Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's all Greek to Me:)

Temple of Aphaia, Aegina, Greece

It's Wednesday, and there's no, I'm kinda bugged.  Will I ever get used to being in a lonely, quiet house?  I guess this will only last a couple of more weeks before the temple closes.  Then Mel will be home.  I would have gone with him, but I had homework and I was just there last night.  They cancelled mutual because of a ward campout this Thursday and Friday nights up in Cascade.  We are going up Friday night, but we are not camping:)   Mel said it is more expensive to drive the trailer up with our gas eating truck than to stay at the Ashley Inn:)  I didn't protest for a minute.  I am glad for a getaway, and I have already made the reservations:)  Yeah, I am not much of a camper anymore.  I remember I used to love to camp...especially in a sleeping bag out under the stars.  I think I did that mostly in the backyard though.  When we went camping we always brought a tent.  I do remember the fun of cooking on a fire...I got pretty good at it when we had kids of our own.  I remember making really greasy pancakes!  I love greasy pancakes....cooked in hot oil is what I mean.  So that they are kind of crispy on the edges.  Yum!  Then thick bacon and hot chocolate....I am making myself hungry, and I am not at all hungry.  Something about the smell of campfires that makes food taste better and writing about it almost makes it so I can smell the fire.  The other thing I remember about camping as a little girl, was swimming.  We always camped near a river, or lake, or some kind of swimming hole.  My family growing up really loved to swim.  We didn't think it was a vacation if we couldn't swim.  So I just assumed everyone loved swimming.  Unfortunately if you almost drown when you are small it kind of turns you off to swimming....which is what happened to Mel when he was very little.  He tolerates swimming, and swims quite well, but he doesn't love it the way I do.  So it has been one of those areas we have had to compromise.  The kids all learned to swim, but we went on lots of vacations without swimming.  And even now he would rather not be in the water.  Over the years I guess I have adjusted.  But I still love swimming and if I have the opportunity I love to jump in.  The ward campout will be next to the lake, but it is not a great place to swim.  Instead they bring up a few boats and ski.  I guess that is fine.  I love to ride around inside the boat.  My days of skiing are pretty much over I think.  Although I think I would try a jet ski.  You don't have to stand up to do that:)  I rode on one once about 20 years ago I think.  It was fun, but very fast!
Kore from the Acropolis
Today in class was good again.  We started learning about the Greeks.  I can see so much influence from their art in our culture of art today.  So far we have only studied the very early stuff.  But it is amazing and beautiful.  I like how it is starting to look more realistic.  The marble statuary is amazing!  How did they do that?  Do artists work in marble today?  Could I take a class on it?  Kenny took a sculpture class but it was more on making molds after sculpting clay.  I know I can do that, and I think I would love it.  But I would love to try a chisel.  Is that weird?   I guess I will just do what I am able for now.  It is all challenging enough.  One of the ladies in our ward asked if I would be bringing my paints to the campout.  I doubt it.  I will definitely take a camera...but I think it is kind of weird to try to do such a solitary thing as painting around a big group of people.  Last year I took a sketch book, and I felt a little strange sitting there drawing while everyone else was having fun.  So if I take a sketch book, I will go sketch somewhere else.  And what is the fun in that?  If we were going for several days it might seem more practical.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
I have been watching True Grit this evening.  I thought I would watch it while Mel was gone, since he was not too excited about it.  It is good, but it is a little more graphic than the westerns of my youth.  I suppose that is true of most everything anymore.  I do like the story line, but it was so intense that that is another reason I am blogging.  I have found I am too much of a...realist?  I always get so involved in a movie that it is hard to take a step back and see the pretend in it.  At least if it is done well.  And this one is.
Well, I guess I will stop talking your ear off....or filling your mind with more of my gibberish.  Thanks for reading this....or not....your choice as always.  I mostly just need to write.  And I guess I do like the audience or I wouldn't keep it up!  Here's wishing you all the best!  Take care.  We are all in this together, and I am definitely still pulling for you!  Have a wonderful evening!  Melody

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Amy said...

Great post. I'm heading up to Girls Camp in less than two weeks, and needed to get more jazzed about it. The pancakes and the smell of the campfire did it for me; I know just what you're talking about.