

Good morning to you. I am back home. And it does feel good, although already busy. We had quite a drive home....long and partly snowy. Although the worst snow was not in the Sierras, but as we were coming into Reno. The roads were clear everywhere else but from about 15 miles outside of Reno to Sparks. I will include a photo or two.
I am going to upload a few more pictures today. It is hard to choose which to post, so I will post my favorites and the rest on an album on facebook.

Today should be a fun day with lots of activity. Liz is back in school today so I am the babysitter. And Taylor is claiming to be sick. So I have two little boys to watch. It should be exciting. I do have my art class tonight, so that will help. And Liz should be home by dinner time.
I hope you have a great day. Keep smiling! HAGW!!!! Melody

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Good Sabbath morning! It is raining here. We have been fortunate. The storm stayed just far enough off the coast that we had two unfoggy days at the ocean. Yesterday we visited Half Moon Bay and then drove on down the coast to Santa Cruz and Capitola. It was so beautiful. I even sketched Pigeon Point lighthouse. I didn't try to paint it though. I don't really have an easel I can paint on location with yet. It is on my wish list. But I had fun sketching.
I think I need to paint a large mural of just ocean and sky. It was so beautiful and healing for me. There is some kind of inner connection I have with the ocean that is hard to explain, but very real. I feel so centered and whole.

After our excursion we met up with Kenny and Cindy and had a really good visit. Kenny fixed us dinner and then serenaded us. I miss his wonderful singing and guitar playing. He really could write songs professionally I am sure. It was lots of fun. We also played rummikube and cards. We learned a new one....speed. It was lots and lots of fun!
Well we start back to Idaho this morning. I am usually ready to go back home, but this time I could stay for a while longer. It was so good to be back here!
I hope you have a lovely Sabbath. Keep your stick on the ice.... or your paddle in the water:) HAGW!! Melody

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Point Reyes

Good morning! It is still early here:) Only because my body is still used to MDT. But what fun we are having! Yesterday we picked up my sister in Antioch and then drove to Point Reyes. It was a perfect but not foggy. We didn't see them because we were binocular-less, but there were 4 whales way out there near the Farralon Islands. You could actually see the islands. So that is how clear it was. The waves were wonderful! Huge and threatening:) We walked down the thirty stories worth of steps (I am not exaggerating) down to the lighthouse. It was worth every step. The lighthouse was fascinating, and the view was really incredible. I have never actually gone to Point Reyes before, so it was a new adventure for me. The beach was very steep, so no wading here. But there were seals on the beach that we could see from the cliffs...we didn't see them up close. The beaches are beautiful, but the waves really were a little threatening because of the storm front coming in. Mel and Taylor and I got as close as we dared, but Mel got caught by a wave and got a bit damp. We saw lots of deer, very close, and beautiful birds, and even a banana slug. And we found a few mushrooms that were really huge...and poisonous looking.
We did have such a nice day. Today we are going to pick up Kenny and Cindy and go to Santa Cruz area I think. I really am loving this break from normalcy. I hope your day is a little brighter sharing in our fun. I hope I can upload some of the photos. Yesterday I had quite a struggle getting anything to upload. Here goes.....I think it worked! I will not push my luck and try to rearrange these. I think the one of my sister Joy is so nice! I hope your day is Wunderbar! HAGW!!! Melody

Friday, February 19, 2010


Good morning! I hope it is for you too. I thought I should blog a little so I don't forget yesterday. It was a very satisfying day for me.
We drove from Auburn through Sacramento and on to Alamo. Our son Tommy is buried there. I didn't realize how important it was for me to visit his grave site. But it was very emotional for me and I think necessary to heal. I have been reprocessing his death this last year for some reason. Maybe contemplating my own mortality...turning 60 and all. Then we went by our old house in Danville. That's a story in itself. I don't have time for that this morning. I will write about it later.
Then we visited my family's home in Dublin. It has been refaced and hardly looks the same. We then drove over to Pleasanton so I could visit my old high school, Amador. It has also changed. Of course 43 years will change most things:)
Then we drove over to Fremont to visit our son Kenny and his wife Cindy. We miss them both so much! It warms my heart to be here close to them.
All in all I would say yesterday was one of my better days in a very long time. It just smells like home here. Of course the traffic is awful and I miss all of the people of the past, but it is still so much a part of me and my history. I know you are never really supposed to be able to come back home, but it sure feels like I have. I can't get the pictures to drag to my writing, and it won't upload what I wanted. Sigh! I know what a miracle this all is, but it can be very frustrating. I wil fix this all when I have more time.
I will have to supply more details later, as we have a lot to do today and Mel is getting anxious to get going! I hope you have a wonderful day too. And that you enjoy the green in these pictures! HAGW!!!! Melody

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coming home!

Good sunny California morning! It is certainly warm and beautiful here in Auburn this morning. I love this little town, and it is full of memories for me. I love the trees and good smells. I am noticing I say I a lot. Sorry. This is a blog, and it is about me:)
We had a fun trip to get here last night. We had thought we might stop in Truckee. What we didn't realize was how crowded and expensive that might be. By coming here we saved at least $50. I guess it is peak season for skiiers, something I hadn't really bargained on.
Well, today should be fun. We are meeting Kenny and Cindy later this afternoon. I am excited to see his work place and to see their apartment. And of course it is just amazing how good this feels to be back "home". No feeling quite like it.
Well, I am off to fun and adventure. I will take pictures and include them later. I hope you have a great day! Keep your stick on the ice! Melody

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Good morning! I am almost packed! Well, I am completely packed, except for the laptop. So I thought I would blog to clear my head and then I will pack it too... the computer, not my head!
We have had a fun day yesterday and today with Julie, Randy and their 5 boys! We do enjoy each other's company, so it is really great. But they are also leaving this morning, so it has been a little hectic. I guess at one point I had this many kids, but it sure does seem like a long time ago!
I am excited to hop in the car, but we have a drop off to do with a grandchild first. Then I will just take in the scenery. It is kind of a nice trip. I especially like it when we get to the Sierras. There is a really nice place near Tahoe where I like to detour, but we may not have time this trip. I wish we had a few weeks.
Well, I hope your day goes well and there is a lot of inspiration and smiles. HAGW! Melody

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grimes Creek

Hi! I thought I would have you play a guessing game today. Which of these paintings is mine? If you guessed the reddish one (the second one) you would be right. The first is my teacher's. Neither one is finished of course. It was an interesting exercise...painting the light. Bob likes to talk about how the most important thing in a painting is the light. And of course he is right. It's just a whole lot easier said than done!
I have had a very busy morning. Taylor had asthma pretty bad this morning, so I took him to see the doctor. He gave him some steroid to help calm his wheezing. And I am trying to get us packed for our trip tomorrow. And Julie and her family just arrived! They had an unexpected emergency trip here today. So I don't have time to write too much now! I hope your day goes well. Don't forget I'm pullin' for you! Take care!!! And HAGW! Melody

Monday, February 15, 2010

Head Spinning

Guten morgen! Haben Sie a good night's sleep? I hope so. I did, but I woke up too early. Oh well. I am kind of excited this morning. I think we will be leaving for sunny California on Wednesday! I miss my boy and he is in Fremont doing his air traffic control stuff. So we will visit with him. And my sister! Joy! That's an exclamation...and her name too:) We only have a few days as we need to be back by Monday morning. But I am excited. I really miss Kenny....and Joy..... and the ocean! I hope we can squeeze in a dance on the beach! And watch the sun set there. And just listen to the sounds and smell the breeze and feel the good feels of the shore. I am excited. But I know the trip will be too short to see all that I want to see. I love to go to the museum in Monterey, and the beach in Carmel. And I really want to see the new science stuff in S.F. But we will probably rush just to see people. Still it will be fun no matter. Oh, and Muir Woods, and Yosemite, and Stinson Beach, and San Leandro marina, and San Lorenzo and Castro Valley and Pleasanton and Dublin....:)
This morning I am scheduled to do taxes for the business...Aack! I'm glad it's an official holiday. It gives me a day of reprieve. Then I will start to ready us for the trip. Laundry, cooking, cleaning. Then I may do some errands...rotate the tires, blah, blah, blah! You know the routine. Anyway should be a good day. If I can just stay alert! I hope your day is swell. I am trying to stay positive. I do have my painting class tonight. I am always looking forward to that! Take care. HAGW!!!! Keep your stick on the ice. Are you watching the Olympics? Aren't they amazing? TTTL Melody

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Well howdy! I am feeling very good. I am done! The lesson is over and not another one until next month...I hope. The chocolate was a hit. And everyone liked Neal Maxwell's quote. And there wasn't a dry eye in the room at the end of the lesson:) Just kidding. I think I was the only one crying. And it was probably from relief! Well, maybe a few other red eyes. They probably needed more sleep:)
So I am tired of this weekend. Don't get me wrong. I loved Valentine's day...especially my new fridge. But I need to sleep and get over the candy hangover.....tooo many scotchmallows! Help! Hope you are feeling well and happy, and that you had a wonderful Valentine's day. Nighty night! Melody

Lesson Prep Time

Good Sunday morning! I am avoiding my last minute lesson preparations:) Actually I feel pretty prepared. I just wish I could be CALM. And it's funny because I probably appear calm on the outside. But I am not on the inside. Oh well. I don't suppose this will change for me any time real soon.
I was watching the worship service on BYUTV while I was eating breakfast, and there was a good speaker on talking about adversity. I recognize him as a religion professor at the Y, but I can't remember his name. Anyway he was talking about the Willey handcart company and then gave this quote from Elder Maxwell: "True enduring represents not merely the passage of time, but the passage of the soul. Remember the church is for the perfecting of the Saints, not a well provisioned rest home for the already perfect." The speaker then went on to say that sometimes we feel like we have done all that we can do; not that we don't want to do more, but that we just can't. He said that if you ever feel that way, don't give up. "It is at that moment that we can cast our burdens on the Lord, and He can strengthen us. He can empower us with His strength, His ability, not ours. His grace is an enabling power that allows men and women to cope with trials, to lay hold on eternal life and exaltation after you and I have expended everything of our own best efforts. We believe in Christ but do we really believe Him when He says, 'I can strentgthen you and settle you.' (1Peter 5:10) 'Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God.' (Ether 12:4)" I wrote this all because I want to use it in my lesson. It was very powerful I think. It certainly helps me to see things a little more clearly. So you see I am working on my lesson:)
I know a few weeks ago I was complaining that the problems just don't seem to stop. I know a lot of friends that are feeling the same way. So I am hoping this may help. We just need to trust in the Lord and believe His promises. My sister reminded me that a promise was made by the first presidency many years ago that we would not lose our children if we were faithful with family home evenings and family prayers and scriptures. And we were, and are! So I need to remember that! Also that nothing is impossible to the Lord.
Well, I hope you are feeling well and optimistic. As you can see I am trying. I am so grateful for the gospel...and even my small role in teaching today's Relief Society lesson. It's not much, but it's something:) And I am trying to bloom where I have been planted! Take care!!! And HAGW!!!!!! Melody

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Melody's World

Good evening! I have had such a nice day that I thought I would share. I invited Mel to go with me to Walmart to get chocolate for my lesson. And while we were there I told him I really would like to go to See's. "In Boise?" he asked. "Yes, I really need Scotchmallows for Valentine's!" I told him. "Well, sure,"was his reply. So off we went to the mall in Boise. As we were walking through the mall on the way to the See's store, Mel made an astute observation. There were an over abundance of men sitting on benches and standing in the halls, many of them tending little children. "What's going on?" he asked. "I guess the women are in the stores picking out their Valentine presents," I replied. At any rate, it was certainly funny seeing all of the men hanging out at the mall, looking bored and uncomfortable. I think many of them were used to watching football or basketball or anything else but this!

I took many more pictures, but you get the idea. I don't think Valentine's day is as fun for the men as it is for their women!
So after our chocolate purchase I asked Mel if we could go to the river and just walk. He thought that sounded nice. And it was. Spring is really on the way, at least if the geese have anything to say about it. They were pairing off and very noisy about it. We saw a group in the pond that were two and two, except for one group of three. Mel said that group of three needed counseling!

We also saw some squirrels chasing each other about in the tops of the trees. And geese flying in to join the rest of their kind. Mel commented that the ducks were in the background laughing..."Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack! It was fun and fantastic!
We even met an older couple out feeding the ducks and geese. They were very sweet and fun to visit with. The gentleman said we were lucky to see the wood ducks so close because they were usually very shy.

Then as I was following Mel along I spotted something in the trees....a beautiful Great Blue Heron. So I took lots of pictures hoping to get at least one good one. He really was a beauty!

And this handsome guy I've been with for the last four decades isn't too bad either! Especially on our 40th Valentine's (almost) Day.

I hope you have a wonderful day with your sweetie! And I hope you enjoyed the walk through my day. HAGW! Melody