Thursday, June 30, 2011

For the Beauties of the Earth

Chi-rho-iota page from the Book of Kells
Hi again!  This is such a beautiful image I thought I would share.  It is from Iona, Scotland and is an example of an illuminated manuscript.  Apparently the monasteries made these gorgeous picture books for a commission.  They would have text, but then they would "illuminate" the text.  This was especially helpful when so many people were illiterate.  This particular page is rather gorgeous I think.  There is an X, a P, and an I painted in, which stood for Chi-rho-iota, which meant Christ.  If you look hard you can see little faces and angels painted in.  It looks like a good illustration for a children's book, don't you think?  I think I am getting so much cool information.  I am loving this class.
So today I have 5 of my grandkids again.  I picked them up from Liz's.  She has been watching Kim's 3 plus her 2.  But today she is having mild contractions and I just thought it might be better if I brought them here so she could rest.  An early baby would not be a good thing!  Anyway, I feel like I am working in a prime environment for funny sayings today.  Especially Gabriel.  He comes up with such funny stuff.  He is 6 and extremely brilliant.  But he is also extremely active and curious.  I am trying to think what he said earlier that was so funny.  Oh, I know.  He said, "Look, Grandma!  That place where I had a scab has completely disappeared!"  I said, "Wow, that is totally amazing!  Where do you think it went?"  He answered, "Well, it just healed itself away!"  Love it.  Then he was telling me how hard it is, cuz the other boys don't want to play with him.  That is true unfortunately.  I think because he is always telling them how to do stuff.  He is just too smart, and I think he is a little intrusive with his knowledge.  But he is learning to be more diplomatic.  It is hard to learn to listen.  I think I had trouble with that as a youngster.  And I still have to tell myself to just shush!  Not everyone wants to know everything I have learned!  So.... sorry.  You probably feel the same.  But just remember you don't have to read this:)
Well, I will get back to my studies....or the laundry.  I am trying to get it all caught up.  I finally went and got paper plates and cups to cut back on the dishes.  With the kids here it piles up so fast.  So I have been trying to make it easier on myself.  Reminds me of a song.  But then most everything has a song written about it.
Oh, before I sign off I should share the sign downtown.  It said, "Minimalist-                     ."  :)
So have a wonderful rest of the day.  I am still pulling for you!  We're all in this together!  I hope all is well.  Take care.  Melody

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Anonymous said...

that chi rho page belongs to the book of cells and was most likely drawn in ireland not iona