Monday, May 31, 2010

From the Halls of Montezuma

Good morning! It's a little gray out this morning. I'm so glad I'm not camping:) Not really, but.... Maybe we can go next weekend. We'll have Michelle's kids here. She and Gary are flying to Monterey and taking a break from it all. They plan to visit Kenny and the museum. I suggested Julia Fifer Burns state park. Have you ever been there? It is so beautiful, or at least it was when we visited...pristine forest next to the ocean cliffs. It even has a waterfall that falls down to the ocean. We hiked all around and had a fun time there. But it's probably been 30 years ago. They do get fires in that part of the state, and I know that Big Sur had least that's what my memory says. It's getting less reliable though. I'm never as sure about things as I used to be. But that is probably a good thing. I used to be kind of a know it all. Now I am more of a not sure I know it all:)
Mel is working this morning, but then we plan to take a drive and do something fun....not sure what yet. I guess I will look in the paper and see what's happening. We'll probably miss the Memorial Day celebrations. But we did watch the one on TV last night. It was pretty good although it made me want to visit DC again. I really enjoyed the country singer with the blue and yellow guitars...Brent Paisley I think. I didn't used to like country music. I still have a hard time with some of it. But I have learned to enjoy a lot of it. I guess I like how honest it can be. I just have a hard time with twangy guitar sounds and bad accents:)
I had an interesting dream last night. I dreamt that I was visiting my Uncle Kenny and Aunt Glynn. He is the artist in the family. Anyway I was showing them my paintings and my aunt told me I'd better start signing them. I woke up feeling pretty good....til I realized it was just a dream. I haven't painted much this week. I keep planning to but other things keep getting put first....mostly grandkids and I guess that's OK.
Well, I don't have much to write today. Just wanted to say good morning, good afternoon, and good evening! Take care and keep smiling! And HAGW!!!! Melody

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Like a Fire is Burning

Good Sabbath morning to you! It is a gorgeous day here. The temps are still not too warm, but promising to warm up today. And summer actually feels like a real possibility.
Last night we went to a neighborhood Christmas tree burning! And lest anyone out there thinks this is an American tradition, let me assure you it is not. But just the same it is a tradition for a neighbor of ours who goes around after Christmas and collects all of the Christmas trees he can find just for this event. We gather in their yard and burn regular wood down to coals, cook foil dinners and watch the sunset and enjoy each others company until it starts to get dark. Then his teenage boys and their cousins and friends start piling on the very crisp dry Christmas trees and it is quite a sight! My daughter Kim came with us and we both were taking pictures and then we were looking for figures in the fire. I used to do that when I was little....stare at the fire and look for shapes that looked like things...sort of like when you watch the clouds. It got us laughing! Taylor came too and he jumped on the trampoline and played with the other kids.
I videotaped some of the fire last night and put it on youtube. Here is the link: It gives you some idea of how flammable they are. My uncle Jimmy was a fireman in Oakland, CA. Every Christmas we would get a lecture on how flammable and dangerous Christmas trees were, and we always had a bucket of sand and another with water that sat close to the tree at my grandma's house at his insistence. He had seen so many tragic fires at Christmas and he did not want us to be included in the sad statistics.
Well, today should be a nice day. I always like Sundays. They help me to put all things into perspective and to remember why I'm here. I hope Sunday is nice for you today too. Keep smiling and HAGW!!!! Melody

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Camping Out

Good morning, Guten Tag, and Buenos Dias! Yep, it's gonna be a gut juan. Although I am a little tired and headachey this morning:) I guess it's a Mormon hangover....up too late playing cards and drinking Sprite:) But we had fun and I'm sure the headache won't last past breakfast. I hope not anyway, I have plenty to keep me busy today....mostly housework. But I have been thinking I will try to paint in the distance:) I think it will be challenging but fun. At least I could draw them.
When I went to visit my dad he gave me some books he had from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. They are pretty cool! There is a series about different periods of art, but the best thing is there is a little folder in the front with art prints for each book....about ten for each book. It's really fun to look through them and read about the different artists. Then Barb had a few artist magazines that are also very interesting...but they are only on loan:) Still it is fun to look through these old books and magazines and have some feel for what they are talking about. And I am getting excited about going back to school. I hope it all works out. All I have left to do is to call BYU and have them mail my transcript to BSU, or maybe now they just fax things. I don't know for sure. The world has changed so dramatically. I suppose I don't even need to call...I can probably do it all online. Wow!
The weather here is still pretty unsettled. I am glad we are not sitting in our trailer somewhere in the rain. We have done that before a few times. We still have fun, but I get so cold anymore. And's just excuses to make me feel better about not going camping. I love it in the rain...or even the snow! We went camping in Yellowstone one summer in our little tent and ended up crawling into the car very early in the morning so we could turn on the heater. Our tent was covered in snow and we woke up freezing! But we still had a great time. There were buffalo everywhere! And lots of elk! And we were sure we saw a wolf, although it was kind of far away. I love Yellowstone! And Yosemite!!! And Red Fish Lake....and even just camping near a little stream somewhere off in the wilderness of Idaho. And I love to fish, although I am not a great fisherwoman. I think my favorite thing is to stand in the middle of a stream on a hot day and cast a line into the deeper water. It doesn't matter if I catch a fish or not...that's not really the highlight for me....unless it is a big fish and hits the bait a few times and then really pulls and the fight begins. And there is nothing tastier than a nice big trout cooked over a grill on a campfire. Memories!
When I was little we used to go to Yosemite most every summer for a couple of weeks. My folks were teachers so our budget was always kind of slim, but we always had so much fun. I can still remember my mom so prepared with a cooler full of yummy food.....potato salad and sandwiches for a picnic next to the river. We had a favorite spot we would always go. It had a large rock we could dive from, and an island to explore. It was fun to swim or read or play cards or Scrabble there. We would arrive early and stay all day....then sunburned and tired we would go back to our campsite and sleep out under the stars. I guess I have idealized this somewhat in my mind, but it really was wonderful. I think I had a really nice childhood!
Well, I'd better go fix us some grub! I hope you have a wonderful day out there in cyberspace. Keep smiling! And HAGW!!!! Melody

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pelican Sighting!

Good afternoon! I have had a good day so far! I hope you have too:) I framed my sunset painting and gave it to one of my friends. She lost a daughter to cancer at this time last year, and so I thought it might cheer her to have a painting. But I kind of understand something said in the movie about Beatrix Potter. She talked about how her paintings were like her children, and I think I know now what she meant. It is hard to explain, but it is like a little piece of me went into painting that picture, and it feels like giving part of myself away.....not exactly, but kind of. Like I said it is hard to explain.
I saw pelicans again today! I am excited because I haven't seen them for several days. They seem to have vacated their previous spot. So I was a little sad and worried that I wouldn't see them again this year. But as I was going to visit teach today I saw one....and then four more flew up into the air to join the first one. The lake is really high, so they may have taken up residence down the hill where it is high and swampy. Anyway, I stopped my car for about five minutes and just watched them flying....well soaring really. They do look like they enjoy it immensely. And I still wonder how they know to turn all they practice? It is really very choreographed looking. And then it makes me feel so lucky to live here so close to the wilderness area. I also saw an unusual looking hawk....very pale beige and kind of small. He was diving after some rodent in a field as I drove by. Every day there is something to watch. There are red winged and golden crested blackbirds nesting down the hill also. And of course there is a plethora of lambs and calves. My kids talk about how boring it is out in the country....but I don't find it boring at all....just far away from all of the hustle and bustle of the city. The only time I really mind is when we are out of milk...or chocolate!
Tonight we are getting together with friends for games. Mel jokes and says we need to practice shuffling cards. We are both terrible card players...but last time we got together I won at Contract Rummy. I guess it's like Rummi Cube. Anyway I aced the last round and won! Pretty amazing. I used to play pinochle in high school. We had a neighborhood swimming pool and the kids would all meet and play cards...and the oldest kids would play pinochle. I got pretty good at it. I played it again in college for a while. But I haven't played it in years.
Well, I guess I will figure out what delicious yet non-fattening food I can fix to bring for our get- together tonight. I hope you have a fun evening! Take care and keep smiling! Melody

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Soooo Heppy!

Good evening! Mel is watching a Laker's game. I guess they are playing Arizona. But try as I might, I just can't stay interested:( So I registered for BSU:) Those initials kind of make me laugh. But it is a step in the right direction. I really need instruction. I put my dad's picture in a frame. I am glad it will be hanging at his house and not mine. It makes me crazy looking at it. I keep finding the places that need fixing! Such a funny thing. I hope I get over this. It will be really weird if I do ever paint well and I don't enjoy looking at it. Ah well. I guess I have to work at getting better first. I really do like the frame though:) And the mat is really super!!!! I am definitely good at cutting mats:))))
So I went to Ellie's school program and it turned out to be a musical production like you wouldn't believe. She is hard to spot in this photo. There were so many kids all dancing and singing together. The kids were very well rehearsed and really did well. They did a 70's show with songs, TV programs, and political comments from the 70's. I thoroughly enjoyed it and even cried through the last song. A young sixth grade boy sang it...a song of the Beatles'...."There are places I remember". I guess it just hit home. I do remember all of those places and people and things. It's one of the things that kind of makes me sad as I realize I am coming to the end of my life. I have loved it here on earth and I will be sad when it's over. But I guess I just need to be forward looking and hope that the rest is as good as it has been to this point. I could have another 40 years if I am super lucky:)
Funny! I just thought of Gepetto in the Disneyland ride of Pinnocchio. At the very end of the ride he says, "I'm soooooo Happy!" But he says it "heppy" with a German e. We took Kenny Julie and Liz on that ride when they were teenagers and the rest of our trip they were all saying that..."I'm sooooo heppy!" I like those little memories that make me chuckle. I am not very good with accents and to this day they all claim I can't say it like Gepetto. Which is probably just as well.
So I hope you are well and doing fine. I am doing pretty good for an old lady with a bad accent. Take care out there in cyberspace! TTTT Melody


Good morning! It's a lovely day in the neighborhood this morning. Although the clouds look threatening and the heater's on:) I guess we will have to wait a bit before we have really warm weather again. I hope it warms up for the weekend. I would love to go camping. The forecast says it will be sunny Saturday and Sunday and cloudy on it might be a possibility. But Mel is really busy with work right now. I'm not sure he can take the time off. I sure am lucky to have a husband that likes his work....and still likes me too:) I realize more as I mature what a real blessing he is in my life. It is nice to be with someone that is so caring and considerate and fun! I really am so lucky!!!
Well, today should be fun. I have a granddaughter's school concert to go to this afternoon. She is really excited about it and wanted to make sure I was coming. It's nice to feel wanted:) Kids grow up so fast and grandparents often become a low priority. So far ours have seemed to still like us even in their teens. Of course they are exceptionally brilliant and marvelous grandchildren! And I have always really liked teenagers and I think I relate to them pretty well. Maybe because I still feel like one inside:)
The other thing I am planning is to go visit my dad and Barb. They got back a week ago, but my dad wasn't feeling great and didn't want any visitors. So I am getting anxious to see him. I think I will take a painting over.....the one where he is flying his kite on the beach with the grandkids in Oregon. I got in on a frame sale the other day. Just need to cut a mat:)
Sorry to disappoint, but I am not posting the very dark and unsatisfying painting I did of the temple yesterday. I think I will have to study it out in my mind a little more and try one more time to put it on paper. It is harder than I imagined it would be. The architecture is more complicated than I realized, and I feel like I need to go about it more carefully. And the colors are kind of confusing to me. I thought I could easily paint it. But it isn't easy! Not that anything is easy, but this is definitely more of a challenge than I originally thought. I hope someday to be able to just paint things well every time. But maybe that is an unrealistic goal.
Well, I guess I'd better get on with my day. I hope yours is fabulous! Take care out there! Keep smiling! Melody

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Know an Old Lady....and it's me now! Incredible!

Good morning! It's raining here....again! We are sure having a wet spring! But I love rain. I have lots of good memories of rain:) And I am somewhat of a mossback having been born in Portland, OR. I was thinking how wet the Oregon coast was this morning. And the Redwoods! And then how it rained so hard the year Tommy the whole world was crying. That was kind of weird I remember. We lived in Danville and had all of these huge oak trees in the backyard and they shaded things pretty much, and then it poured and they just dripped tears. I guess that is not such a happy memory....but one I pull out occasionally. I think it is healthy I can face some of the sad memories. But a little painful.
Well, I seem to be writing a lot this week. So much to write about...not. But I guess this continues to be good therapy for me. I had a nice morning with little Taylor. He came to snuggle about 6:30. He was giggling and just having fun with Mel and I when I decided to sing, "I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly". He hadn't heard it before and really liked singing it with me. He is really musical....loves to sing. And even makes up his own songs still. The other day he was singing one of those to the tune of "Follow the Prophet". Did I already tell this? It was very sweet about how Taylor was a little boy who wanted to follow the prophet and to do what he should...and to go to church. He doesn't come very often because his family doesn't go. But he always comes into our room at night for scriptures and prayers. Such a sweet little boy! And I think he looks so much like my Tommy, that he kind of holds an extra special spot in my heart.
I am glad he and his family are back here for a bit. I don't know how long....until they can save a down payment for something I guess:) I don't really mind too much as long as the kids come and snuggle in the mornings!
Today is our temple day. And I am going to try to paint the temple this morning. I'll post anything that isn't too embarassing. I didn't post yesterday's failure because the first attempt was so much better and is already on here.
Well, gotta go. I hope your day is fun! Take care! And HAGW!!!! Melody

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Donuts, and Custards and Pie, Oh My!

Good evening! I wanted to jot down a little story that happened this evening so I don't forget. I was cleaning out the fridge and Taylor saw a piece of leftover pie I was throwing down the garbage disposal and wanted to know if he could have it. I answered no it was too old. Then he said, "Can you make pie, Grandma?" I said, "Sure I'm a great pie maker." Then he said , "Wow you could work in a pie shop or something. I know...a cheese cake factory!" So funny! I guess I don't make pie much anymore. It's one of those forbidden foods that I really shouldn't eat. And I love my own pie! I think it's almost as good as the pie my grandma used to make:) She did make the best pie! And cakes! And candy! That was my dad's mom. My mother's mom also made good pie, but not as often I think because they don't stand out in my memory. What I remember of hers was tapioca pudding! She made the absolute best and yummiest tapioca pudding! And custard! Yum! (I wonder if I am hungry!) I think grandmas are supposed to be good cooks. But it sure is hard with all of the knowledge we have now about how diet affects your health. I doubt I will be fondly remembered for my diet lemonade....although it is really good:) Or skinless chicken breasts! But I will definitely be remembered for my orange rolls, and chocolate swirl cake, and maybe even pie if I ever dare to make another one:) I do make a mean chocolate cream pie! And Mel likes my lemon meringue pie. Reminds me of that old Winchell's Donuts ad..."Oh no, not the lemon!" Do you remember that one? I sure do miss Winchell's Donuts. They were great, but I also remember special times with my folks there. I may have mentioned going on a date with my dad there before summer school....he was a music teacher and one morning we got up an hour too early by mistake and so we went to Winchell's for some donuts. They were still warm and yummy, but the best part was having time with my dad. And I remember another time going to Winchell's with my mom and getting my favorite donut...a cake donut with white icing and chocolate sprinkles....and a coke. Back when coke was still sweet and worth risking the caffeine for. And I can remember loving the time alone with my mom, just the two of us talking! How fun, and how I wish I could have a long talk with her now! Funny how emotional ties to food can be.
Well, I guess I have bent your ear again for more of my old stories. I hope you are having a nice evening! TTTT Melody

Smiling! And Humming!

Good afternoon! I hope you are having a most wonderful day. Mine has been very nice so far. The weather is fairly decent and I have Sebastian with me today and he always makes the world seem brighter. He is a sweet boy and amazingly wise for a four year old. He is quite happy as long as there is jello and play do:) He likes many colors but today he told me that he really likes turquoise...and brown:) I think for the most part he is a pretty happy little person and he makes me happy just being around him.
I went to the salon this morning and had my hair colored. Not turquoise:).....but brown! And then I went to vote! I feel very patriotic today, but unfortunately I have very little idea who I really voted for. I had an opinion about a couple of the people on the ballot, but the rest I voted for with pretty pure ignorance. I always think that I will get more educated about the candidates and I never seem to find out too much. I watch the local debates here on our TV, but the questions seemed rather loaded this time. I really didn't find out too much about how different candidates felt about actual issues. I suppose I will know more by least I will try.
I did try to paint today, but without much success. I did a redo....and I should just know by now it is not the same to do something over. It loses spontaneity and becomes dull somehow. Anyway I gave up and took a power nap. I didn't fall asleep, but I think the ringing in my ears has subsided a little. Do you do that? The tireder (is that a word?) I get the louder the ringing in my ears gets. Most of the time I don't notice it....but I sure do today, so I must be tired. I still have to run Bassie back to Boise later, but then I think I will take a serious lie down. I really am trying to watch it so that I don't get too tired. My attitude seems so much better when I have had enough rest.
There is the cutest little hummingbird out my window today. There is a tree that died outside that I hung a feeder on and he has claimed it. I like watching him and he seems so content to stay on that old dead tree. I may just plant a climbing rose there and not cut the tree out. I like it even though it is kind of an eyesore. It always attracts birds. Funny, huh? I think next to the pelican my favorite bird is a hummingbird. Did I ever mention that at one time I thought I would be an ornothologist? That is someone who studies birds... right? I don't trust my memory anymore.
Well, I hope your day is going well. Take care out there in cyberspace! Enjoy life and keep that smile going! And HAGW!!!!! Melody

Monday, May 24, 2010

I Love to See the Temple

Good evening! I thought I would write here tonight while I still remember my day today:) I think it was a great one! I found out at BSU that I can still register for Fall and that I can attend classes even if they are full...the prof can add you. So that is good. I met Kim and we spent most of the morning together figuring this out. Then we went over to the temple to take pictures. I really want to try painting the temple and seeing how it turns out. It would be fun to make a series of temple paintings. Other people have done it:) So why not me? Anyway it was fun to take the photos, but it was hard to get a good view to take pictures from. I really liked this one by the windows. I love the windows!We went across the street to get a shot a little further away, but they were doing road work and we couldn't access a good spot. We had fun trying though. Actually we had fun just being together. And Sebastian joined us for lunch. I skipped the birthday luncheon because it just got too hectic (sorry Amanda!). But we did eat at Smashburger. Not the best name....but really good hamburgers and even yummier milkshakes!
Then I took a visit to the art store. That's always fun....and expensive! Then I went to class and painted. We did a beach scene....I love to paint ocean scenes. This was a place in Florida. It looked really pretty in the photo. And I like the way my painting turned out...well, as much as I like anything I paint. But it feels like I am still improving. So that is terrific! I guess if I was to criticize anything it would be the edge of the cloud...and the water isn't sparkling....and the sand in the foreground doesn't look very sandy:) But I like how I painted the cloud and the marsh grass. See? I am learning to enjoy my own art. That's amazing!
Well, I hope your day has been great and that you have a restful night. Take care out there in cyberspace! Remember I'm pullin' for ya! We're all in this together! Melody

Looking Upward to the Light

Good Monday morning! Have I mentioned how much I like Monday? I like that feeling of starting over. And I feel that way each Monday morning...a new week!
Today looks promising! I am planning to go over to the local university in Boise (BSU) today and see about registering for classes. I would really like to take classes to get a degree in art. I'm a little anxious though. I tried this a few years back and couldn't get into any of the classes I needed. They fill up so fast and new students get last pick. But a friend said you just go to class anyway and someone will drop out and you can add in. I hope that is true. I would love to be getting some more artful experiences. And since I already have a degree in English I don't think I'd be required to take anything else outside of art. Anyway that is what I am planning to find out today. I have to fit a luncheon in for a friend's birthday though in the middle of everything. And then I have my art class this evening (yay!) I wonder what subject we will be painting tonight. I hope it is something new and different.
We didn't get the rest of the garden planted:( It has been pouring here! And it even snowed in Boise. The foothills are covered in is beautiful but kind of weird for this time of year. We hit a record low yesterday. So I brought in all of my little plants that we haven't planted yet....that's good I guess. If they were planted we probably would have lost them to frost this morning.
Boy, I am really searching for things to write about. Sorry. Usually I have so much to say:) I am feeling so good there just isn't much to complain about I guess. I hope you have a lovely, joy-filled day. Take care out there. And keep smiling! Melody

Sunday, May 23, 2010

He'll Find a Way!

Good Sabbath! I have been listening to my Dallyn Bayles album "Song of Redeeming Love" and I have decided my favorite song is "He'll Find a Way". It really speaks to me....way down deep. It really sums up how I have been feeling this last year or so. When everything seems to be crashing in around me I can depend on the Savior and His love. I hope I can paint like this some day, so that people can feel His love. Anyway I have been writing down the words to share with you....but without the music they're not quite as wonderful. And I can't find a gadget to upload his song on here. But here are the words. I can't find the name of the composer.

"When life gets crazy and you've had enough,
And the more you search for some kind of meaning
The more you feel you're out of luck
When your mind tries to reason and nothing adds up...
Lay it all down
Take a good look around.....
His love can be seen in all directions
His infinite peace longs to hold you every second
From the thorns in His crown
To the sunset colored clouds
He'll find a way to
Say I love you.
When tears won't relieve you
When your heart feels numb
And your mind keeps replaying the painful, thoughtless things you've done.
And you're starting to wonder just who you've become
Believe you'll make it
Give your worry up
Let Him take it
His love can be seen in all directions
His infinite peace longs to hold you every second
From the thorns in His crown
To the sunset colored clouds
He'll find a way to
Say I love you.
Feel His love with each breath you're breathing
It's as sure as your heart beating."

Fabulous! I will figure something out so you can hear the tune. Oh I know. Look up Dallyn Bayles on Itunes and try a sample of the song. Then you'll want to have it on your playlist of songs. I guarantee it!
Well, I have been kind of playing on the computer, and I really should get ready for church. I hope you have a wonderful, inspired day. Keep your stick in the water....there won't be ice I think:) Keep smiling! Best wishes and HAGW!!!!! Melody

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday is a special day!

Good morning! It is a lovely rain-filled day today. It is cooling off for the the 50's yesterday here and lower today. Highly unusual weather! But I have kind of gotten used to unusual weather.
I had hoped we could finish planting our garden. Mel thinks we probably can by this afternoon. I hope so. But if not...oh well. It seems like it is harder to finish planting this year than most. And I think we are probably planting too much. But every year we say we will plant a smaller garden and never do. And I like sharing. It seems like there is always someone who can use the extra produce. And this year especially with so many people out of work, or really pinching the pennies they do have.
I am planning to paint this morning. I kind of like the rain for that reason. It gives me an opportunity to just stay inside and paint some of the ideas I have been mulling around in my mind. I did sketch a little as we were driving back and forth to Utah. I love sketching people. I wish I could paint them better....but that will come I think. There is a man in my art class who is a fantastic portrait sketcher.....he does them in pencil and they are really well done. But he says painting is a whole different set of skills and I would agree completely with that. I can draw most anything I see now, but painting it is still quite a challenge. I think it gets easier with each painting though, and I did just get a new Zbukvic video:)
I follow a few blogs, and this quote was in one of them. It is so wonderful.....from Sister Hinckley. She was such a wonderful lady! And it expresses how I feel too.
"I don't want to drive up to the pearly gates in a shiny sports car, wearing beautifully, tailored clothes, my hair expertly coiffed, and with perfectly manicured fingernails. I want to drive up in a station wagon that has mud on the wheels from taking kids to scout camp. I want to be there with grass stains on my shoes from mowing my neighbor's lawn. I want to be there with a smudge of peanut butter on my shirt from making sandwiches for a sick neighbor's children. I want to be there with a little dirt under my fingernails from helping to weed someone's garden. I want to be there with the children's sticky kisses on my cheeks and the tears of a friend on my shoulder. I want the Lord to know I was really here and that I really lived." Marjorie Pay Hinckley
I guess that I have been feeling that last sentence a lot this last year. I want to have made a difference in the world....for good. I hope that I have....and that I still will. It's not over yet. That is comforting to me.
Well, time is marching on. I guess I'd better get in step. I hope you have a wonderful day! Take care out there in cyberspace. And smile! HAGW!!!!! Melody

Friday, May 21, 2010

Evening Song

Buenos Dias! I am home and I feel so renewed! I feel like a thirsty plant that has finally received enough rain. The concert was so much better than I anticipated! There was a live orchestra that was really great, Kurt Bestor was the conductor, and Jenny Oakes Baker and Dallyn Vail Bayles performed exceptionally well. I am pretty certain that Dallyn Bayles is the best tenor I have ever heard in person. He is amazing! His range is incredible and the notes were so clear. I enjoyed every song he sang. There was no lull in his performance. And Jenny Baker was also amazing. I feel well fed in my soul. I did take a video. They told us to turn our cell phones to vibrate (not off!) and please no flash pictures. No mention of no videos or non flash pictures. Unfortunately my battery was low, so I only taped the first number, one of my favorites, "How Can I Keep from Singing"...and a couple of minutes of the orchestra warming up on two other takes. The link to the song is I'm sorry the sound is not better....but it is just a cell's a miracle I could get this at all. We were so fortunate to be able to sit right in the front row. I guess I am gushing. But it was so wonderful!
Then coming home this evening we saw the pelicans! About 20 or so as we were coming up our lane. They are such a reassurance to me of God's love and mercy. A perfect finale!
On the way home we stopped at a nursery to buy a rose for a friend whose mother passed away, and I found one named after me....Melody Parfume! I like that. When I was in mutual so many years ago, we learned a song about a rose and how much service it gives. I memorized it. "O rose, you are a lovely flower to see. You'll always be an inspiration sweet to me. Your dainty petals lifted to the blue above, must surely cause our God to smile on you with love. The sad you comfort and the sick you cheer. The air is perfume sweet when you are near. You do so much to make this world a lovely place! You are an inspiration unto me. I'd like to live a life like thee." I like the message of that song! Roses have always been my favorite flower. It is very cool that they named one after me:)
Well, I hope this finds you well and happy. I am glad to be back home. I guess it is always good to leave to realize how good we really have it right here at home. Take care out there! Keep smiling! Melody

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Cannot Keep from Singing!

Buenos Dias! I woke up feeling happy and excited today. It's exciting to be leaving for Salt Lake today. And last night at the temple was very special. I am feeling so good. It should be a wonderful day.
Gabriel has been coming in my room in the morning too, and I love to snuggle with this sweet little grandson. He talks so clearly now and can express everything his brilliant little mind is thinking....which is alot! I just love his enthusiasm! And his energy! But he really can make me tired trying to keep up with him. I am glad he has a young mom with lots of energy herself.
Well, I've got to pack an overnight case and then pay a few bills before I leave. I sure hope all is well out there in cyberspace. Take care! Remember I'm pullin' (and praying) for you! We're definitely watched over! HAGW!!!! Melody

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Misty Watercolored Memories

Good morning! I just returned from a vigorous walk! It is fun to get out in the fresh air and especially fun to walk with friends:) I put together a little video of our family's vacation to DC, New York City, Palmyra and Niagra Falls. I am the cute one(ha, ha). The video was taken in June of 1970. I remember it was hot and humid, but memorable just the same. I hope you enjoy it.
Yesterday on our walk we went by the zoo. They have recently acquired a lion and as we walked by we could hear it roaring. I had forgotten that! It makes you vibrate inside to your core. When the kids were young we took them to the San Francisco Zoo alot and one time we heard all the lions roaring in the lion house. It really is a scary yet awesome sound. I wouldn't want to hear it in the wild! I had to jot that down so I don't forget it.
Today I am doing laundry and anticipating tomorrow's quick trip to Salt Lake. We have tickets to the Dallyn Bayles/Jenny Oakes Baker Concert. I am excited. I got the tickets because tomorrow is the anniversary of my son's death and I have been having such a hard year that I figured I needed to do something special for that day. He died in '83 so it has been alot of years ago. But I still miss him so much. I am glad for faith that tells me and assures me that he is still alive and I can be with him again some day. I love the way Dallyn sings. He has a pure tenor voice that is a bell. And I love to hear him sing songs from "Les Miserables" and "Phantom". I will post a link to his website so you can hear a sample. Or I guess you could listen on itunes.
So I hope the rest of your day is rosy and least on the inside. I am determined mine will be:) Happy Wednesday! Melody

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Downtown...where all the lights are Bright!

Good evening! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I have had a very fun and busy day. I went with my daughter Amy to downtown Boise. It is a nice little town with a wonderful green belt path that goes along the Boise River and through several beautiful parks. I enjoy walking there and Amy and I had a good workout with her little cutie, Hailey. I took lots of pictures so I will include a few here. We walked for quite a ways, but then we had to walk back:) It is always strange to me how much further I have gone than I realized.

I also visited my favorite little French pastry shop. I took a photo of some of their yummy desserts. They do a pretty good business here. I especially like their chocolate mousse! It is really yummy!

I just got back from a pie and tie event at the church. I brought a pie and then helped to tie a few quilts. The quilts are then sent to a local welfare distribution center and if not needed there they are sent on to church headquarters where they are distributed all over the world for the church's humanitarian program. I like to help out in these small ways that make a big impact to someone in harder circumstances than my own. And with all of the many natural disasters that have occurred in the world recently there is quite a need for so many very basic things.
Well, I am tired, so I am going to hit the sack. I hope you have a restful night! Take care out there in cyberspace. Remember I'm still pullin' for ya!!!! Melody

Monday, May 17, 2010

City Sidewalks

Guten Abend! Well here it is. My first attempt at a city scene. It isn't finished of course, but I kind of like its beginnings. I guess it is a New York City scene. I went to New York when I was 20. I absolutely loved it. But I only spent a couple of days there. I loved the busy many people going every which way. I remember that people behind us would start honking to go before the light turned green. I went with my parents and my two younger sisters. It was my last vacation as a single person. It was after my brother was married and they had a reception in Detroit where his wife is from. So we rented a car and took a couple of weeks to tour and see the "East". I really liked DC and NYC. The thing I remember most is that we stayed at the Sheraton right downtown. It was the first hotel we stayed in back east that the sheets were not damp. The humidity was really high in June and everywhere from Michigan to New York had been muggy and damp. But at the Sheraton they lined the sheets somehow to keep them dry.
The other thing I remember is riding up on the elevator to the top of the Empire State Building. The elevator operator was kind of cute and so I talked to him all the way up. He was really nice, but acted surprised that I would talk to him. He was black and he wanted to know where I was from. He said white girls didn't talk to black boys in NYC. I hope that has changed! That was back in 1970 and I hope things have gotten better since then. I remember being so shocked that there would be so much prejudice. But I was young and hadn't experienced much of racial prejudice.
Well, I have had a pretty good day. I watched my grandson for a while and we went to Walmart together:) He is pretty cute and I missed him while he was at his dad's this last week. And I did the usual housecleaning and even got to watch my Zbukvic video one more time. I also ordered his other two videos. I learn so much watching him paint.
So you've wasted another perfectly good minute reading this silly blog. I hope you've had a good day. Talk to you again manana. Melody


Guten morgen! I am feeling a little bit Germanish this morning:) Not really. I'm just practicing my ish this morning because it's art class tonight. Bob F. likes to talk about how things look "ish"....reddish, yellowish, blueish. Things are never just one color! Did you know that? And if he ever asks what color is this, the proper answer is.... red, yellow and blue:) He likes to say he is not a white guy...he is red, yellow, and blue. Too bad the whole world doesn't look at skin color that way...then we would all be the same three colors and no one would be looked at any differently than anyone else. It makes sense to me!
This morning I am already busy! I have Taylor to take to school so I won't be walking with my friends in the neighborhood. But I think I will find some way to walk or ride my bike today. It is warm but overcast so I definitely need to get those endorphins going. Are you yawning yet? Sorry this is so boring. Maybe I will come up with something more interesting to write about later on today. In the meantime I hope you have a great morning. HAGW!!! TTTL Melody

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hail to Thine Earliest Welcome Ray

Good morning! I really am writing this on Sunday although the date will be wrong on here. I worked on the film I am enclosing last night so the date will be stamped as last night. Did you need to know that? Oh well.
It is another beautiful day here in cyberspace. And I have a tale to tell:) Yesterday we were doing our yard work when Mel discovered he couldn't fix the sprinklers without a trip to the hardware store. So we all hopped in the car to ride to downtown Nampa. On the way I spotted something....the pelicans! They were all in an area near the wilderness reserve. I pointed them out to Mel and said it would sure be fun to go visit the pelicans. He laughed and said that it might be hard to get to them. Anyway after our buying spree at the local hardware store, lunch at the park and a side trip to the garden store, we were driving back home when he said, "I wonder"...and then turned onto a dirt road that went out across a big field towards the reserve ...and the pelicans:) The road ended and then we hiked into the reserve where the pelicans were all congregated in a swampy wetland area. They were so big and beautiful! I don't think I have ever been so close to them. I took several videos, but the sun was really bright and reflected off of my viewing screen on my iphone so I couldn't really see what I was filming. I did manage to get a short video of them soaring above the area where we were. They were even more amazing up close, but this video does not do them justice. You can sort of get an idea though so I am including a video so that you can see them too. My gift to you on a Sabbath morning....viewing one of God's amazing creatures....accompanied by a Chopin Nocturne:)

Here's a link to the film on youtube if this video doesn't work for you on here.
Another creature that seemed to be very plentiful was carp. There were hundreds of them in the little feeder irrigation ditches, and in the swampy area where the pelicans were. The area was really wild feeling and so beautiful. It made my day so happy to visit the pelicans. I think Mel and Taylor enjoyed it too.
We did come home after and fixed the sprinklers and got a good start on planting our garden. We will finish tomorrow I hope. It is an awfully big garden. We have planted a couple of rows of peas and a row of onions. The rows are about 75 feet long:) Maybe I am exagerrating but I don't think so. It will be nice though to have vegetables to put up for the winter. I am kind of partial to our garden produce.
Well, I hope you have a lovely Sabbath. Take care out there in cyberspace! And HAGW!!!! Melody

Herald the Time of the Beautiful Day

Good morning! I was driving home yesterday and I saw pelicans again. So I stopped to take a picture. But alas, they just don't show up with my iphone camera zoom. They were incredible again though. They would all turn and disappear in the sky together....I guess the darker side of them was a good match for the dark blue sky. Then they would turn and each catch the sun one by one, like white lights turning on one by one in a row. I had never seen that before and it was really cool. I sure wish I had been able to catch it on film. I do like this picture though. I stopped near this field of mustard because I thought if nothing else it would be a colorful picture.
Yesterday I worked a little more on my sunset painting. I have decided to give it to a friend of mine and I wanted to post it so that I can see the flaws a little more clearly....funny how a photo brings them right out.

I put a blue mat around it to see if that helped. I am not sure I like the mat. And I think I need more contrast between the sky and the land. I think I will take it to class on Monday and have my teacher help me figure it out.
Another friend of mine gave me a terrific idea yesterday. She said that there is an artist in San Diego that paints watercolors of the temple there. She said that his work is pretty popular with new brides. I kind of like that idea. And it would make a nice wedding gift if nothing else. I am always trying to come up with something unique and useful to give for all of the weddings we are invited to. So that is an idea I may pursue. I am not sure how well I could paint the temple in Boise. But now I have something new to try:) And I like the idea of a colorful sky with the temple as the focal point. I think I would paint them smaller though. The paintings are generally 15" by 22", but I think a smaller one would be less expensive to mat and frame.
Today is yard day! We are going to work outside and get our garden planted, sprinklers fixed and gate made and hung. Yep, Mel will be doing most of that. I will help with the garden of course, but I don't know the first thing about building gates, and I am not strong enough to dig up sprinkler heads. I could climb on the mower and drive that around though. So I can help in that way. And it is already gorgeous out. The birds are really noisy out and inviting me to come and have a fun day in the sun. I'd better wear my hat:)
I hope your day is fun too. Enjoy your loved ones and keep smiling! The world is a beautiful and amazing place! And I love feeling cheery and bright! Take care and HAGW!!!!!!!! Melody

Friday, May 14, 2010

I Often Go Walking

Good morning! It promises to be warm and sunny today! I am happy about that:) And it is another day of eating out with friends! One of the ladies I walk with is kindly turning older and we are all taking her to breakfast this morning. So that should be lots of fun. I enjoy these women and of course I enjoy breakfast out too.

Yesterday's walk and luncheon was really nice. I took a few pictures to share. Nampa's greenbelt goes along Indian Creek. It is a pretty little creek...not so intimidating as a large river. And right now it is especially nice with everything turning green.

The path meanders around and goes through several neighborhoods. I like all of the little bridges. I have ridden my bike along here a few times. The path gets narrow in a few places, but other than that it is a fun ride. Driving home I saw several pelicans again. I think there is a group nesting on the eastern side of the lake. If so I may be able to get a good video of them flying. I am not sure if I can zoom close enough with my regular camera, but it would be worth a try.

Well, I hope your day is also full of sunshine and smiles. Take care and HAGW!!!!! Remember I'm pulling for ya! We're all in this together!!! Melody

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blue Days All of Them Gone (I hope)

Good morning! The wind has stopped! Yay! Every where I go people have been talking about the wind and how tired they are of it. It has been rather persistent. So I am glad it has subsided. We are supposed to have really nice weather through the weekend. I guess we will have to plan something fun. Maybe a trailer outing. There are lots of fun places to camp around here. And I love camping....especially in a trailer:)
I bought tickets this morning for a Dallyn Bayles concert in Salt Lake City! It is next week and I am excited to go. He really is a magnificent tenor. And he is much better in person. I have his CD's, but I guess part of his talent is his charisma. He really feels the music and you can feel it in the audience. It's amazing to me the different talents we all have. It makes the world a better place when we can share. I guess that is the main reason I am always posting my paintings. It isn't because I think I am fantastic, but it is because it is something I can share with other people. I hope I get fantastic though:)
Well, I have a fun day planned. I am walking on the greenbelt with my visiting teachers and the other women they visit. Then we will all go to lunch. That will be lots of fun. I really like these good ladies! And I need company right now. It helps to keep me from being sad. I think the walk will help too. All that sunshine! Then I plan to paint! Maybe I will go outside to do that too!
Well, I hope your day is bright and cheery. I think it will be here! HAGW!!!!! Melody

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blue Skies Smiling at Me!

Hey! Ha, ha! That felt good. I need to feel better, so I am blogging....again. I must be over tired again. It seems like these blue moods come when I am overworked and tired. And taking a nap is kind of hard. Too much going on. I can hear the fork lift working outside and the kids talking inside...and the dryer and washer working overtime.
My group of ladies was fun, but a little weird because I don't know any of them. But I will get to know them and it will be fun eventually. I painted a picture I took some time ago of a sunset out our backyard. The actual painting is better than this photo I think. But you can get some idea of it. I enjoyed painting the sky. But I could do a little more to the landscape I suppose. It just got to feeling a little too uncomfortable. And I had to pick up Taylor from school and I didn't want to be late.
I did see pelicans today! I think they were sent to cheer me. I took a video of them, but they were too far away and even with a zoom you can't see them. It's too bad, because they truly are amazing. There were about fifteen or so and they were out over the lake. They soared and turned and caught the sun on their wings several times. I love how they do that. And it makes me feel better just writing about them. I wish I didn't get these weird sad feelings. It is so unlike me. But they pass eventually and I wonder why I felt that way. I suspect it is hormones or something like. My counselor thinks it is me regrieving about Tommy....and maybe it is. I am not sure. I do miss him, and I always will til we meet on the other side of the veil, but it seems odd that it is bothering me now. I did take a grieving class some years back and they talked about how events can trigger old feelings. So maybe that is all that has happened. I sure hope it all levels out soon. I really don't like feeling sad.
Well, I guess I will go lie down and try to take a nap before we leave for the temple. I hope your day is swell. I will keep working on mine. Take care! Melody

Horsie, Horsie, On Your Way

Good morning! It's sunny and beautiful here today...but the wind is still blowing! It isn't howling yet though, so maybe it will die down a little. Yesterday was verging on ridiculous. But at least we didn't get tornadoes! Those poor people in Oklahoma! I didn't realize that tornadoes could come in swarms like that. It looked pretty scary. We did have the beginnings of a tornado here by our little lake a few years ago, but it quickly dissipated before doing any damage. We do get them occasionally here in Idaho, but they are rare.
Well, I rode horses all night! In my dreams:) I guess painting them has got me thinking about riding them. And last night coming home from the store I saw three new little foals! They are really cute, but they were all laying down so no pictures. I did take a picture of some friendly horses on my walk yesterday. They were running around because of the stormy weather. But they were happy to see some visitors and came over to the fence to chat. It made me think of Gulliver. I have always felt that horses were very intelligent animals. When I was taking riding lessons many years ago, I was riding inside an arena and the horse lost his footing and fell. Luckily for me the horse rolled away from me and I wasn't hurt. But that horse was genuinely worried about me and came over to see if I was all right. And then was very careful with me the rest of the lesson. It has always been amazing to me that such a large animal is so docile and sweet. It was my childhood wish to own a horse. I guess I will probably never have one of my own. But I sure enjoy being here where I can see them every day and have a chat.
That reminds me of a friend of mine. She had MS very badly and was bed ridden, but she had quite a few cats to keep her company. She would talk to them all of the time, but the funny thing was she was certain that they talked to her. She would say, "There...did you hear her say 'Hi'?" She said they had a very large vocabulary. I could almost imagine they were talking because they were very vocal, but it always sounded like cat language to me. They were definitely good company for my friend though. I have three cats now, but they are not real socialites. They mostly enjoy laying around on the top of warm cars and occasionally they will bring me a mouse or a gopher just to show me they are worth keeping.
Well, I am off to take another jaunt. I will bring my iphone so I can snap any photos worth snapping. Then I will be off to try painting with some friends this morning. Then to the temple. I am glad for that. I hope you have a wonderful, happy day. Keep smiling! And HAGW!!!!! Melody

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dancing On the Beach

Good morning! I am planning on having one today. I found out I don't have book club tomorrow so I have been given a reprieve on my book review. And I like the picture I began last night at my class. It is a painting of the 5 Sisters....some rocks near the San Francisco area I guess. I had never heard of them, but I liked the idea of painting near my childhood memories. I do have so many memories of playing on the beach. Sunburns, sandy food, and sandy car afterwards. I can remember playing so hard all day that my lungs hurt in the evening. I guess from the heat. I'm not really sure now. But I know it was painful. My grandkids don't seem to play outside like we did. I guess the world has changed enough that it wouldn't be safe. I can remember hopping on my bike in San Lorenzo and riding all over town. I loved that freedom!
Well, I am planning to walk this morning so I've got to go. I hope your day is great! Keep smiling! HAGW!!!!! Melody
P.S. I decided to change the title to relflect the figure on the beach. She's dancing! Wish it was me!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Horsin' Around

Good morning! It is warm here today....but a very dark horizon threatens! I suppose this is normal for spring, but I am looking forward to warmth and sunshine. I hope the two can stick together soon.
Today is Monday class! Yay! I haven't had much luck getting to my painting this last week....except for my terrible horsie painting. But guess what? My sweet little granddaughter Hailey just loves it. She is really into horses and she carried the painting around making her own unique horsie sounds as she did. She likes to neigh and then buzz her tongue. I have a video on youtube of her doing that, but she has perfected it since then. She is such a cutie, and I'm glad I painted something she enjoyed....and could carry around the house without my freaking out about it. I think I will have to paint her a smaller version she can tote around with her....maybe a book:) I really should get going on that! Yesterday I was looking for some notes from Women's Conference from a couple of years ago and instead found a list of goals I had written when my kids were still very young. One of my goals was to start illustrations for a children's book. So it isn't just something I've happened upon recently. I just have put it off for a very long time.
Yesterday was so nice with calls from my children who are out of town...and my sweet father too. And Amy and Kim and Liz came for dinner with their families. So that was nice too. I sure do enjoy having my family around. I guess I will have Liz here for a bit until they can find something affordable. But I don't mind. I miss her and especially her sweet boys. So we will just enjoy each other while we can.
Well, gotta scoot. Time for the school run. I hope you have a wonderful, inpiring, faith-filled, happy and smiley day! Take care and HAGW!!!!! Melody

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Hi again! I found this wonderful short film. It is a wonderful tribute to motherhood. Enjoy.

Faith is Knowing the Sun Will Rise!

Happy Mommy's Day! It is a beautiful bright sunshiney morning here in cyberspace. And I am feeling very optimistic. I have been preparing my lesson for the ladies this morning, and the topic is prophets. I love the words of the prophets! "Be of Good Cheer. The future is as bright as your faith." ( Thomas Monson) I have been thinking a lot about faith this morning. It seems to me it is a necessary thing in so many ways. Even in my takes faith. And I am not the only one who thinks so. Joseph Zbukvic talks about faith as the one thing that is absolutely necessary but cannot be taught. Interesting! Something I have learned in my own experience is that faith is a decision. I guess I learned that when my son died. I guess before that I thought I just had faith. But I have learned it is something you can acquire with desire and patience.
Today should be fun....I am learning to like giving my lesson in Relief Society. I really do love the ladies I teach. And I am always happy to give out chocolate:) I usually do. It is a nice tradition.
Well, I guess I'd better get on with things. I hope your day is wonderful! Take care! And HAGW!!! Melody

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Grand Mommying

Good morning! I am feeling pretty great this morning. I got snuggles from two grandsons this morning:) I have been missing that, so it was especially nice.
Well, I promised a painting, but be warned.....I really don't like this one! I don't like the fence and I got to arguing with the pasture....I didn't have good time to paint because I was watching boys and they kept running in and out of the studio:) so I sent them outside to play....and they left the back yard and ran through the sprinklers! I didn't realize the sprinklers were on in the side yard. Then Mel came in with them and said they were having a peeing contest out of the back of his truck:) So it all comes back to me....why I put painting aside for all those years. And of course painting and boys suffer when you try to do both. I just was missing painting so much. I think I will try this again without the fence and when I have no distractions. This one is just too embarassing!
Well, I have another day of watching kids. Kim needs help as she is working today. But I will have some help today. And I will work on my lesson for Relief Society instead of painting. That is more portable as I have it on my iphone.
Well, I guess I am the pancake grandma this morning. I had a request for pancakes from Gabe. I think that sounds fun. I never make pancakes anymore. I hope your day is great and filled with smiles.....and maybe a pancake or two:) Take care! And HAGW!!!! Melody

Friday, May 7, 2010


Good morning! I feel like Atom Ant this morning! I was up super early and have been going fast! Liz and family spent the night:) So I was helping them get off and running so Liz could get Adrian to work on time and then I took Taylor to school. On the way back I stopped at the store with Gabriel and we got lots of Play Do. I am hoping he can stay busy long enough so that I can get this blog done. Then I am off to pick up another daughter's son. It should help to have cousins to play together. And it is supposed to warm a little today. I hope so because right now it is way too cold for sandboxes and bikes and ball bouncing. Having them back here makes me realize I really do enjoy having an empty nest. It's kind of like how you miss snow in the hot summer time. Then when you are in the middle of a blizzard in winter you really miss the hot summer. I miss having noise and kids when I am all alone in the house, but then when I have kids and noise in the house I am longing for a little peace and quiet:) And I still haven't been able to paint:( I have been longing to paint but spent yesterday driving Liz around looking for apartments and will be watching kids all day today. But if Liz gets back before too long I may have a chance to lock myself into solitary confinement and paint for a while.
So I guess I should write a little today about my memories of motherhood. But oddly I can't remember too many:) Hmmmm...I guess what I remember most is large piles of unfolded clothes, stacks of dishes, stitches in the emergency room, driving in the car for hours just around town to take and pick up kids from whatever activity or job they happened to be busy with. But then when I think a little more deeply I remember sardine tag in the backyard at night, giggling in tents 'til the middle of the night, long, made-up silly stories and songs, hikes in national parks, swimming in lakes and streams all over Idaho and California, hugs and wet kisses and snuggles. Mothering is a wonderful and amazing thing that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I am so happy for all of the good memories and I wouldn't trade them for all of the riches of the world. So I guess it is a case of the good far out weighing the bad and even the sad. And I miss it terribly. But I am trying to transition gracefully to being a marvelous grandma and a budding artist. And I have faith that a loving Heavenly Father will comfort my heart as I transition to this new stage of life.
Well, I hope you have a wonderful day. Mine gets more complicated by the minute. Take care and HAGW!!!!! Melody

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

Good morning! It is chilly here again today....27 for my walk this morning. But I feel very awake now! And I am determined to paint. I got called away yesterday. My daughter who lives in Twin Falls called and said she was in Boise with her twins on a field trip and could I possibly meet up with them. How can you say no to that? So I met them at the zoo. The tigers there are very close and just a little scary....especially if you know their history. When they first acquired the tigers they were giving a tour to a few of the zoo donors and one of the tigers somehow got through the barrier and bit a lady's head. Not off or anything. I suppose he just wanted to say hi. She later sued the city. I would say she had some cause. Anyway it makes the exhibit that much more exciting! And brings to mind William Blake's wonderful poem. One of my favorites! I love the images of fire and strength and ....terror I guess. Tigers are one of those animals that are magnificent and terrible at the same time. I read a book about the Bengalese area where the tiger reserve is. There are still people killed every year by tigers there!
After the zoo and lunch we went to the state capitol building for a tour. It has just undergone a two year rennovation, so it was very interesting. For such a small town Boise has a lot going for it. I missed part of the tour though because I had to go feed the parking meter. They really could use some help with parking. But I had to go into this little French Pattiesserie to get change and just had to buy something too:) They have really wonderful croissants and chocolate mousse. I got both:) There goes the diet! Ah well. Some things are worth ruining a diet over.
These two cuties are my twin granddaughters. And yes they are hard to tell apart until you get to know them....even then I still get them mixed up occasionally.
After all my fun in Boise I went to the temple. I took a few pictures here too. The grounds are beautiful right now with all of the spring flowers. I think it is just as beautiful inside though.

Well, today should be fun. I am definitely going to paint.....and clean the fridge:) I have been putting that chore off for too long. I think it's one of the things I have given up to paint. That's a joke...sort of. I do find I am having a harder time getting to the house work. But I spend way too much time on that anyway.
Well, I hope you have a wonderful day in your neck of the woods. Take care! And HAGW!!!!! Melody

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Everybody Loves to Cha, Cha, Cha!

Good morning! It is cold here in cyberspace, but I took my walk anyway and was able to get a couple of photos of Liberty and her baby, Freedom. She is a spunky little filly and I wish I had a video! She follows her owner George around like a puppy:) It is pretty cute to watch.

I am excited today. It is Wednesday, so that means it is temple day. And I also am planning to paint this morning before we leave. I think I may try painting this picture of the horses:) I'll post it if it turns out...or even if it doesn't.
So today the song in my head is a Mexican one by James Taylor, since it is Cinco de Mayo today. It is called "Everybody loves to Cha, cha, cha" I think. I really like it. It reminds me of a little incident that happened after Mel and I were married. We had gone to a church dance and we were dancing and having a great time. Then a cha cha came on. I love to cha cha. I took an advanced Latin American dance class at BYU and I am pretty good at it. Or at least I thought I was. I decided I should teach Mel how to do it "right". Boy, was that a mistake! He got very embarassed and didn't want to dance the rest of the night! I didn't really know that side of him back then. I am never too embarassed to try dancing....or at least I didn't used to be. It was something I felt very confident about. But Mel does not like to try new dances in public. Funny because he is a terrific actor and will get up on a stage and act in front of thousands of people, but don't ask him to dance! Ah well, a fond memory with a little lesson of humility tucked inside.
So I hope you have a great day...and dance your heart out. You might want to try the cha cha cha:) HAGW!!!!! Melody