Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Islamic Art and the Middle Ages

Hi again!  I am studying and I need a break!!!  So I thought I would share a few cool images, and thereby reinforce my own knowledge of them.  The first is the Maliwiya Minaret.  I think it is quite interesting.  It reminds me of the RLDS temple we toured in Independence Missouri.  I kind of wondered where they had gotten their ideas.  The next image is of the Hall of the Two Sisters found in the Alhambra in Grenada, Spain.  I love this!  It is so intricate in design and it really does look a little celestial.  I imagine that when you visit it up close and personal it is magnificent.  I hope I can someday!  This view is looking up into the dome where they have carved out very beautiful shapes called mukarnas.  I may have the spelling wrong.  Then those windows cast light on it all through the day, sending different light and reflections.  If you visit, my teacher said you have to make a reservation online to see it because they only take a few visitors at a time, and only limited times.  She said be sure to see it!  I think that would be fun!
Those are both from the Islamic period.  We also started into the early Medieval period today.  I really thought it was interesting.  We studied a little of the stave churches.   They were made of wood and very interesting, but many did not survive because unlike stone, they are subject to the elements.  Here is a stave church that did survive.  It is located in Urnes, Norway.  I think it looks fun to visit too.
Well, I guess I had better get back to my studies.  I am feeling like there is soooo much to learn.  I have been saying that all month huh?  Well, we covered 1000 plus years today.  That is a lot.  And I am sure we barely covered what really went on.  I am enjoying this though.  It seems that I have been so ignorant all of my life about all of this....and I didn't even know it!  I suppose I am just as ignorant about most of the amazing and wonderful history of this earth.  I am glad I have the opportunity to finally get a little educated:)
So I hope your evening is going well.  Mine is a little quiet.  I had five grandkids here earlier though, so the quiet is kind of nice.  I kind of like the quiet, but not the solitude.  Mel will be back in a few hours.  There is no mutual though because all of the girls are at camp.  I hope they are having fun.  It is a beautiful spot in Oregon....about three hours from here.
Have a wonderful evening!  Relax a little...if you can.  Life seems to keep us all pretty busy!  Take care!  Melody


The Only Girl said...

What cool photos. I love the old church made of wood. It's amazing it survived this long! Wow! I also love the pictures that guy does with food. They are so funny. :) Stanley sounds so nice. It's so beautiful there. Full of good memories. BTW How was girl's camp? Love you!

singing/granny said...

Thanks Julie! I love you too, of course! Why don't you meet us in Stanley? Wouldn't that be fun? I didn't go to camp because of school. They all come home tomorrow though, so I am sure I will hear about all of the fun. Have you heard anymore about the passports? I am getting anxious now too. Love you!!!!! Mom