Saturday, June 11, 2011

Drat, dagnab it and all of that Jazz:)

From the ancient city of Percepolis
Good evening!  I think I just wanted to pretend to be Boris for a moment.  Anyway, I have had a great day until just a few moments ago when I realized I agreed to teach the Beehives and the MIA maids tomorrow. I don't mind the extra girls, but I realized... that also means extra handouts.  So I am taking a minute's break to kind of adjust to that idea.  It is really no biggie, just adjusting to the idea that I am not all finished is.  Sigh!  So, as I am writing this I am printing out 8 more handouts.  Then I will make 12 more goody bags:)  The lessons seem to be more well received if they know there is some reward for listening:)
I am feeling much more prepared for my test on Monday.  I have been studying most of the day.  I am including a picture I think is very cool.  It is from the Persian era.  I guess they were more peaceful than many conquerors.  Their art is even kind.  This stairway shows all kinds of different people going up to meet the ruler.  No lions eating any of them!  I guess women were still not treated well, but it was progress.  Besides learning all of the material we studied last week, I also had to write a response to an article she had us read from Time magazine.  I am so glad she had us read it.  It was from 1995, so kind of dated, but it was about the findings in the region we are studying and whether or not they support the Bible.  The interesting thing is that back in 1970 I took a class on the Bible as literature, and a lot of the "evidence" they said then, that showed the Bible couldn't have been written at the time they happened, has been shown to be false with new archaeological finds.  So instead of challenging my beliefs in this sacred record, it has strengthened them.  I think that is kind of cool.  One of the advantages of being around for a while.  I think I may start making a list called the advantages of being old:)  Today at the store Taylor said something about how really old people need a cane.  And I said, "Yes, I had to use one for a bit.  But I am not really old."  He got real quiet and smiled.  I said, "You think I am really old?"  He said, "Yes."  So I said, "Grandpa Phillips is really old.  I am only old."  He agreed.  But it made me think how he must think of I thought of my grandmas.  They did seem sooooo old.  Am I really that old?  I don't think I feel that old yet.  It's just kind of weird to think about.  My dad says to me, "Just wait til you're my age.  Then it is really weird."  And I guess it must be.
Well, I'd better get back to my lesson preparations.  Thanks for listening to me:)  HAGE!!!  Melody

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Laura Lynn said...

I know about having to use more handouts! Now I am in Primary though so I only do two sharing times with no handouts. But in YW's they love them!
That's so funny about getting old and their perception of people who are old. I used to think 40 was so old when I was a teen-ager so now I'm sure my kids look at me the same way. bummer.
Interesting facts, thanks!