Friday, April 30, 2010

How Can I Keep From Singing?

Guten Tag! It has snowed here this morning! And it is forecast to rain and snow all day. But I doubt it can dampen the good feelings that are here at this wonderful Women's Conference. Yesterday was so fabulous. Every speaker was so inspired. Sister Beck was amazing. Her father died within the last two weeks and she shared some of her last visit with him with us....about how we all have a mission to fill. And that we are so powerful when we live righteously. I will write more when I get back home. It was very inspiring, but I am currently typing in the dark with a lighted screen so as not to disturb those who are still sleeping this morning, and I can't read my notes on the talks. I also attended a talk on managing feelings of inadequacy. I figured that topic was created just for me. And it was really good....about not comparing yourself to others, but running your own race. And how our God is a God of miracles, and that we needed to have the faith that when we needed a miracle He would provide one. Lots more...but it's in my notes.......Very good! Then we attended a class that was about single mothers. I went to be supportive of Kim, but learned so much myself. One of the speakers had lost her husband to pancreatic cancer about 9 years ago. She had five children...the oldest was 16 I think. Anyway it was very touching, and it gave me strength listening to how she relied on the Lord for her strength. It is inspiring to hear the testimony of someone who has been through so much.
We met my nephew, Nigel, for dinner and ate at the Macaroni Grill....yummy! And he is so sweet, it was great to visit with him. We took him back to his house and it is only a block from where I lived off campus as a junior here. I lived in apartment 13 of a girl's apartment complex. I sent off a missionary to Germany that year and then started dating Mel:) It was fun to be in my old neighborhood.
We attended the concert at the Marriott Center last night. It was fantastic of course. My favorite performer was Dalyn Bayliss...I'm not sure that is how to spell his name. But he sings like an angel....sort of a Mormon Josh Grobin, but much better. He sings with so much feeling. Hillary Weeks also sang and was the very funny MC. She likes to joke about laundry and had a funny slide show about doing laundry. She even sang a version of "Climb Every Mountain....Wash Every Load" that was hilarious. There was also a group of 5 sisters who clogged! Very amazing and kind of unique. Michael McLean sang and so did Alex Boye....the black singer from the Mormon Tab Choir. It was a pretty great concert. Then we came back to our motel and soaked in the hot tub. I really enjoy hot tubs! No general authorities showed up though:)
Well, it's almost time to go again for some more spiritually uplifting talks. I am thoroughly enjoying being here with three of my daughters. Julie couldn't come after all, but we are going to her house today and then all of us will drive home tonight. Short trip, but worth it! Pictures tomorrow!
Well, I hope you have a very happy and joyful day. Keep smiling! I will do the same! And HAGW!!!!! Melody

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Good BYU morning! It is beautiful here this morning. The sky is blue with big white fluffy paintable clouds. I will have to get some pictures of them with the towering mountains behind. There is nothing in my experience to compare with the magnificent Wasatch front. I am always so amazed at how they just rise up from flatness to huge towering precipices. Other mountains are beautiful, but there are always foothills to get through to be in them. Amazing these beautiful mountains!
This morning we are all bustling to get things done before our free breakfast here in our motel. I am looking forward to hot waffles, I don't make them much at home any more. Then we are off to the Marriott Center to hear Sister Julie Beck, our Relief Society president speak. She is a fabulous speaker and I am excited to hear what she has to tell us. And I don't want to be late, because Sandra Rogers and Mary Ellen Edmunds always have a wonderful and funny video to remind us of our manners. I will record it if I can.
Well, I am off. I hope your day is inspired and productive. Take care out there in cyberspace. Remember I am pullin' for ya! HAGW!!!! Melody

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fal de Reee....Fal de Rahhh...Fal de Reee...Fal de Rah.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha

Buenos Dias! I am packing and getting ready for our very quick trip to Utah. We have decided to come home Friday after the last speaker, so it really will be speedy. I am so looking forward to this though. It is always nice to have some alone time with my daughters. No grandchildren to distract me! And I will be sure to ride up and down on the elevator at the Marriott Center hoping to bump into someone of reknown.
I snapped some pictures last night as the storm was racing through. The wind was raging and it was hard to hold the camera steady, but it was so beautiful. The pictures really do not tell it well enough. But better than my measley words!

This one I took with the magnifying lens. And so it is not too clear. But you can see the colors better. They were so dramatic! I tried to paint a sky like that last night. But it didn't quite work. I will have to make another attempt at a later date.

I also took a picture of another dead mouse on our porch, but I can't find it this morning. Just as well I guess. I really don't need to spread gloom and death across the internet.

Well, I've got to scoot. Time is a wastin'. But we aren't leaving til late in the afternoon because Kim has to work til 3. So I can just take my time and enjoy the process of packing:) I hope you have a wonderful day. It is bound to be fantastic here. Keep smiling!!!! And HAGW!!!!!!!!!!!! Melody

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Funny Faces

Good blustery windy morning! It is really blowing hard here. I was going to take a walk, but I would need leaded shoes to walk in this I think. And besides I am still coughing and a little achey. So I will hope by the end of today I feel great and the wind has ceased.
Painting was fun last night. We did faces of people. I have wanted to do that for some time and told Bob I would really like to have a class on that. So I think he did it just for me:) I really enjoyed it, although I need to practice lots more and experiment with different colors. I felt pretty OK with my attempts. So here goes....

What do you think? I didn't draw the man too accurately I realize looking at it today. I drew him in pretty quickly because one face wasn't taking enough time. But I kind of like his expression:)

It just looks as if he has a tumor on the side of his head:)
Taylor is still with us today. His mom called from Ely saying they would spend the night somewhere and be back today. He is catching this cold too and is home from school today. I think he is enjoying the reprieve. And I like having him here for company. We went to the library yesterday and so he has a few movies and lots of books to keep him busy. He got one that shows how to draw Avatar characters. He told me he just LOVES this book. I guess we have another wanna be artiste in the family.
I have some laundry to do today. I am leaving for Women's Conference tomorrow afternoon. I am excited to go. Michelle, Amy, Kim and Julie will all be there with me. We will have fun! And get way too tired staying up talking all night. Thursday night they have a concert that is usually fabulous, so that should be fun too. My nephew is in Provo too, so we might have to drag him to a few things with us.
I have a new temporary calling! I have been called as the assistant cook at girl's camp! I am happy about this too. I love girl's camp. Mel will also be coming, so we can take the trailer. That is good. I do much better when I can sleep. It is the main reason we bought the trailer.....for girl's camp a few year's back. Mel does not like sleeping on the ground in a tent. Never has. I used to like that, but my hip complains loudly anymore. It will be fun getting to know the young girls better. And I like Dutch oven cooking, which we will do plenty of since the cook is a scouter and he is very good at Dutch oven cuisine.
Well, I guess I had better get to it. I hope you have a lovely, windless, warm and sunny day. Doesn't look too promising here. The wind is actually howling at present. But I kind of like the feeling of being safe and warm inside. I sure am glad we don't live on a back porch any more:) Take care. And HAGW!!!!! Melody

Monday, April 26, 2010

Being Grandma

Good Monday morning! Is it still morning? It has been a busy one here. I woke up early...a couple of times:) then I finally got up and remembered Taylor had school this morning! So I got ready for the day, fixed breakfast and called the school to tell them he would be late. But before we could leave Mel had some ward clerking stuff to get ready to mail and I had to pay a few bills online. We didn't leave the house until after 9 and his school is a half an hour from here. Funny thing though, I didn't feel rushed at all. I just told myself that it wasn't that big of a deal. And it really wasn't. My own kids probably were pushed very hard to get everywhere on time. But it is nice to feel like I'm a grandma, and people will understand...which they seemed to. And Taylor had a nice big leisurely breakfast and time to feel awake and ready to work. I really don't agree with starting school at 8 anyway. I think morning time as a family is as important as dinner time as a family. I guess I am a little quirky that way.
I am still feeling sick this morning...I have a headache, scratchy throat and stuffy nose. But I feel better than I did yesterday, so I am on the mend! I don't like wasting time being sick, but I suppose it is a necessary part of being mortal. Sometimes I think I have so much to do that I don't have time to be sick. Other times I feel like I can't find enough to do to fill the time. Odd how that is. I guess it is another mortality thing.
Well, today is my art class again! I hope I can feel well enough to paint. I am very excited about painting lately. I feel like some of my old talents are returning! It feels good to know I have not lost them completely. I used to feel that I could draw anything. And I am beginning to feel that way again...although painting it is a different thing altogether. I am still learning how to do that. But I am making progress there also I think. I was watching a DVD with Taylor last night by Zbukvic. And Taylor said, "Hey Grandma, he painted the same picture you did!" It made me feel good that he could tell. Of course, I will have to paint and practice a very long time before my paintings look that good! But I am hopeful that someday they my own style of course.
I sure enjoy being with Taylor. He sees things in a very unique way. And he is always so certain of himself. It is sad to think that eventually the world will teach him to not value himself as much as he does now. I feel like it is my grandmotherly duty to keep telling him and reminding him of just how wonderful and talented he is. I think my grandparents did that for me. It is a source of strength when I am feeling low.
Well, I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Keep your chin up and keep smiling. The world is a beautiful place.... especially with trees blossoming and birds singing:) I haven't taken a walk today. I think it sounds fun if I can fit it in somehow. Maybe with Taylor.... after school is out:) Take care! And HAGW!!!!! Melody

Sunday, April 25, 2010

High on the Mountain Top

Good Sabbath morning! It is beautiful again here today....but windy. And I have caught Mel's cold:( But it's not too bad. I may have to sing bass in choir today though. Oh well.
Yesterday was a nice day. I have to continue the saga of our garden. I told you that a nice neighbor dumped manure all over it. Well, then another farming neighbor down the hill brought his tractor up and asked Mel if he could till in the manure for him. Mel said sure, but I want to pay you something. The neighbor grinned and said, well, I need some holes drilled into a piece of my equipment. Of course Mel quickly agreed and he plowed in all of the manure. Then later in the day our next door neighbor came over and asked if he could get it ready for planting for us with his tractor. He is using part of our land to grow corn, and I guess he wanted to pay us a little for it in this way. pays to have neighbors with tractors:) This is the plot yesterday before the final tractor run.

And this is the garden this morning after all was done. Pretty amazing! Now we've got to plant seeds and lay down the drip system to keep it watered well. Still lots of work, but this is sure a nice start and makes me happy to have so many good neighbors. This last picture is from yesterday before Mel mowed the back lawn. I think I would like to turn it into a painting. I thought it was rather idyllic. They only played like this for about an hour. The rest of the time they were more actively playing. We have paddles and balls and a pretend car that they played with for quite a while. In between we had lunch and I cleaned the house. Our party was fun last night. Way too much delicious food. And friendly friends to share it with. We stayed up too late again. But I slept better last night. Maybe I just have to start staying up later. The funny thing I discovered was that everyone else was having a hard time remembering things in cards....except for Taylor. He played with us before his bedtime and he has a pretty sharp little mind. He could remember every card that was face down in "No Peeky". Have you ever played that one? It is lots of fun, but takes a lot of concentration. You get 4 cards and can look at two, but only once, and then you have to remember what they were. It got real quiet when we were playing that. Everyone concentrating so hard! We only played that for a while. We decided to play games where we could still visit.

Well, once again I leave you from the windy hill. I hope your day is super and not too busy. And that you have peace and calmness in the midst of the worldly turmoil of today. Take care! HAGW!!!!! Melody

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Remembering the Cold

Good morning! I am hoping for a happy joyful day. I will soon have three more grandkids here for the day. Taylor will enjoy the company and Kim is working today and needs the help. Then this evening we are having a few friends over for dinner and games. I am looking forward to that. But I have a few more chores to do before they arrive and a whole house to keep clean with grandkids here. Should be interesting.
I have been thinking of our first apartment this morning. We lived at BYU in a back porch that had been walled in to keep out a little of the weather. It was very insulation....and we had a common wall with a couple in the main part of the house....our bathroom, their kitchen. Not the best arrangement, especially after I got pregnant and had terrible morning sickness. I would be throwing up and could hear their plates clinking as they were setting their table for breakfast. Ahhh! Fond memories. We paid $75 a month for that freezer box. My folks came to visit and my mom told me later she cried all the way home:) Of course it didn't seem that terrible to us....except on really cold mornings. It got way below freezing that year, inside our apartment too. Maybe those kinds of experiences help to cement a marriage. We will be married 40 years this August! I can't believe it has really been that long!
Well, I guess I'd better help Taylor get his bath. He really hates to bathe these days. I hope your day is sunny and warm. Take care out there in cyberspace. Remember....he who grabs last grabs least (my brother's favorite saying at the dinner table). Oops! That's not a good motto. How steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works. That's better. Have a great wan! Melody

Friday, April 23, 2010


Good morning! I was reading my book by Alexander McCall Smith last night, "Sunday Philosophy Club", which by the by is not as good as "The Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency", and I came upon the word, perspicacity. I couldn't remember the definition so I asked Mel if he remembered. He said, "Sure. It's the inability to be without one's purse." That made me laugh. I have that inability and I am constantly checking to see where my purse is. Lately I feel that way about my iphone too. We used to play a game in college where we would make up definitions for words and see if we could fool people. It was lots of fun. And Mel was always good at it. I think Parker Bros. or Milton and Bradley came out with a version but ours was much better.
I am feeling soooo tired today...whoops! Sorry! Ummmm....the day is lovely and sunny out my window today and I will embrace it with enthusiastic welcome! But I may need a nap:) I woke up at 2:30 and couldn't fall back asleep. So finally I got up and read for a couple of hours. And eventually at 5 I felt tired again. I think I had some chocolate last night. That is probably the culprit. And there is always so much to worry over any more.
Today I get to watch Taylor. Well, actually all weekend as Liz and Adrian are taking a short honeymoon to Vegas. I wouldn't want to honeymoon there. I'm glad we chose Carmel. But they got some deal on a hotel there. And even in 1970 Carmel was very pricey. Funny too, because I wanted to show off the waves there to Mel, and it was kelp season in August and the waves were barely there. I think that is one reason I love it when the waves are big and terrifying:)
Well, I guess I will stop boring you with my silly jabber. I hope you are wide awake and cheery and can greet the day with a song. My keen judgement and understanding tells me you undoubtedly can. Try hymn #229 "Today While the Sun Shines". That should get your enthusiasm up there. Take care. And HAGW!!!! Melody

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Memories!

Gute Nacht! I think this is the first time I have blogged three times in one day. Maybe once before. Anyway, Kim just posted 131 pictures of Liz's wedding on facebook so I thought I would steal a few. These are my favorites. Liz was radiant and Adrian looked so gentlemanly. He is a sweet young man.
Mel looked like a proud papa. Taylor had fun as a ring boy.

I hardly recognized myself with Mel and the Bishop.

And I thought this one was fitting for the end of the day...and the storm. All in all it was a lovely event. And I am so glad it is over!
Mel is still feeling kinda lousy and is resting. We had a nice dinner at the Olive Garden. I flirted with the cutest little 22 month old boy there. He was so fun! He kept peering around the booth at me and giggling. I think he would make a good story book character. I can see how Peter Pan was conceived. You just need a cute personality to inspire you. This was me about the time his mom told me his baby sister was 5 months old. It sounded like our kids. Michelle and Amy were 16 months apart. After I came home I took a windy walk across the street and snapped a picture back towards the houses. It just seems so beautiful right now....even with the wind and rains of the last couple of days. Well, I hope you have had a great and fabulous day and I wish you a peaceful rest of the night. TTTT Melody


Well, here is the latest. On the positive side...I like the sky, and the horizon, and the row boat, and the old shack. But the pier and the other pier and the just didn't work. I had a major argument over this one. And the more I argued the worse it got!
Now, this scene I like. Have you ever seen more dandelions? I guess we didn't get them all destroyed last year:)

I think they are kind of pretty. But then they start growing big ugly plants and I don't like them anymore.

Here's our manure patch. This really is amazing. I guess a small backyard would not accomodate this much.

You can see we will have lots of gardening ahead this year. Hip hip hooray! I hope we don't plant too much zucchini again:)

Well, hope you enjoy the pictures. HAGW! Melody

Sweet is the Work

Good morning! It is a blustery, windy day here in our hundred acre woods. The wind is really noisy! I guess we are in the depths of the storm now. Not a lot of rain with this one.
I really enjoyed being at the temple yesterday. My title this morning reflects how I feel about it. I love the peace and serenity I feel there in the midst of life's challenges. And I always feel so close to the people there. I wish I could say more, but the experiences are very sacred.
Yesterday I was sitting here by my window and a truck drove into my garden area behind the fence. I thought it was rather odd, but people sometimes drive along the back side of our property on their way to the canal. But the truck stopped for quite a he was watching me or something and I got a little nervous. But I was leaving anyway, so I sort of forgot about it. Well, last night Mel told me that one of our farming neighbors had sent a big dump truck over full of cow manure and dumped it out in our garden! I guess the truck I had seen earlier was his....scouting out where our garden was. Such a nice gesture here where the soil is so barren and hard to grow anything in. We put compost out there a few years ago, but I don't think it was nearly enough. So I am so grateful for a good neighbor that is so willing to share! And it is good incentive to get out there now and plow it in and get the garden ready to plant. I am excited for our garden this year. I love planting...not too fond of weeding though:)
Well, we are off this morning to pick up Liz and Adrian's car from the repair shop. They are vehicle-less until we get it over to them. So I will end this and just wish you a very productive happy day. Take care and keep smiling! I'm still pullin' for ya! We're all in this together:) HAGW!!!!!!!!! Melody

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Looking for Rainbows

Good wet, rainy, gray, perfect-for-photos morning! It is lovely here. It looks like the earth has been washed clean! And the grass is green and it is not too terribly cold. Maybe what I mind about the winter is the green going away and the bitter, biting, brrring cold. I am having fun with adjectives this morning. Can you tell? I am feeling really good today. Must be the painting with feeling! Also I am feeling very blessed not to be sick! Mel has caught another cold. Poor guy! He just barely got over the last one. I do feel like I could possibly be catching one....but I keep telling myself I am well and healthy and it seems to work.
Today is temple day...which I love. I also get to watch my sweet grandson Sebastian this morning. He's the one that threw up in my car:) He really is a cutie. I am so blessed to be a grandma. And I like this chapter in my life where they go home after they visit. I can maintain that sweet and affable grandma image for short periods of time. But weeks on end make me tired and grumpy! How did I ever raise seven kids? Well, with Mel's help of course. And lots of prayer and fasting! And wonderful grandparents who stepped in and helped occasionally. I never could have gotten through Tommy's illness without them.
Well, I guess I'd better fix breakfast and get on with my day. I hope your day is not too rain soaked, but full of inspiration and happy thoughts. Take care! And HAGW!!!!! Melody

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The tempest is raging!

Buenos Tardes! I am posting my latest. I am entitling it "The Rock". Or "Hang on, there's bad water ahead!" I guess as I was painting this it made me remember how scary it was to stand that close to the ocean when it was so stormy, especially with little Taylor by my side. And then as I finished my painting I thought how as a grandma I sometimes feel like I am the rock of stability for many of my grandchildren. Not the greatest painting.....but I like the feelings and symbolism. Mrs. Denny would be proud:)
Well, the storm has arrived here. I just heard the thunder, and now there is rain. I guess my sunshiney day is over. Hope you are having a great day! I liked painting today. It really did feel good. Have a great evening! Melody

Awake and Arise O Ye Slumbering Nations!

Good morning! Did I wake you? I like that hymn title:) Today is our last day to have warm weather for a while. I hope not too long. I get to take my walk in just a bit. So I thought I would share a picture of the canal full of water. It looks very refreshing....but don't jump in! Every year we have stories of people who drown in the canals. Most of them are open like this with no fences. It is so pretty to walk along the side. I enjoy my walk each morning.
I also wanted to share my painting from last night, but I will have to paint it a second time before I do that. I got a little discouraged with the boats. I hope I can learn to paint boats at some point. I tell myself they are just a shape, but I get emotional about them I think. Bob F. says you have to stay unemotional about what you are painting. I'm not sure that is possible for a woman:)
The other picture I will post is one of the storm cloud approaching our little wedding on Friday night. It really was a tender mercy that it did not dump on the ceremonies. It was very noisy with thunder emanating about every minute. And beautiful lightning to go along with it. There were lots of oooo's and aaaah's.

Well I don't have much to tell this morning. I go to the beautician this morning. I hope she can help:) And Tuesday is always laundry day. But I also hope I can paint.
I hope you have a wonderful day. Take care and keep smiling! I will do the same. HAGW!!!!! Melody

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Dawning of a Brighter Day

Good morning! It is another gloriously beautiful day here. And I am really trying to do what Elder Busche suggests about embracing each day with an enthusiastic welcome. It does seem to help my whole day's outlook if I decide early it's going to be wonderful:) And of course sunshine really helps.
I have been watching the other two dvd's of Joseph Zbucvic's that my teacher loaned me. Everytime I watch I learn something new. It is amazing to me how fast he paints. And also amazing that even though he has a very detailed and accurate drawing, he often plays down the detail in painting, and only emphasizes the more important details. I tend to want to put in every leaf and blade of grass. But I love his style of painting. So I am trying to learn all I can. Of course at some point I will have to develop my own style, but I am enjoying learning the craft first.
Our concert went well last night for the most part. The other clarinettist showed up...but forgot her music, so we shared mine. No big deal....except I have such a hard time seeing it that way, and I was not as familiar with the music to just wing it. Oh well, it is over and I did my best with the circumstances. And there was this really good looking bass singer that kept flirting with me:) It was Mel of course. It was so nice to see him down the row. On the way home we saw deer along the side of the road. Someone is feeding them some of their old carrots I guess and there were about four of them. So I snapped a couple of pictures for your viewing entertainment. The night before last there were about 20 deer there and we had wondered why so many. I wish I had taken a picture then, but we were in a hurry. As soon as we parked and started snapping pictures, they were in a hurry and quickly started scurrying away. I will go down there tonight and see if I can get a video close up of them. It is so fun to see them jump and run!
Well, I am leaving to go walk. I hope your day is happy. Keep smiling and I will do the same! HAGW!!! Melody

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Shadows Flee

Good morning! It is a wonderful, bright and glorious morning here! And my heart is full of good feelings and thoughts. First of all because it is Sunday and my thoughts turn to sacred things. And second of all because I am so happy for my little 7 year old grandson Taylor. He spent Friday and Saturday here and we took him back home last night. On the way we were talking and I said to him that he was a very lucky boy because now he had even more grandmas and grandpas since his mom got married. And also he would have a dad. I didn't think he was really listening very hard. He didn't respond much. But when we got to his mom's house the first thing he said to Adrian was, "Hi, Dad!" Liz was surprised and happy at his comment, but I think Adrian was very pleased. And of course Taylor was beaming. A good start to their new little family. And of course it made my day. Taylor has longed for a daddy. He has never even met his biological dad. And Adrian is a kind and sweet young man. So I am hopeful this morning, and I can see the Lord's answers to my prayers beginning to be fulfilled.
Today is my orchestra/choir concert. It is a fireside evening at the church. Did I mention Mel joined the choir? So we both will be performing. It should be fun....I love playing those songs. I just hope and pray that everyone shows up....especially the other clarinettist:) Notice the extra t in clarinettist? I saw it spelled that way in a book I am reading. I should look it up, but I like the extra t. It must be an English major thing. Or that artistic slant I am acquiring:)
I made orange rolls for the bishop last night and Mel took them to bishopric meeting this morning. I guess the bishop really likes my rolls and Mel thought it would be a nice way to say thank you for all the trouble he went to for our family. The nice part is....I get one too. Nothing like a warm orange roll, scrambled eggs and a nice hot cup of cocoa. I am making myself hungry! I hope you have a peaceful and happy Sabbath. Keep smiling! And HAGW!!!! Melody

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Morning Breaks

Good morning! It is a beautiful sunny calm spring morning here. We had a lovely wedding ceremony last evening despite the wind and a thundercloud that threatened, but waited until after the ceremony to actually rain. We sat around watching the lightning while we waited for the bishop to arrive. He hurried back from a business trip to perform the ceremony and was running a little late. But it all worked out wonderfully. Liz and Adrian both seem very happy and so in love with each other. Sweet Taylor was their ring boy and Gabe was excited for the event. The house and yard were decorated splendidly with a lot of help from my visiting teachers and daughters. The cake was picked up by one of the V.T.'s husbands and the other helped Mel with the front garden. Such good people! It is nice to wake up this morning and realize it is done....and I only had to stress a short time:)
Well, today Michelle and Gary and family are still here and will help me with clean up. And we will have some time to visit. Michelle is my oldest. She has six very well mannered beautiful children....for the most part, and lives in Twin Falls, so we don't see them often enough. So we will have a nice day together before they have to go back home.
I hope your day is grand....and full of lots of smiling. I am finding it much easier to stay happy and I really am glad for spring weather. I guess winter really is over now. It has seemed rather long this year. Take care. Enjoy the flowers! HAGW!!! Melody

Friday, April 16, 2010


Buenos Dias! I hope it is a good day. I am counting on it:) Today is Liz's wedding and everything is coming together nicely. I am so grateful for my visiting teachers. They are two of my best friends here in Nampa. I was feeling very overwhelmed and that sad feeling was creeping back in yesterday, when my two good Relief Society visiting teachers showed up on my doorstep. So I invited them in and explained that I had a wedding to prepare for in such a short time. And they both volunteered to help! And then between them divided up what help they could offer. So one is bringing salads and tablecloths and the other is donating her beautiful silk flowers and coming over today to help decorate! I feel like they are angels for me today, and a direct answer to prayer. I also have one daughter here this morning, another one on her way, and another will arrive later this afternoon. They are all good helpers and I am no longer feeling overwhelmed. Normally I would have not hesitated to ask friends to help, but I guess I was feeling a little uncomfortable asking when it is such short notice. And I had originally thought we would have just a few people. I think we are up to 60 or 70 now:) But I will be happy for my daughter and enjoy the day.
Last night was our last rehearsal for orchestra. I woke up at three-thirty this morning with the song, "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" in my head. I love that song! I think it is so nice to have it in my head today. In fact that is one of the nicest things about playing in our little group....all of the nice songs become a part of my thoughts. And that one is very special. My daughters (all five) and I sang that song together for sacrament meeting a few years back. I love the tune and especially the words.
Well, I hope your day is great! I know mine will be. And tomorrow I will have nice memories and photos to go with them. And probably enough food to feed people for the next week or two! And today I will keep my stick on the ice...although it is supposed to be in the 70's. Keep smiling and I will do the same:) HAGW!!!!! Melody

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Very, very Busy

Good morning! I am really speeding this morning:) Reminds me of "speedy delivery" from Mr. Roger's. I slept in til 7:10, so in just a half an hour I have gotten dressed, started the laundry, put a batch of rolls in the bread maker and changed my bed. Of course my list of things to do before the wedding tomorrow evening will keep me on speed drive for today and tomorrow. I have until 6 tomorrow evening....well, probably 5, since guests will start arriving. But I am feeling good about all of this, so I think it will be fine. And as long as my back holds out it is a good thing.
I am sort of in plan and go mode, not writing an entertaining and interesting blog. So sorry:) I will write more when I can't stand up straight, or I need to vent or something. I hope you have a wonderful day! And say a prayer for me. I need it! HAGW!!!! Melody
P.S. The song in my heart today is by Kevin Klein from Philedelphia Chickens....."We're very, very busy and we have a lot to do and we haven't got a minute to explain it all to you with our most important meetings and our most important calls and we have to do so many things and post it on the wall" :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

With a Song in My Heart!

Guten Morgen!
I am including a picture from my walk yesterday. This is Liberty. She is a horse we walk by each day. And she is expecting! We are all excited for her. But she is a couple of weeks overdue, so we are anxious for her too. I also saw some baby goats yesterday. And I had to take pictures, but they are so small I doubt you can see them. And by the end of my walk I was warm! So Spring is definitely here....and today it is supposed to warm up considerably! I think 70 by Friday!
I am feeling much better today than yesterday. I went to visit two of my daughters and took them to lunch in Twin Falls. There is a cute pizza place there called Gerdie's. They are a little like Tucano's, only instead of bringing around meat, they bring around pizza. It was lots of fun, but mostly it was fun to be with Amy and Michelle, my two oldest. They are examples to me of good righteous women. And I am so lucky to be their mom. We laughed and visited and it really restored my confidence in myself. And Michelle hadn't seen my latest paintings, and she really liked them, so that felt good too. I guess I don't take criticism, even constructive criticism very well. So it felt good to just be praised:)
On the way home, my youngest daughter Liz called to tell me she and her boyfriend have decided to get married.....on my house:) So I guess I will be busy cleaning tomorrow. I am excited for her. This has been a hard decision for her, and I am glad she is being brave. It takes courage to go forward with something that has been difficult in the past. But they are well matched and I think all will be well. And also that is what the spirit keeps telling me:) Today is book club and temple, so I probably won't get much clean around here today. But I have a song in my heart today. I am trusting in the Lord:)
Last night was orchestra. It is our next to the last rehearsal. We have our last one tomorrow night and perform on Sunday. The other clarinetist wasn't there again. I hope she is there for the performance! I do well without an audience....but I think I might be a little scared with one. But "I can do all things in Christ, which sustaineth me!" My motto for today!
I hope your day is happy and full of good feelings and singing too! Take care out there in cyberspace. I'm still pullin' for ya! HAGW!!! Melody

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 is.... Isn't It?

Good morning! I think today is a day for walking! I need the walk today. I am still feeling a little discouraged about my painting class last night. I just couldn't paint. But I think part of it is my inability to concentrate when there are other people around. I have this problem of wanting to be involved with people around me. It started back in kindergarten. I used to spend quite a bit of time under the teacher's desk:) She put me there when I was talking during rest time. Actually it may have started earlier than that! I can vaguely remember being moved in Sunday School away from my friend because we were too noisy. I have always enjoyed talking to other people. I like to know what is going on in their life and to share what is going on in mine. Blogging is a good outlet for that! Except that the conversation is so one sided:( But last night I didn't concentrate on the initial drawing well enough, and then it just deterioated from there. Zbukvic says that the drawing is the skeleton of a painting and if you don't get that right nothing else works right. I agree with that! I will have to concentrate better on getting the skeleton down before moving to the muscles and flesh:)
Well, Tuesday is laundry day. I guess I can wash a few things, but I am pretty caught up. So I may have to do some more painting! I am glad for that. Maybe I can paint some more happy little trees....or big trees. I sure did like painting redwood trees. But mostly I want to try some techniques I learned in class last night, and also some things I learned from watching another Zbukvic video. So much to little time to learn it all! But I do think I am making progress. Persistence and patience! My current motto!

Well, I need to get moving! Those ladies don't wait around to walk. I hope your day goes well. Take care and keep smiling! HAGW!!!! Melody

Monday, April 12, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere!

Good morning! It is raining here this morning. So no walking:( I may walk later when the day warms a little. I miss it a lot when I don't walk. The rain reminds me of my recent walk in the redwoods. That was so nice...although we definitely got wet! And it reminds me of when Mel and I were first dating. We walked in the rain alot:) I guess I will always have good memories of walking in the rain. But here it is also pretty cold this morning, and Mel has already been to basketball and is not too excited about any other exercise today. Oh well.
Today is besides family is my art class. I am excited to go this week and get some feed back on my extra curricular painting. Bob F. is always good about helping me to see what might have improved my painting. That is good, because I don't have an objective eye when it comes to my own stuff. I can usually see it in others' work. Funny, huh? Kind of like being objective about ourselves in real life. It is always hardest to see our own selves. I am usually very hard on myself. I need to learn to be kinder to me. And I would like to be more aware of other people's difficulties. I think I started out in life so self centered, and I still struggle to look outside of myself and to help others. We had a very good talk yesterday about charity. It really made me think. I generally get along well with other people, but I am not always very perceptive. Things usually have to be spelled out for me. I think I am getting better....but lots of room for improvement in this area.
Well, I am sure today will be full of work and fun. Mondays always are. I hope your day is full of work and fun too. Keep smiling! It keeps you motivated to do good. And keep your oar in the water (?). Remember I'm pullin for ya! We're all in this together!! HAGW!!!! Melody

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Dove of Peace Sings in my Heart!

Buenos Tardes! I am feeling so much better! I am through with my lesson. Yes, I did paint a dove....the feeling just did not leave that I needed to, and it fit well into my lesson as it turned out. And it went well. I did get a little emotional, but I don't know how you can teach about the spirit with the spirit and not feel the spirit:) So that is good.
It is so quiet here tonight. Mel is asleep in front of the TV. He was up early for meetings, and has been going strong all day. Poor guy. He works so hard all week and then Sunday is a lot of church work. So he deserves a bit of resting. I decided to come in here and blog and not disturb him. I just don't have much to write about. So.....I hope your day has gone well. Take care! And keep that smile goin'. HAGE! Melody

Nervous and Fretting

Good early Sabbath morning! I am feeling nervous about my lesson today. I guess that can't be completely avoided. I wish I gave it at 9 instead of 4. Oh well, I'm sure all will be fine. I didn't get chocolate though.....I figured it was important to emphasize being fed by the spirit. And I can't come up with any visual aids....I've seriously thought about painting a dove! I may bring in a TV so we can watch Elder Scott, but that doesn't seem quite right either. I suppose I will stew about this until choir practice at 1. I am glad for that at least. It will force my mind to think on other things. In the meantime I will just fret:) and pray!
Well, yesterday I was greeted by a really dead gopher on my garage mat! Those cats are amazing.....and kinda gross. I did take a picture, but it is very graphic, so I will spare you. But it reminded me of being drawn and quartered...yuk! Anyway it is one less gopher to eat our garden.
My granddaughter, Elle's birthday bash was really cute! All of these 9 and 10 year old girls were so fun to be with. They all dressed as their favorite TV star. And Elle and friends danced to a Wii game called "Just Dance". I took pictures that I will post after this lesson is over. In the meantime I need to go figure things out. I hope your day goes well. HAGW! Melody

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kites in the Breeze

Hi again! I have been painting again, and I like this one. The kids in it are the ones here today, and they recognized themselves! That made me feel good. And they like it too. I will post it on Facebook so my dad can see himself. The only goof I made was on his hat brim. But hopefully it is not too obvious (now that I have pointed it out:)
No, I haven't finished my lesson for R.S. But I have been thinking about it alot while I paint. It is nice to have something that makes me calm and able to concentrate. I also like to feel close to the ocean and somehow painting it brings it right in close. I suppose I just need to splash a little salt water and play some seagull noises:)
Well, I hope you don't mind me sharing. It is fun to paint things and have them turn out OK. It makes me soooooo grateful!
HAVGWT!!!! Melody

Country Mouse-checking in

Buenos Dias! And a good morning also. And maybe a guten tag! I have Kim's kids here today. So I will be on grandma duty today. Last night Mel and I took Taylor and Gabe out for dinner and a movie. They had fun I think. We saw "How to Train Your Dragon." It was pretty cute. I like to see kids' movies when they are done well. And for the most part this one was. And we went to the Golden Corral for dinner which is a smorgasbord kind of a place. The kids loved all of the dessert options. I can remember loving that when I was young. Now it is just a choice of which is the best out of not very good choices. But it wasn't about me and my druthers last night. And I think we accomplished our goal of making little boys feel special and loved.
Tonight is Elle's birthday party. She will be ten years old. I am on assignment to help with the party....eleven ten year old girls are invited! I think Kim will need a couple of extra helping hands for this one! So I will do my best. I hope I can get a power nap in this afternoon before the party. I just don't have the same kind of stamina that I used to have. Parenthood is definitely for the young....not just the young at heart!
Well, I guess it is not time to turn on the sprinklers here yet. Our farmer neighbor did and this morning there were beautiful ice sculptures along his drive. I wish I had taken a picture! It was so pretty! The water has been released into the canals. It takes a week or two for them all to be full and functioning. The one here is one of the last ones to fill I think. But it is time to mow lawns. Mel is working at that this morning. It is a pretty big task here. And then there is the orchard to till around in and the gopher to trap or kill. We always have a few of those that the cats allow to survive. They love to gnaw at the roots of the fruit trees.
This year our next door neighbor that we share a lot with wants to use part of our side for growing corn. He is quite a gardener and also has a wonderful new fangled tractor. So we should have lots of yummy corn. Probably enough for the whole neighborhood! I think he is going to plant about quarter of an acre. The rest we will try to improve with compost and pasture grass for the time when we can afford the fencing and raise a cow or two...Also Mel needs to put in a few more sprinkler heads to water more effectively. It just goes on and on. Two acres is a lot. I don't know how farmers keep up with hundreds or thousands of acres! I admire their hard work. I would love to have the means to really landscape this property and put in a pool, hot tub, putting green, tennis and volleyball courts, etc. Maybe a basketball court:) And handball and racquetball too (Ha, ha). But for now it is just two old people trying to keep the weeds down and the neighbors happy. I would really be quite content with a bigger patio and some kind of protection from the afternoon sun.....and wind! I guess my problem is I can see things as I would like them to be. It kind of gets me into trouble occasionally:)
Well, I hope your day is filled with sunshine, lollipops, and does that song go? Roses? I don't remember. Anyhow, I hope it is great! And thanks for stopping by. Sorry I can't come up with more interesting blogs. I'll get better...maybe.....if I have to....I guess:) HAGW! Melody

Friday, April 9, 2010


Good morning! It's still kinda windy here. I am not walking this morning...instead we are taking one of our ladies to breakfast for her birthday! It should be fun. And it seems any excuse will do to keep from having to walk:) Actually they are pretty faithful walkers.
I guess today I need to work on my lesson for Relief Society. And I hope I can paint some more. It is hard to get to even when I have my own space I am finding. I guess the jobs of a grandma should come first:)
Well, I hope you have a wonderful day! Take care and keep smiling! HAGW! Melody

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Good morning and buenos dias! I am anticipating another good day. Although the walk this morning was quite windy. But the wind was not as cold as it sometimes is. And I got one other neighbor to be brave and walk with me. The clouds are fantastic this morning. I love it when the sky is multi-colored with shades of blue and gray and white. It makes me want to paint just sky.
Today I get to take Gabe on a field trip to Boise where we will meet Amy and Kim and kids and visit the Discovery Center. It is lots of fun for the kids. I really like our little city of Boise. But sometimes I really miss the acquarium and the science center and especially the museum in San Francisco. Our museum here is not too exciting. I think my favorite museum was the one I went to in Boston. I think you could get lost in there. And when I went they had a visiting collection of Van Gough's wonderful work, and many other impressionists. I think my favorite art is from that time period. We have an art museum here that I like to visit, but it is very small. Of course the Smithsonian is wonderful, but I have only been there once, and in only a couple of the buildings.
I am a little sad the wind has picked up again. It is nearly impossible to garden when it is so windy. Yesterday was a perfect day for gardening, but I had so many other things taking my time. I was hoping I could garden this morning. Maybe tomorrow! I would love to be planting flowers! Of course the weeds grow all by themselves with no encouragement.
Well, I don't have much to write about. But that's nothing new. I always seem to find something to gab about. I hope your day is pleasant, windless, and warm. Take care, keep smiling, and HAGW! Melody

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Tired of this yet? I decided to be brave and finished it and .....signed it! Probably seems like no big deal, but I haven't signed a finished painting before. Well, maybe way back when....but not since I've taken my art class. I may have to come up with a fancier signature when I become famous:) At any rate I feel better about the left lower corner of the painting. I was so afraid I would ruin it, but I don't think I did. Whew!
I must be bored you're thinking. Who blogs this much? Oh well, I guess I am on some sort of a high with this painting. Please forgive. And I will try to keep my blogging to an acceptable limit:) HAGW! Melody

Scattering Sunshine!

Good beautiful, bright, sunny, no wind and very pleasant morning! I am feeling pretty good today. I love sunshine, and my walk this morning was full of it. And good company too. I think everyone should be able to take a nice walk with friends everyday. It sure does a lot to brighten my soul. Even a walk alone would be great on a day like today:)
Well, I am doing the wash I avoided yesterday. I was just having too much fun painting. I was going to go back and try to redo Monday night's awful painting, but I remembered what my counselor said about going forward and painting what is in my heart. So I did that, and she was right. It is what I need to be doing. Not that I don't learn things from the subject matter in class.....I definitely do. But it feels so good to paint the things I am feeling. And I can't always do that with subject matter I don't feel connected to. My teacher wants to start painting on location when the weather gets warmer and I think that will really make a difference for me. And in the meantime I will try to paint from my heart the stories I want to tell.
Last night at orchestra I was able to play my clarinet with feeling too. I think I am fortunate to have the many artistic outlets that I do. I love playing the solo in "The Water is Wide" that usually goes to the oboist. But she was absent...along with the other I got to play the solo. It was fun, and I got a few heartfelt compliments from the other instumentalists. I guess I am still looking for approval from other people. But I also knew inside myself that I had done a good job, and that does feel good.
Today is my temple day. I am excited about that. We are loving working in the baptistry. I have always loved young people, and I always feel very connected and close to the special ones who come to the temple. It is a blessing for me to do this.
Well, I hope your day is great and good. Keep smiling! I'm pullin' for ya! TTTL Melody

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hi again! I am excited and have to share. I love this painting I just finished! I think it is the first one I really love. I think I may even cut a mat for it and hang it up for a while. The little guy next to the redwood trees is my grandson Aaron. He's not painted in much detail, but he will know it is him. And maybe it will help him to remember the fun trip to the redwoods he had with his grandma. I hope so. It is probably the main motivation I have to be remembered somehow by my posterity.
Anyway, I thought I would share my first successful painting. I know it still has flaws, but I feel so pleased with myself....and so grateful for the talent I have been blessed with, and the good people who have encouraged me and helped me to learn more. know who you are:) Melody

Fixing things

OK! I'm reporting in:) I managed to fix the tall figure. I like him better with a back pack and longer jeans. It is always surprising how hard something can be that seems so simple. It looks better in real life too of course:)
Well, I just had to redeem myself. On to bigger and better things. Maybe redwood trees:) Take care! Melody

Patience and Persistence

Well, as you can see I have a lot of patience and persistence ahead of me. This first painting was looking OK until I decided to put another layer of paint on the trees and foreground. Sigh! I suppose most mistakes in painting happen right after you think, "I wonder what would happen if I just did this." I think I will repaint it today and see if I can get it right.
The second painting I did on my own yesterday, and I like it except for the big tall figure. I just couldn't fix him. So I guess that is another painting I will work at today.... But that is a good thing. I am making some progress.....slow but sure:)
I have already gone for my walk today. I talked my neighbor down the street into walking with me. She is lots of fun. She has started coming with me to my painting class. She is a pretty good artist as well as a good person. I was thinking in class last night, how lucky I am to be able to take a watercolor class...and how I like everyone in the class. We have a new member in our class that came last night. He is a book editor, so I am kind of excited to get to know him. I hope he can give me some tips on how to get my little children's book published. Not that I have tried very hard. One rejection slip and it is back in my desk file....hidden away. I guess I like to be liked....even in the world of publishing.
Well, today is laundry day. It is lots easier with just the two of us to do laundry for. But I think I will work at cleaning the car upholstery too. My car still smells from Sebastian being car sick. I don't know of a nicer way to say that he threw up all over the back seat. I have already cleaned it, but it still smells. So I guess more enzymatic cleaner, plus I will use the shampooer on it to see if I can suck up the bad smells.
Tonight is orchestra. We only have a couple more rehearsals before we perform on the 18th. I have enjoyed being in orchestra this year....but not as much as other years. I guess the highlight for me was when my dad was in the orchestra with me. That was fun. Nothing will ever top that I guess.
Well, once again you have wasted another perfectly good...minute reading this blog. I hope your day goes well. Maybe I will have to start including a puzzler like Click and Clack to make this more interesting. In the meantime....remember I'm pullin' for ya! We're all in this together! Keep smiling! And HAGW!!!! Melody

Monday, April 5, 2010

My horoscope: Gardening in my future

Good morning! It is raining out my window this morning. Really raining! I guess the rain is good. We certainly need it. I just wish I had my garden planted:) I suppose we will get it in before the month is out. Mel is already so busy with work it will be a struggle for him to find time. And I am not strong enough to do it myself....except in the raised beds. I would like to make some more of those!
Well, I certainly enjoyed conference yesterday! I loved President Monson's talk about life after death. It was very timely for me. I also liked all of the talks about mothers. I have been so grateful to be a mother. It is such a wonderful thing. I just wish I was a better mother. But I am still working at it. I think it is a high and holy calling.
Well, I guess I have a busy day ahead. I want to paint another picture before class tonight. And I need to clean up from our dinner last night. I've done dishes...but the upstairs was played in pretty hard. And I haven't vaccumed or dusted or wiped away the sticky handprints. I kind of like those handprints any more. It was fun to have grandkids over. I sure miss them here all of the time. But I am lots calmer:)
I hope you have a happy, smile-filled day! And I will do the same! Take care! And HAGW! Melody

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning

Good morning! And Happy Easter! And it should be with conference this morning. I really love conference. It always restores my faith and confidence in the gospel. I love to see what good people are produced by living the gospel. It is always inspiring to me.
Mel went to priesthood session last night. And took notes:) I am excited to read the talk on patience by Elder Uchtdorf when it comes out. I like the idea of persistence with patience. It makes me think I really will be able to paint someday. I just need to persist and be patient with my mistakes. I do know that I learn a little each time I paint. The other talk that Mel was impressed with was Elder Eyring's. Of course, he is an amazing man I think. He spoke in a stake conference when we first moved here to Boise. The spirit is so strong with him. And I know he made me feel hopeful that I was approved of the Lord. That was the topic of his talk, and I will never forget it.
Well, I guess I had better look over the meal plans for this afternoon. I think we will only have Kim and Liz here and families. But it will be nice anyway. I do miss the days when everyone was closer and could all come for holidays. But I think we were extra lucky to have those times for as long as we did. I hope you have a lovely Easter day with your family close. Take care! Keep smiling! Melody

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Evening Post

Good evening! I have had a nice day with grandkids and conference.....and Mel. It is so nice when he doesn't have to be working. I've always thought it was ironic that you marry someone because you want to be together forever, and then you spend so much of your time apart..working, raising kids, and all of the other business of life. I suppose that is the way it is, but I hope we get a chance to spend more time together before we are in a resthome:)
Well this is my latest painting. It was started in class, so I thought I'd better finish it. I like the boats, but I was really arguing with the little pier. I probably just should have left it out.
I still want to do an ocean scene and a redwood scene, but I haven't figured out what I want to do exactly. So I will stew on it a little and watch my video of Joseph Zbukvic one more time.
I sure liked the talks today. I especially liked the one about William Tindale. One of my favorite biographies is about him..."Fire in the Bones" I think is what it is called. It made me so grateful for religious freedom, and the accessibility of the scriptures. But I suppose I don't study them like I should. So I am making a public pledge to study, not just read, my scriptures every day. I know it will be a blessing in my life if I do that more consistently. Mel and I are good about reading together every day. And I usually do read a little on my own, but to really study them is a challenge. And I am taking that challenge!!!
I edited all of the little film clips on youtube into two movies. I am pretty disappointed though. In order to turn the film the right way, it made the picture small. Oh well. I think the grandkids will probably like it anyway.
Well, I guess I will go watch that painting video. I hope your day is going well. Take care and keep smiling. TTTL Melody

Short Note

Good morning! I am watching Kim's kids while she is at work today. And I have conference on. I am happy it is conference weekend. I feel so uplifted by the words spoken and the spirit felt. So I will write more in here later today. HAGW! Melody

Friday, April 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Good afternoon! It sure is great to be home. I am including a few pictures of our drive home yesterday. It was so beautiful! And we had a little patch of sunshine that just stayed with us the whole way and seemed to keep us safe from the howling storm surrounding us. We traveled east to Klammath Falls and seemed to avoid quite a bit of the storm doing that. The lake there is so big and beautiful too.

I have been busy cleaning this morning. It seems to be something I do when I am home. I am still packing up things I find of Liz's. She was here for quite a while, so I guess it is not unusual to still be finding things of hers around. And I have been tweaking things in my art studio. I feel bad that I didn't get any painting done on our trip to the coast. But it is pretty hard to paint with three curious grandkids underfoot. So this afternoon I am going to pick a picture from our trip to sketch.....and then paint. I really would like to do one of the woods and also one of the beach....and one of the lighthouse. And one of just rocks and waves! It sure was a wonderful trip. And I am glad I was able to take lots of little videos. I am going to put them all together in one movie. When I get it done I will put it on youtube as one film instead of 27:) That way it will be easier to watch the whole trip. And I am hoping it will be fun for the grandkids to have as a reminder of all our fun.
Well, I just hate not to write on here. It is good therapy I think. It helps me to feel in touch with myself somehow as well as all of you out there in deep cyberspace. I hope your day is going well. Keep smiling! Melody

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gute Nacht!

I am home. I found six more videos I uploaded to youtube. And I put a couple of albums on facebook. is one of the links. is the other. If this isn't enough pictures for you.....sorry. I did my best. Hope you have a good night. I'm going to bed! My own wonderful, comfortable, made-just-right-like-the-little-bear's-bed bed. Sweet Dreams! Melody

Coming back

The moss was amazing!
This creek was awfully pretty.

The trees are so majestic. It makes you feel reverent and so grateful for God's creations.

Good morning! It is a beautiful sunshiney day here in Bend, Oregon. I am hoping it continues to be clear and beautiful. We have been so fortunate to have such good weather. I am including a few more of the photos I didn't get in here previously. We just had so many good photo ops:)
Today we will travel back home. It should be a good trip. The hardest part is keeping kids happy. So I am planning a trip to walmart to get a few distractions for them. The highlight yesterday was when Sebastian threw up in the car. He really made a mess. We did have wet wipes, and we used the whole package cleaning it all up. Elle got the worst of it as she was sitting next to him. But she is a trooper and seemed to handle it OK once grandma assured her that she would wash clean. I hope everyone is well today:)
Well, I hope all is well out there in cyberspace. Take care! And keep smiling. The best part of traveling is coming home and realizing there really is no place like home! HAGW! Melody