Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Good morning!  It is supposed to be another beautiful day here....seventy something and sunshine.  I am a little tired, but not bad.  I will go to school and then take it easy this afternoon.  I like taking one class at a time.  It is not as stressful!  And I am liking this class so much.  Today we are studying Greek art.  So funny that in two days we have gone through Egyptian art.  I am glad there is a book with this class, or I might miss something:)  I think we only get three days for Greek art.  She said it usually takes 6 hours of lecture.  I was reading the chapter last night after the temple and I decided there was a lot to learn.  I hope I can retain this.  It is a little worrisome to me that memories are so elusive anymore.  At the temple last night I was greeted by one of the temple presidency brothers, someone I worked with a lot when I was a worker there, but it took me probably 10 or 15 minutes to remember his name.  I guess I am glad I remembered it eventually.  But it still bothers me.  I think it is good I am going to school.  It makes me think and exercise those neuro pathways....and create new ones.  I heard a story on npr about a mathematics professor that had severe Alzheimer's, but no one was aware of it until they did an autopsy after his death.  I guess his brain was full of placque, but they theorize he was constantly creating new pathways because of having to solve math problems.  As I am writing this I am that accurate?  I suppose to be accurate with this story I would have to investigate npr's archives, and I have no time for that this morning.
Well, I must be on my way.  I hope your day is lovely out there in cyberspace land.  Take care and keep smiling.  I will do the same.  HAVVVGW!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I love your post today. It was comforting to know that we are in this together. I am always forgetting names and other memories. I feel like I have an overloaded brain file system and it takes forever to find the answers. I worry even more because my father had Alzheimers disease and I worry about that. I am hoping that I am exercising my brain enough and I should be exercising my body too.

Blessings to you!