Saturday, July 31, 2010

Crossing the Snake

Good morning! I am excited for today. And I have plenty to keep me busy. I had a fun day with my daughter Amy yesterday and I got lots of good ideas and photos. And I keep thinking, "I can do this!" And I saw pelicans flying over the river! Always a good omen. The crossing at Glenns Ferry is called "Three Island Crossing". This is one of the islands. This other photo is from up on the bluff looking down and you can see the three islands. I can't imagine trying to cross that deep river in a little wagon. Those pioneers were brave!!!

I will include a photo I took of a painting at the winery there. I like it and it made me think I can paint at least that well. And I think I just need to do my best and not worry about the rest.

Last night Mel and I went out to dinner and a movie..."Dinner with Schmucks". That's the name of the movie...not my summation of the evening:) The dinner was good...the movie not so great. It's sad because the movie could have been wonderful....good story line, wonderful actors...but they just took it too far over the top in too many ways to name. Ah well.
Well, the day is wasting and I've got lots to do today. I hope your day is wonderful, happy and full of smiles. Take care out there. Remember I'm pullin' for ya. We're all in this together! And HAGW!!!!! Melody

Friday, July 30, 2010

Venturing Timidly

Good morning! So you may wonder....why am I up and writing at 5 in the morning? Good question. I'm not sure. I should be asleep, but sleep is an illusive thing anymore. And once I am awake I am awake.
Also I have been wondering what to paint. I am attempting something new. My daughter and I are going to set up a table at the "River Crossing" event in Glenns Ferry in August to sell stuff. I am going to sell paintings:) and she is going to sell jewelry. At least we hope things sell. I have never sold any of my paintings fact I am very timid about this. But my counselor thinks I should give it a try and this seems like a good first start. I hope I can make it work. And I keep telling myself that old adage...."nothing ventured...nothing gained." It's a fun event at any rate. They celebrate the pioneers crossing the Snake River on the Oregon Trail. They used to do a re-enactment, but people and horses kept drowning, so this year they are not doing that. It has been a big event in the past. I guess everyone likes the excitement of the river. And it is beautiful there. I am going today to meet Amy, snap photos and get some more ideas for paintings. I think I will just do a series of miniature paintings. I can price them for less and perhaps someone will think it's fun to buy. I really am very nervous about this. But I am kind of excited too. Part of my personal renaissance. And I keep reminding myself I am only competing against myself as no other artist is crazy enough to enter:) And if things go well, I may enter "Art in the Park" in Boise. Although that is a whole lot more intimidating.
Speaking of art, my art teacher is going to start a drawing class next week. It should be fun. And I think I will learn a lot. I have never really had any classes in drawing. And I certainly need one. But I will have two, as my classes at BSU start at the end of August. So far the only one I have there is a drawing class. I am hoping to pick up a couple more as classes begin and other students make way:)
Well, today should be another "gut wan". I hope things are going great out there in cyberspace. Keep smiling! Remember I'm pullin' for ya! Take care!!!!! And HAGW!!!!! Melody

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Good morning! Guten morgen! and Buenos Dias! Yep, it's going to be a gut wan! I feel pretty darn good (sort of an Idaho expression I guess). And I am planning on feeling that way all day. I will have three extra grandchildren here today, so let the parties begin! I think we will do the water gun stuff today as yesterday didn't pan out. Yesterday Liz and family took their little doggy to the pound, but on the way they stopped at the tire store and a lady there fell in love with their little doggy and so she took him. I am relieved as I never like taking animals to the shelter. I figure there are enough unwanted animals and I don't need to add. But little Chaz was becoming a problem, so I am glad that is solved!
Taylor has really gotten hooked on reading, so that mission is accomplished. We started reading the Spiderwick Chronicles together, then the day before yesterday he found a Zelda book at the library and he is walking around with a book now:) It makes me happy to see that. I think reading is the best for kids....outside of sand and water:) Of course he thinks he is studying up for a Zelda game, but he will soon find all of the wonderful worlds there are in books (with a little help from grandma).
Last night I realized something. Perspective makes all of the difference. A very sweet friend of mine blogged about our family and she made us seem so ideal:) Of course names were changed to protect the innocent and she doesn't live here, and misses out on all of the "real" moments. But it was nice to read and realize we do have good things going....even when I can only see the here and now. So thanks sweet Amy. I needed that.
Well, I hope your day is full of sunshine and smiles. I am planning on it here! Take care out there and HAGW!!!! Melody

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moon Shine

Good morning! It is another hot one here today. It is already looking like we will have thunder storms and not much rain to go along with them. I worry about forest fires here. Every year we have a few. Sometimes they get really bad and burn so much of the forest. When we were up in Stanley we couldn't help but notice that a lot of the trees have died from beetle infestation. It seems sad that so much of the forest is unhealthy and dying. We took these photos of Hell Roaring Creek right before it empties into the Salmon River. It is beautiful, but if you look into the trees you can see how many are dead or dying.

Well, I suppose I have little control over that. Here in my little world things are already hopping...or at least two little boys are. They came in our room this morning to snuggle for a minute and then to plan a day of fun. I pulled out an old summer activity calendar I have and each day suggests some fun activity. So they are excited each day to see what is suggested. Today we are supposed to make lip gloss:) They didn't like that idea much. But we skipped yesterday's water fight to go to the library, so maybe today they can have their water fight. They want to use squirt guns and I am not sure where they are, so we may take a trip to the dollar store, or Walmart. I love water fights...with or without squirt guns. One time Mel and I had a butter fight:) It started out as a playful stab with a bit of butter at dinner one night, and ended up as butter smeared all over each other. The kids thought it was hilarious...and it was! That's the closest we've come to an all out food fight. They used to have those every once in a while in my college dorm cafeteria. What a mess!
Well, we did get quite a few photos of the moon shining on Lake Alturas, so I will end with one or two. I hope your day goes swimmingly and that it is full of fun and smiles. Remember I'm pullin' for ya! We're all in this together! Keep smiling and HAGW!!!! Melody

P.S. I almost forgot to include my revised "Sails in the Sunset" painting. I guess I got a little carried away:) But I still like it. I just wouldn't want to be in that sailboat!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Day in Paradise:)

Good morning! I guess this morning is posting paintings day....or maybe one from last night. I enjoyed this one, and I am excited to share:0) That would be a first. I do like it though. It is a study in .... sailboats? Ocean at sunset? Anyway here it is.
I also painted a scene from Little Redfish Lake.....twice. The first one was done on location and the second I redid in my studio. I like and dislike things about both of them. Bob F. suggested I needed to put a boat in the lake:) Maybe that's a good idea. Did I mention that I am not really fond of painting boats? Maybe ducks...Oh wait! I hate ducks:) Not really but that's a whole nother story. That looks strange. Is nother a word?
Today has already been eventful. I went with my neighborhood ladies for breakfast to celebrate a birthday. Not mine (yay!) but one of the other ladies. She is a fellow artist. I have fun talking to her about her art experiences. She was hired by Disney twice...but didn't work for them either time. The first time she got married instead. The second time I'm not sure. I think it had to do with being a mom.
I am surrounded at present by my two sweet little grandsons. They are telling me all about life. They are both still figuring things out and it is fun to listen to them. Taylor is saying, "Once when you were leaving for your vacation and I was trying to play on your computer (he is not allowed without supervision) I didn't know I had to plug in this little cord to make it work" (as he is pointing to the router). I guess I will have to get better locks for the bedroom:)
Well, not a whole lot to say today. Taylor is hoping for a turn on here too. So I guess I am done. I hope your day is going well. Take care out there! Keep smiling!!! HAGW!!!! Melody

Monday, July 26, 2010


Good afternoon! It has taken me some time to get to the computer today. I have been cleaning up around here, but even before that I had to deliver parts for Mel over in Boise near Micron. That took an hour and a half bite right out of my early morning routine.
Anyway, I promised a few more pictures from our trip. These were taken on Friday morning as we headed over to Sun Valley....I forgot to bring any tennis shoes....all I brought were Sunday shoes and sandals. Anyway I snapped this blurry one looking northward up the valley. And then this one looking over at the Sawtooth Range. As we were coming back we took a side road (as we often do) and found a pretty little meadow to eat our lunch. Then I painted a while while Mel biked around the mountain. We had a fun afternoon, although I soon discovered I am ill equipped for location painting. I have a nice easel, but I will have to devise a better way to hold paints and brushes. And then there was the problem of wind. It kept drying my paints before I could finish what I was doing. The result was a very unsatisfacotory result. But I still had fun trying:) I will post the result, but I will have to try this one again. This is Mel trying to make the picture look "lighter". It turned out rather dark I think.

I included a bear as a kind of experiment. I have a friend who has a special attachment to bears and I thought this might be a good setting for one. I will research what a bear looks like and try again.
After we left the meadow, we went over to Redfish Lake and took pictures of the beach where we used to swim with our kids. The sun was setting so most people had left, but there was one little family there with a couple of girls who were selling pie alamode....sand style. It was so good to see children computers or TV's or anything except sand and water and their imagination. Mel bought pie while I took pictures:)

Well, life is closing in here again, but I will just think on our lovely short trip and be glad for the reprieve from the daily grind. Hope all is well for you today! Take care out there. Enjoy the moments with family and friends!! And HAGW!!!! Melody

Sunday, July 25, 2010

America the Beautiful!

Buenas Noches! We are home and safe. And I am feeling very rested and ready for the next onslaught:) It was a wonderful getaway...just Mel and I and the beautiful Sawtooth Wilderness. I think I said we would stay at Redfish Lake, but it was very crowded and not to our we stayed at Alturas Lake. I took lots of photos, so I will post a few tonight and more tomorrow. This first is of our campsight by the lake. We were so fortunate to find a spot just as someone else was pulling out. It was right on the lakeside and very private and beautiful. We really were blessed to find such a special spot. I think it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The mountains are spectacular. Mt. Heyburn is one of the tallest peaks and has a glacier that is pretty amazing. I tried to paint it, but it was hard to do with watercolor. I will perhaps post a picture or two later on....after I have a chance to repaint them:)
Well, more tomorrow. I am tired and need to sleep:) I am feeling pretty good though and I hope you are too way out there in cyberspace!!! Take care and have a wonderful night ...or day depending what part of the world you are reading this from:) Sweet Dreams! Melody

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bugs and Voles

Good morning! I am getting excited for our little Red Fish excursion. Of course I first need to pay the piper....meaning I have two temple shifts to complete first. The shift tonight is my regular shift, but tomorrow morning I am subbing for a friend who is in Sweden! Lucky Buck! Jodell likes to say that. Apparantly her daughter squished a bug when she was very little, and was trying to say, "Yucky bug!" But with her toddler language it came out sounding like "lucky buck". Just an amusing detail.
Yesterday watching grandkids turned out to be rather nice. We spent a little bit of the morning at the local park. I got to soak in a bit of sun and the kids got to play on the playground. I will have to do more to take them places. They seem to enjoy it and it breaks up the monotony of feeling stuck at home.
Well, the dead voles are back! Our cats have been working overtime!!! I took this photo yesterday of one that was still fairly intact. But I come across them all around the yard and patio and driveway. Often it is just bits and pieces...a head here, a piece of tail somewhere nearby. It is great that they are getting the vermin, but I just wish they would learn to dispose of them in the garbage can:)
I have actually thought of writing a tale of voles. They are some cousin to a field mouse I think. They have a short tail and are a little larger. And they have little tiny buck teeth...sort of like a gopher. I think they might be fun to illustrate. I have decided to major in art with an emphasis in illustration....mostly because I can then take classes from this teacher who has published children's books. I would really like the opportunity to learn more about how to do that. I know enough to know I don't know enough:) But that is a start.
Last night Taylor and I read the first book of the "Spiderwick Chronicles". I am trying to get him hooked on reading. He has been banned from the computer and TV by his mom for some minor infraction, so he is at a perfect spot to encourage reading. He really loved reading together last night. He kept saying that it was even better than the movie:) A child after my own heart.
Well, I best get on with my day. I have a trailer to pack and ready for our big weekend excursion. I hope your day is wonderful and fun. Take care out there. Remember I'm pullin' for ya! Keep smiling! And HAGW!!! Melody

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taking Time to Smell the Aspens

Good morning! Here's my latest. I's kind of boring. But I will find some real Aspen trees and try it again later. It was a fun exercise in painting. I think I am beginning to enjoy the process. Although I still get that feeling of just wanting to be finished! I will have to work on that. I think it is a product of being a mom of seven children. It has always been important to speed through things if I want to get them done....dishes, laundry, dusting, vacuuming. Otherwise there was no time for the kids:) And sadly I think I probably spent too much time doing those mundane things. I think I would change that if I was to do it all again. I think I would try to simplify...less stuff and more time together. I think that is what I see in those videos of Ghana. People are still interacting with each other out on the village streets. They aren't hidden away in their beautiful air-conditioned homes. I kind of miss people being outside in the summer. Of course I didn't grow up in a very hot place. But when it was nice out people often sat out on the porch in the evening. And often neighbors would visit. It was fun.
Well, today is more grandmothering. Liz and family came back home last night. They spent several days at Adrian's mother's house. Cute Taylor followed me around all evening talking away. He said he really missed me. I said that I really missed him too. He said, "Gramma, I missed you more!" Sweet music to an old lady's ears.
Well, I need to get going. I hope your day is safe and fun and full of lots of smiles. Take care out there in cyberspace. I'll be working hard pulling from my side of things! Remember we're all in this together! And HAVGW!!!!! Melody

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, Monday!!

Good morning! Another beautiful day out my window! I had someone tell me yesterday that they were anxious for Fall and cooler weather. I'm not there yet. I am still enjoying the heat. Last night it was warm and breezy and really reminded me of Hayfork....where my grandparents' cabin was. I guess the breeze made the heat bearable. I can remember my mom commenting about how she liked to hear the wind in the pine trees. It's funny how little tidbits of memory cling to my mind. I can hear her say it and remember being in front of the cabin when she did. I miss my mom so! She had such wisdom. I could always ask for her advice and know that she would have a good answer for me. I have a few questions for her now:) It's weird to be the one with the answers now. I don't always feel like I know what to advise, and I wonder if my mom felt the same. She has been gone almost 7 years now. It sure has passed quickly.
So today and tomorrow I am grandma for Kim's kids. I am watching them while Kim works. Then Wednesday night and Thursday morning I will be working at the temple. I think I will be very glad to leave for the mountains when Thursday's shift is over. I am really looking forward to going. The Sawtooths are really beautiful mountains. I like a hike there called the Iron Creek trail. It goes right up along the face of the mountains, but it is very rugged once you get that far. It is worth it though. There are beautiful pristine mountain lakes up there. We hiked it with the family one time. We had never been there before and it starts out very easy. It was a Sunday and we thought it would be a pleasant walk. Unfortunately our son Kenny got too far ahead and so we were in a situation where we had to keep climbing trying to find him. I finally stayed with the girls at one of the lakes while Mel ran up the trail in search of him. He was a couple of miles ahead having a great time:) He has always had lots of his dad! He had us pretty worried that hike! Well, he had me worried. I think Mel figured he was fine. He doesn't worry like I do. Perhaps because his mountain memories are all positive. I can remember being in Yosemite playing on the Indian Rocks when a young man came running down asking for help. He and a friend had been up hiking when his friend fell off of a ledge and had been hurt. He led a rescue team back up to find him and my family and several others waited and watched the little trail of lights (from their search helmets) wandering around the mountain as it got darker and darker. When they finally found him he had died. It was very sad and I learned a few lessons about hiking from it....always mark your trail if you are going to get help for someone!....always hike with a buddy....and don't hike in dangerous places!!! :)
Well, my little alarm just went off to tell me it is time to go fetch grandchildren. I best get goin'! Take care out there! Remember I'm pullin' for ya! And HAGW!!!! Melody

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Boat Tales

Good Sabbath morning! I am feeling pretty good today. I woke up early and decided I felt like I did for a while. I have been working on a scene from Italy that we did in class on Monday. I guess I have been quite frustrated with the boats. But after a bit of welcome encouragement I decided to just go with what I had. I'm not real happy with the boats still, they look a little like they are sinking and rising and not acting like real boats....but I really like the shadows on the buildings...and the relections in the water. I may go
back and darken a few things, but I like it more than I thought I would:)
Last night Mel repented of his sleepy, grouchy attitude and took me to the movies. He wasn't all that bad, but he hasn't been feeling real well, and he has been working his tail off and he just didn't want to haul kids to the mountains yesterday, which I had really been hoping to do. Silly me. I would not have enjoyed a long ride with noisy boys either. Anyway we went to see "Knight and Day" which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a little like a movie from the seventies or something, only with much better action scenes. Of course there were chocolate chips thrown in here and there. But over all it was a pretty nice escape from reality. And I need that!!!!
Today I have no real responsibilities til dinner time. Then we have a couple of daughters and families coming for dinner. But it feels lazy and slow this morning. Mel is off to his meetings and I am enjoying the peace and solitude.
Well, I hope your day is also full of peace and happiness. Take care! And HAGW!!!! Melody

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday is a Special Day

Good morning! I am thankful for Saturday! When I was a young girl we always did something fun on Saturday. I think it was also the day we usually tackled some big project in the the garage, or the house. But I don't remember that part now. I just remember all of us piling into the car for some wonderful adventure. We often went to Santa Cruz....a beach town that was not too far away. If it was foggy at the beach we would stop at a swimming area in the Santa Cruz mountains to swim and dive off the rocks. It seems now like it was called Boulder Creek, but I could be mistaken. Looking at the map on google doesn't tell me much. I have good memories of Saturday.
But today's Saturday I am the grandma and am watching grandkids today. So I think we will try for some Saturday fun. There is no beach close by, but there are a few rivers, and I live by a lake:) So we should be able to figure out something. Perhaps the park on the other side of the lake. It is just going to be so hot today that it might be wiser to head to the cool of the mountains. I will have to see what Mel is willing to do. I don't think he has to work today!!! We delivered two pallets of parts to Micron last night. That was our "date". We left about 8 and didn't return until 10:30. He had those parts roped in on his little trailer and so we had to go slow and take the back roads. I enjoyed the evening ride. The sunset was spectacular as they often are here, and the air cooled down as we drove. I think we are fortunate that our evenings cool down. It is the best part of the day....besides the morning.
Well, I've got to go and pick up the kids. I hope you have a lovely Saturday! Don't forget to have a little Saturday fun....even if it's just an ice cream cone:) Take care and HAGW!!!! Melody

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Could Have Slept In...but....

Good morning! I have been up for a while viewing all of the little video clips Julie has posted on youtube. And it makes me smile to see my daughter fulfilling her dream:) For a link try this... It should take you to the video of their first encounter with the little girl Mayvees they are hoping to adopt. She is the one in the red and white dress. Julie posted about 50 video clips from their trip. Such happy people! It makes me believe I have nothing to complain about! Julie said their homes in the village are like a little storage shed....very small. And that most families have 7 or more kids living in a little shack like that. And I thought we had it tough in Manteca with six kids in a three bedroom house:) I guess it is all in your perspective. And we only lived there a short while, knowing we wouldn't have to do that for long. I can't imagine what people are going through over there in Ghana.
Well, I am alone this morning. Liz and Adrian and family spent the night at a friends I assume. And Mel is out in the shop. He got up about 5 to finish the order for delivery this morning! I am excited to get this one out the shop door. Then I will get my husband back! We are planning a little trip up to the mountains next weekend to Red Fish. That is my favorite place in Idaho. So I guess I can rejoice over that!!! His work should even out now and that is always much nicer.
I am planning to meet an old friend for lunch today. I am excited to see her. I think I have known her since I was 9 or fifty years ago we met. Kind of weird to think about. So much time has passed, and yet it seems like no time at all in some ways. I am still having a difficult time accepting the fact that I am old. I don't feel any different inside. But outside I sure do:) Of course I mean inside and outside of my own person....not the house or anything silly. It reminds me of a joke our older neighbor told us some years back. He said he was enjoying the hereafter all ready. He would go out in his backyard on some errand and then realize he couldn't remember what he was here after:)
Last night I stole Mel away from his work and we went for a long walk beside the canal. It was still in the 80's but it was cool walking beside the canal. I love it here in the countryside of Idaho. It is really beautiful. We walked out on the little bluff near the old farm house with the broken windmill. I always wonder what the story is surrounding that old structure. I may have to write one for fun.
I tried to get a couple more classes at BSU but I am having no luck. I am definitely in one though. I would just like to get a couple more classes to make it worth my while. That's an odd expression..."worth my while". It's funny how words that I have said all my life suddenly pop out at me anymore. And common little expressions don't seem so common anymore.
Well, I am beginning to ramble. I hope you have a lovely day out there in cyberspace. Take care and remember I'm pullin' for ya! We're all in this together! HAGW!!!!! Melody

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keeping My Brush in the Paint

Good morning! It's beautiful again out my window this morning! I love these warm summer days! Today I am meeting Kim and watching her two boys. Taylor and Gabe are excited to have their cousins come. I am too!
I have Ishtar on my mind this morning...."Telling the truth can be dangerous business..." It's such a catchy tune. Maybe I will have to watch that in my spare time today....oh wait, I don't think I have any of that. Oh well.
I am still feeling a bit groggy this morning. I stayed up too late I guess. I would like to take a bike ride on the green belt in Boise. I haven't done that for a long time. It's one of my favorite things to do. I used to go with my sister Joy. But she's moved back to California:( I do have a new friend from the temple who likes to do that too. So I will have to get together with her when we both can arrange it.
Well, obviously I have little to write about today....or at least that I can write in a blog:) I need to go pick up my grandbabies anyway. I hope you have a great day out there in cyberspace world. Remember....:) And HAGW!!!! Melody

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Morning

Buenos Dias! I am feeling more rested today. Julie and Randy are back home! That's good, I did worry about them...a lot! Julie is tired but very excited. I wish I could leave today to go and visit with her. But, alas:) Life is just too busy here for Mel. He has been working every day from the crack of dawn until well after dark. I go out to sit by him in the shop just to see him. But I mostly am inside watching kids so Amy and Liz can help with the work. I find it tedious anyway. It's times like these I wish we ran a little store in Alaska or somewhere far away from all of the problems and worry of our present life. But I can get through another season. He is only busy like this for a few months. Then things level out and seem normal for a few months.
I sound a bit down. Sorry. I am really doing fine. Yesterday I took Taylor and Gabe and Hailey to the park. We stopped at McDonald's for happy meals first and then went to the big park in Nampa. They ate and had fun on the slides and swings and merry go round. I tried not to tip the table over we were eating at. It was old and rickety and just a little scary. This morning Gabe is standing next to me reminiscing about how much fun we had. "Gramma, I wish we could play at that park!" On the way home from the park we stopped at Walmart and bought an inflatable pool. They had fun playing in that for the rest of the afternoon. They are pretty happy little children most of the time. Gabe probably has the hardest time. He definitely has some kind of hyper activity going on. Just now he went out to the trailer where Amy and her family are sleeping....were sleeping. I think he woke them up:) So he is back in his room where his mom has banned him for a time out. I think he spends alot of his time "out". Poor little guy!
Well, I'd better get going. I hope your day is sunny and bright, full of laughter and smiles and good feelings. I am working on that on my side. Take care. Remember I'm pullin' for ya! We're all in this together! HAGW!!! Melody

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dreams and Missions

Good morning! Finally! I woke up at 2 this morning and couldn't fall back asleep until 5! I haven't done that for a long least I think it's been a while. I always wake up, but I usually fall back asleep. I had lots to keep me awake though. I guess I was keeping Julie's plane in the air, painting last night's painting over and creating several blogs. I did have such creative ideas! I always do when I am half asleep. I was half asleep after 4:30 when I did most my blogs. I remember one was about snowbanks:) Another was about dieting, and another was all about my 50th class reunion...which of course hasn't happened yet. I hope it is as nice as my dream. I was thin and very young:) It is possible I was resurrected. All of the people in my life who have died were there. I am reading a book called "90 Minutes in Heaven" and I think it may have influenced my thinking. Anyway I am glad to be up even though I am not feeling very rested.
Last night in my art class we painted an Italian street scene. I really didn't paint well. I think I am feeling just a little distracted. Also my teacher has diabetes and he had a low sugar episode and I got very worried about him and even when he was fine again, I was still feeling worried. Anyway, I will have to try that painting another time when I am feeling calm.
Well, Amy and her family are coming to assemble parts again today. That will be nice. I love having her and her kids here. I may have to sneak in a nap later though. And Gabe is here this week. He's already been in my room to snuggle, and now he is demanding waffles. I told him he needed to wake his mom up and have her fix breakfast. His answer was, "But Gramma, she only fixes cereal!" I suppose I am the waffle maker in this house. Sigh! Oh wait, that should be..."yay!" We did have an interesting discussion about missions. He thinks a mission is like in a video game....where you fight bad guys. I told him the best kind of a mission was where you go and teach everyone how to be good guys. I told him his grandpa had been on a mission to teach people about Jesus....and so had his uncle Kenny. He thought about it and got very sad and said, "Gramma, I just want to kill the bad guys!" I guess I have my work cut out for me:)
Well, I hope your day is full of smiles. Take care and HAGW!!!! Melody

Monday, July 12, 2010

Early Thoughts

Good morning! Well, amazing news! Julie and Randy are adopting two girls! They are in Ghana now and met the little girl and her family and I guess she has a little sister that is also up for adoption. Julie met and talked with the mother through a translator and learned that she is trying to help her daughters get out of the village. There is no good water or food. This is what she wrote in her post: Akwaba
"That is a traditional greeting here in Ghana. I can't download pictures or video here due to the lack of internet speed. Just to get this post on here will take awhile. I have been forever changed. I had no idea how bad the conditions here are. I think I will set up a blog specifically for my experience here when I get back to the states. There is too much to tell in a few posts.We have decided to adopt two girls. The girl in the picture and her little sister. We completely fell in love with them both and their family. There was a little mis communication about her name. She is called Mayvis (Mayvees). Her sister is called Doriti. I should not have been nervous meeting her mother we sat by each other and talked through a translator for a long time. She is a very strong good natured gentle person. She wants her girls to have the opportunity to go to school and get out of the village. There is no good food and water in the villages. Very few have wells. The village where they live is trying to raise funding to build a market where people from all over would come to trade goods. This would ensure that they would have healthier food and money to buy it. They eat mostly palm nuts which don't have many nutrients. They only need about 3,000 US dollars which is about 5,000 cedis to build it. I spent more than 3,700 us dollars just for the plane tickets to get here. The other thing that would help is a well which is another 3,000 dollars. They aren't even trying to get that because they think it is impossible to get 6,000 dollars. I mean we spend 6,000 on our vacations or recreation. All they want is water that is safe to drink. I know I'm starting to sound like a commercial for the peace corp. I just can't believe that this is a reality. In America we don't struggle like they do every day. Even our poor don't struggle like they do.Well I'll get off my soap box now. I hope all is well with you and that you have a place to sleep and food to eat tonight."
I guess I will start putting aside money for people in Ghana. It isn't right that people don't have good water. Especially when a well is all that is needed. It reminds me of a talk by Mary Ellen Edmonds who went on a mission to Africa...I don't remember which country now. She said she was feeling sorry for herself in the heat one day when the elctricity went out and her fan wasn't working, and a village woman came and asked if she could get a bucket of water from her well. She had apparantly walked a long ways because she had no other source of good water. It made Sister Edmonds realize she had no reason to feel sorry for herself, when someone else had a much greater need. We are so blessed to have good easily accessible, and plentiful food. I know that people all over the world do not have the blessings we have, but I have never felt there was a way to really help. It is good to know we can.
My lesson went well in Relief Society...much better than I had anticipated. I asked people to share their experiences with the Priesthood and the experiences were touching and amazing. I love the gospel, and the power of the Priesthood is wonderful and renews my faith in a loving Savior!
Well, I have a Monday stretching out ahead of me. I like Monday. It always feels good to begin another week. And I have art class tonight I think. My teacher had cataract surgery last Wednesday, so it may get cancelled. He thought he would be fine, so we'll see. I know laser surgery is faster to recuperate from.
I hope your day is fantastic. And that you have the simple good things of life. Take care out there in cyberspace! Remember I'm pullin' for ya. We're all in this together. And HAGW!!! Melody

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thanks for the Sabbath Day

Good morning! It's a beautiful, calm and warm Sabbath morning. I have been up for quite a while now studying my lesson for Relief Society today. I think better early in the morning. I have been reading Elder Eyring's talk, "Be Ready" from last October's Conference. It is so good! I am always amazed at his good counsel. I especially like the part where he talks about his own father. I think he must have been a very patient and kind man. I am impressed with a man who has patience....especially with children. And women too of course. He talks about how his father never used compulsory means to discipline. He says his strongest correction was a disapproving and disappointed look. A look from a parent you respect and honor can go a long way. I will try hard to remember that with my own children and grandchildren.
I am feeling pretty peaceful this morning. I think it helps to read good things to start the day out on a positive note. I often read scriptures and that is good. But I really like the talks from Conference. They are so inspired and help me to understand things better in the scriptures.
I have a quote that a friend gave me that I really like. And here it is:) "Painting is just another way of keeping a diary." Pablo Picasso. I believe that is true. I look at my paintings from the last year and I can remember how I felt and what I was thinking. I don't know if anyone else could read that diary....but I know I feel things from other people's paintings, and drawings, and photos, and other visual kinds of art. I have always felt like I was a visual learner. I almost always can remember a face or a picture or a movie.....I may not remember the name of the face or who's in the picture though. My mother was so good at that. I sometimes think I will call Mom when I can't remember....and then remember I can't do that anymore. Mel is pretty good with names though. He and I together can remember pretty well:) Sort of a collective consciousness.
Well, I heard from Julie! She left a comment on my blog from a couple of days ago. She sounds good. And it sounds like she really is having an experience of a life time. I hope we can go back with them when they return in a few months. I would like to see Africa for myself. Although I have a hard time seeing other people struggling in poor circumstances. I want to make things all better for them. And it is the starfish story....I can help one or two, but not all. Still, it will make a difference for the few I can help. And then maybe they can help a few...and so on, and so on....I felt that way doing volunteer work. There is so much need in the world. And one person cannot do it all. But if everyone just does what they can, it blesses the world in numerous ways for good. And I think you start with the people you live with and then go out from there.
Well, I hope your day is peace filled, happy and that you feel the love of the Savior on this beautiful day. He does love each of us. It is so evident in this beautiful planet called Earth. I am grateful for so many blessings! HAGW!!!! Melody

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy and Hopping:)

Good morning! It's quiet here...but not for long. Everyone is still asleep. Amy's boys and Taylor worked hard yesterday and last night until it got too dark helping Mel assemble parts. Amy and I helped too. And of course Mel is already out in the shop ready to start again. I am amazed at how hard these young boys worked and how happy they seemed doing it. I think it is good for them to feel like they are contributing. I had an acquaintance that had quite a few boys and she used to find really hard work for them to do....moving and pouring cement was one I remember. She felt like it helped to develop their character. I think Mel grew up with lots of hard work being raised on a farm. I think I hardly worked:) My mom had the idea that childhood should be carefree and fun. She grew up during the depression and had to work from a young age. She used to say that I would work plenty hard for the rest of my life...she was definitely right about that one. I feel like I have been very blessed though to be able to work mostly in my own home with my own family. I did a little subbing for a couple of years in California and then later in Idaho which I enjoyed. I also worked a whole week in San Francisco for Sloane's furniture store doing inventory:) That was a church building fund project. I loved counting all of the beautiful pieces of furniture. I hadn't known what an armoire was before that. Sloane's closed many years ago now. But they did have fabulous furniture. I have done volunteer work....ten years running a support group with Idaho Candlelighters....and about four years of foster care. I loved both....although the foster care was very challenging. Still I felt like I was doing the Lord's work so it was very satisfying. I think that is one of my frustrations now....figuring out what my job is. With kids at home there was never a question of what I needed to do. It was always very clear what needed to be done. I still have plenty to do with Liz's family living here, but I think the lines are not as clear cut. Oh well. I will work through this too. And school for me starts the third week in August. It is zooming forward so fast!!!
That reminds me of an article in the Ensign (LDS magazine) last month about not hurrying. I really liked the article. And one of the Relief Society presidency taught it as a lesson last Sunday. The main idea was we hurry too much and that we should slow down for the important things in life. It was a good article and I am not doing it justice. Here is the link if you would like to read it...
Well, I guess I'd better get hopping. That makes me laugh...the mental image is just too ridiculous. I hope your day is full of smiles and lots of happiness. Take care out there in cyberspace. Remember I'm pullin' for ya! We're all in this together! HAGW!!!!! Melody

Friday, July 9, 2010

Epic Super Sleeper Wave

Good afternoon! I am feeling pretty good. I wanted to paint this wave for a while now. So I did!  It is from a famous photo byLuis Velasquez of the "Wave" at Shore Acres State Park in Oregon. It is a little fantastic...and probably he combined photos to get one that looked like that. I think waves could probably get that big, but I would hope the people wouldn't really be standing there. In my rendition I only had one person standing there. I think she might feel a little suicidal:) Just kidding. I am still chuckling from my own bad joke. I do like the colors though. Sometimes things work right. And they sort of did for me in this painting.
Well, I just wanted to share....and to see how this looks in a photo:) I am off to the airport to pick up my I didn't forget. But her plane got delayed and then sent to Denver from San Fran. Such a run around. I wonder if Kenny had anything to do with it:) TTTL Melody

Just a Short Note

This morning I am feeling grateful. I just read nienie's blog. It does that for me. Her experiences make me glad for the simple things in my life....the things that matter and good friends. I could not survive without them. Well, maybe I could, but I wouldn't want to. Amy is here today with her four kids...ages 15 to 2. We are all having so much fun just being close together. I will try to remember this when things get too quiet around here.
Today I had planned to do a little shopping and a little canning. I may not get to the canning. But that is fine. I will get to it next week if not today. We have some more cherries and berries to take care of. I know....I will give some to Amy:)
Well, Hailey wants me to come and play with her and the bubbles. So I must go. I hope your day is great! Take care out there! TTTL Melody

Thursday, July 8, 2010

More for My Notebook!

I am still chuckling as I write this. But I've got to write it down or it is gone so quickly. And I wouldn't want to forget this one....So Taylor just asked me, "Gramma, is the sun turned on all the way?" I said, "What?" "Is the sun turned on all the way? I just wondered."
I said, "Is the sun turned on all the way? What does that mean?" He said, "Well, it's just so hot out, I wondered if the sun was turned on all the way."
Tonight Amy and her kids are here and we made a pie, a fresh cherry pie...yum...from the cherries from our own tree! I'm just a little bit pleased about that. Taylor said, "What if we give the pie to a clown and he throws it at another clown and it lands in his face. It's really hot, so if it gets in another guys' face then....Ahhhhh" Honestly he keeps me in stitches! I really love his original wit. And half the time he doesn't even know he is funny.
Well, tootles. Just had to pass this on. And I am looking forward to fresh, warm cherry pie with homemade ice cream:) Keep smiling out there. I really am pullin' for ya! Have a gut evening! Melody

Grinning....That's a weird word!

Good morning! I can hear the birds chirping outside my window. It's supposed to get pretty warm here today. I like that. My favorite times of a hot day are the morning and the evening. I like the morning because it is cool and fresh and you can hear the birds. In the evening here it cools down and the frogs and crickets jam for a while. It is so nice to sit outside and watch the sun set and listen to the chorus. I like it much better than TV. Of course last night was temple night, but when we came out it was still light. I love the long days. I try to absorb anticipation of the short ones that will inevitably be here before you know it. But I keep telling myself that time isn't really passing as fast as it seems. I just need to savor now:)
I woke up this morning with a start. I remembered all of a sudden that I was supposed to pick up my sister and her family at the airport on Friday. I was relieved to remember it is only Thursday. I worry anymore that I will forget important things. I set the alarm on my iphone to remind me and a second alarm in case I miss the first:) This is not a new problem, but it does seem to be getting worse. I used to babysit a little family of two....a baby and his big sister who was in first grade. I was always losing track of time and forgetting to pick her up from school. I didn't do that very long....only one year. I think it was too stressful for both of us:) I did get better at it....I only actually forgot to get her twice. But I worried every day I would forget her again. Sigh! I am at least 15 years older now. I am thankful for an iphone that keeps me on track!
I put a couple of videos on youtube from girl's camp. The girl's had an Olympic theme and each ward was a different country. Our ward picked Tonga....I suppose because we have a Tongan family in our ward. And the girls were supposed to have a yell for flag ceremony each day. Our yell was the haka. I filmed it. I love it. I wish I had taught all of my daughters this when they were young. It is very empowering. Here's the link. The other thing the girl's did was a dance from Tonga. I tried it and thought it was hard! The girls were pretty cute doing the dance. I got a couple of shots of it, but this is the best one.
Well, I haven't much to say today. I think I will try to find some time to paint. I have been trying to stay positive. I keep thinking of my sweet Julie over in Africa. She is a very brave young woman. I am glad Randy is with her. I hope her experiences over there are wonderful. I keep hoping they are. She does know the haka;) I guess I have a kind of story book knowledge of Ghana. I will read up on things today. It may help to be better informed. That is a coping skill you know...knowledge. Somehow knowing more about something gives you added strength in coping with it.
I hope your day is swell....full of smiles, and good feelings. Take care out there in cyberspace. Remember....we're all in this together! I'm pullin' for ya! :) And HAGW!!!! Melody (Grinning)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Following him around with my notebook:)

OK I just had to record this one. Liz and Adrian were talking with Taylor about the possibility of changing his last name to Britt....Adrian's last name. Taylor said, "Sure. But you know when I get older and I own my own house and everything...I want to change my first name too." I asked, "What would you change it to?" He answered, "Dude. I think that would be funny. Then I would meet someone new and he would say, 'Hey, dude, what's your name?' And I would say, 'Hey, dude, it's Dude!' That would be so cool!" See what I mean? He is always coming up with the funniest stuff. He keeps me smiling!

Quite Quiet

Good morning! It is sunny and warm here today. All of Michelle's family left last night, so it is pretty quiet. I think Taylor is still asleep, and of course his folks are. Mel is getting his machines all turned on and warmed up for the day's run. And I have been reading one of my favorite blogs....nienie. It is written by Stephanie Nielsen...a survivor of a terrible plane crash. I like reading her blog because it reminds me just how good life is..if you're curious her blog URL is The LDS church did a video on her. I think you can look it up on youtube. Her story is very inspiring.
I am looking forward to painting this morning. My friend Jodell is coming over and we are going to paint together I think. She is fun. And she wants me to teach her. That is funny because she is from a famous family of painters and I'm sure she could teach me a whole lot. But we will have fun groping our way in the dark together. She says you don't learn through osmosis...and I suppose that is true. But just observing the artwork hanging on her walls teaches me a lot. Maybe we should paint at her house:)
It is also temple day today. I feel like it has been a while since I have been there because of camp last week. So I am glad to go.
This morning I woke up from a funny dream. I dreamt that I was searching for a post office...because I needed to send some email:) Funny that my subconscious would think in that way. I think I was also painting the buildings aquamarine blue and burnt sienna....two of my well used paint colors. I find that I do a lot of painting in my dreams any more. I also clean house and garden....things I have a harder time getting to lately.
Well, Jodell just called to say she can't paint today:( She has a garden full of peas to put up. So I guess I will be on my own after all. I do need to get some stuff done here as well, although our garden peas never came up. I think the manure in the garden is too hot. The only things growing are weeds, tomatoes and that order:) But next year it should be perfect. I hope so anyway. We have been observing our next door neighbor's garden. He has it pretty well figured out with drip irrigation and of course he has a wonderful tractor that helps with the hard stuff. The corn he planted in our field is doing great.
Well I am rambling. I guess I don't have much to say today. It is so quiet again here that is is kind of weird. I hope all is well out there in cyberspace! Keep smiling! And HAGW!!! Melody

P.S. I almost forgot! Julie and Randy take off for Africa today! They are going to Ghana to do paperwork for their little girl that they are hoping to adopt. I guess I am preoccupied with worry about them and so I have successfully stuffed it. I am just too good at that. I worry but I am excited for them too. I think this is going to change their lives in many ways. We are planning to go with them when they actually pick her up. That should be in another few months. I am a little nervous and excited and just sorting feelings. Julie took a whole suitcase filled with toys and candy for the kids in the village they will be visiting. She said they don't have toys there much. I am sure we will be hearing all about it next week when they return. And I also think that this will change all of our lives in a good way. I can't believe I haven't written more about this. Oh well. TTTL

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Water, Snakes and More Memories

Good morning! Another gorgeous day here. I love this beautiful sunny weather. And the temps have been very mild so that it is fun to be outside.
I had a good art class last night. We painted an ocean scene. I can't seem to get a good photo though. It turns all brown. The hills are actually green and the rocks are lots of shades of blue and sienna. Even the water is not that gray. Oh well, it is still fun to share. But it makes my mistakes more obvious I think. At least I can see them really well. But on the bright side:).... I like the feeling of the painting. It seems like I can feel more as I am painting things. And I think that is good. Of course this painting is close to home in California. I think the photo that was the photo for this painting was taken somewhere in Marin County where my cousins used to live. We used to have so much fun when we would visit them. They lived in Strawberry...a little town on a sound. We had fun as kids exploring the oceanside of things. We saw crabs all of the time...and prodded them with sticks. We were kind of afraid of them. My brother and my cousin Matt sailed on a little raft that my cousin had put together with odds and ends of sticks and stuff. I don't think it was very sea worthy, but the water in the sound was usually pretty tame. My brother loved to fish, so I am sure there was fishing if there was any possibility of fish around. What I remember most was the ice plant. It covered their hillside and I didn't like it much because it was kind of squishy when you walked on it:) I like it better now. I loved being with my cousins. Leslie was older than me by a couple of years, but we had a lot of adventures together. One that stands out in my mind is being up at the grandparents' cabin near Hayfork....up near Redding in the gold country. My grandpa had a mining claim there. The cabin was very rustic. It only had a running water or electricity. We had an outhouse....a double seater:) And a big wood stove. We lived a little like pioneers I think. It was sure fun. One day Leslie and I decided to go on a hike by the river. It was a creek really, but it had been mined thoroughly back in the day and the rocks were piled up on both sides. It was wonderful snake habitat. We came upon a little island in the creek and went to explore it and found it was swarming with water snakes. Usually I love snakes, but there were so many! And Leslie was really frightened (I know, I probably was too, but that's not how I remember it). Anyway there was one snake that was very aggressive and was striking at us. So we picked up rocks and started throwing them at the snake. We couldn't kill it and it was starting to be scary for me too. I think we may have found a rattler, but I am not sure to this day. I just know that we both ran very fast and got as far away as we could. My memories of that snake are that it was very tall! But I was probably only 11 or 12, so it is not as tall as I remember. I am not so trusting of snakes as I used to be. I think we were lucky to have escaped snake island with our lives!! (Just kidding)
Another time all of us cousins were hiking along the creek and we came upon a very deep pool. I recall that there was some sort of waterfall or something and I can remember my brother saying that an eel lived there. But I think of us...6 kids and a dog hiking along the creek for hours...wading and exploring and just having a great old time. We really were so blessed!
Mel and I took our kids to that area the summer before our oldest daughter got was 108 degrees and we blew a tire in the motorhome. Everyone was complaining about the heat...but I could only feel my childhood surrounding me in waves of fond memories. I loved that heat! But mostly I loved the fun times and good people! I think I didn't have any idea that it might not always be there....the cabin and my grandparents and parents and aunt and uncle and cousins. I am glad for the wonderful memories!
Well, I am getting a little word for the day. I hope your day proves happy and bright and full of fond memories. Take care out there in cyberspace. I will keep smiling! And I hope you are too! HAGW!!!! Melody

Monday, July 5, 2010

Standing Strong!

Guten morgen! It is beautiful and sunny here again today. I think summer is finally here. And I love it!
Last night we went outside to watch the fireworks across the lake. But first we watched the sun set. It was so calm and beautiful! I love the lights reflecting on the water of the lake. We decided not to drive into town to see the fireworks up close. I was a little disappointed at that. I love to be right under them when they explode in the sky. But it was kind of a nice thing to see them all over the valley. We did come in and watch them on TV too, but of course that is not nearly the same as being there.
Today should be fun. Michelle, Gary and six kids are here 'til tomorrow. It's fun to be all together. And Taylor loves it too. I'm not sure what the plans are for today. Tonight is my art class again. I am kind of excited about that.
Yesterday in church I found out from my friend Jodell, that her brother Leon is teaching a drawing class on line through BYU Idaho. I think that would be wonderful to take. He is an excellent artist and knows so much about perspective. I heard him lecture on BYU TV about the divine proportions. It was really good. I think I would like to take from him while I am taking my BSU class. It might be challenging, but I would love to get different inputs and learn all I can about drawing. So I will have to see. I really puzzled over how to make things seem further away in my camp painting. I know it has to do with intensity of color, and perspective but I really want to know more about how to do that.
Another thing from church.... a friend of mine said the most interesting and thought provoking thing in her testimony. She had heard it from someone else and wanted to share it. So I will share it too. When the Salt Lake temple was being built it was discovered that there were cracks in the foundation....I think 9 years of building had already taken place. Brigham Young had to decide what was best to do. They could patch things up or they could begin the arduous task of digging it all up and starting all over again. After much thought and prayer he decided the foundation would have to be dug up and redone. Because of that the temple is strong and sturdy and can withstand most anything. She said that in our lives we also have cracks in our foundation....for whatever reason....bad decisions, abuse from others, circumstances beyond our control, etc. Anyway those cracks keep us from being our best self, so we need to dig them up and fix things. It isn't sufficient to cover them over and patch them up and try to ignore them. She said that the Savior helped us to do redo our foundation until it was perfect. I really liked that analogy. I think I have seen that in my life and in the lives of my is not easy and often painful, but it is worth it. And it feels so good when the new foundation is in place! And like the temple we can stand strong and immovable in the face of life's challenges.
Well, I had best get going! There's orange juice to mix and eggs to scramble! Take care out there and remember I'm pullin' for ya! We're all in this together! HAGW!!!! Melody

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Post Script

Hi! I just thought I would capture another Taylor comment. He just took a shower and I told him maybe he needed a trim around his ears. His reply, "But gramma, I already did this" Pointing to his carefully arranged hair. Here's a photo. He's such a cutie!!! No other word for it! TTTL Melody

Staying in the Loop

Good morning! And Happy Independence Day! It is odd to have the fourth of July fall on a Sunday. I can only remember this happening a couple of times....but of course that has to do with faulty memory. I'm sure it falls on a Sunday regularly.
I have a house full of grandkids and their parents! I love it. It is all happy voices for the most part. Every once in a while someone lets out with a little screech. The funny thing for me is all of the slang...."Oh man" and "Hey dude" and the like from these little innocents. Having grown up in a different era I think I hear differently than they do. Some of the words considered crude or unacceptable they don't even notice. And others I think are fine are not acceptable in their usage. I keep reminding myself they are flip flops! And I can't talk about tents any more. And I start tiptoeing around with my language....just in case something else has changed. I suppose it is normal. I remember in eighth grade, Mr. Betts complaining about us saying boys were "cute". He thought that was ridiculous. And he hated anyone saying they were "bugged" about anything. He thought bugged was terrible slang. I am grateful for Mr. Betts. I think he helped me to be more aware of the words I use. I'm sure he was a teacher who valued words...even though he taught math:) I can remember one of my English teachers taught us that people used slang and swear words because they had such a limited vocabulary. I think she may have been right. Although sometimes I kind of enjoy using a little slang....the swear words aren't too tempting to me. In fact they make me wince.
Well, Mel's party was fun. He posed for a few pictures:) I think they are funny. Michelle's family gave him some hand dipped chocolates they had made in some cute little bags. So he posed with them...and also the wrapping tissue. He can be pretty silly! And I love it! He keeps me smiling. He got some cherries and put them in his cheeks! That was for my benefit:) And so I tried a tissue rendering of an Arabian princess...without success. But we had fun. Sweet Shelese drew a picture of grandpa in his shop. She is a good little artist! I love all of the detail!
I watched the Red Green Show last night and loved it when he said, "Remember I'm pullin' for ya! We're all in this together." Although when he says it, it sounds funny. Last night he talked about staying in the loop....what the hangman used to say. He is pretty funny. Well, I hope your day is wonderful, full of smiles and sparklers and good Sabbath day feelings. Take care out there in cyberspace and HAGW!!! Melody

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday

Good morning! It is beautiful here. Cool and a little breezy, but that sun is shining! I like that!
Today is my sweetheart's birthday! This picture was taken when he was 5 or 6. He was pretty cute! Morley Jones Weyerman. I can still remember telling my mom his name, and explaining that he had been given three last names! When I met him he told me his name was Mel, and I thought that was cool because my name was Mel too. He was fun from the start of our friendship. He sat in the back of a mutual class I was teaching and answered all of the questions! I was impressed. The following week we went on a hayride with the mutual and he sat next to me and we talked so easily. Every time I walked home from classes I would see him coming down the ramp and he would join me and walk me home. I later found out he had looked up my class schedule and would wait inside a building I walked by and watch for me:) All of those chance meetings weren't by chance at all. But I am glad he did. He has been a wonderful companion. And I am happy for him today as he is turning 62. He is a good man and my best friend, and I love him dearly. So Happy Birthday, Morley J!
Today we have lots of kids coming home. Michelle and family, Julie and family, Kim and family, Liz and family and maybe Amy and family. Kenny lives too far to be here. He is still in pretty intensive training to be an air traffic controller. So we will just visit via phone.
I guess I will get going. I still have a trip to Costco to get out of the way this morning. I hope you have a wonderful day. Take care out there! Keep your brush in the paint! And HAGW!!!! Melody