Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Few Steps into the Darkness

Good Sabbath morning! I have been reading some of the blogs I follow this morning and enjoying the good thoughts and comments. A quote from Elder Bednar was especially good, so I will share:
“Faith in Christ is tied to, and results in, hope in Christ for our redemption and exaltation. And assurance and hope make it possible for us to walk to the edge of the light and take a few steps into the darkness—expecting and trusting the light to move and illuminate the way. The combination of assurance and hope initiates action in the present.” --David A. Bednar
I love that quote.  It is so true that He will light our way as we step out with faith into the darkness or the unsure places in our lives.  I certainly have felt that recently as I have ventured out to school.  I still have days where I wonder what in the world I am doing.  I begin to doubt my abilities and the craziness of going to school in my sixties.  I was talking to Mel about that yesterday, and sweet and encouraging friend and helpmeet that he is, he told me there is a reason.  We may not see it just now, but there is a reason.  He has felt it too.  And he reassured me that it is what I need to be doing right now in my life.  I am so grateful for his encouragement....and his love.  He is a wonderful companion!  I am so blessed!  Next month we will have our 41st anniversary!  Amazing to think we have been married that long.  It seems to have all gone by so quickly.
So I am debating whether I should post the picture of my finished mask....just because it is Sunday, and maybe I should save it til tomorrow.  So I think I will save it til then.  But it is done and looks OK.  Mel said it is another A:)  I appreciate the cheerleading. 
I have no lesson to put the finishing touches on today.  Weird!  I have been teaching for a couple of years now...first Relief Society and then Young Women.  It will be nice to go and listen to someone else give the lesson today in R.S.  Oh is a combined lesson with the men.  All the better!  It is fun to get a different perspective.
Well, I certainly hope your day is happy and inspired!  Take care.  I'm still pulling for you!!  We're all in this together.  Have a very, very, very great wan!!!  Melody

Saturday, July 30, 2011

My has three corners!

Good morning!  It is looking like a thunderstorm kinda day here in lovely Idaho.  I hope it keeps temperatures a little more moderate....but the news last night said it would be another scorcher.  So far it has been pleasant....we ate breakfast out on the patio:)  Makes me feel like we are on vacation, even when we are not.
Today I am going to paint my mask.  I have it assembled and covered in paper mache.  I did that last night. It is almost dry.  I will try to speed up that process with my trusty hair dryer.  Then I will begin the painting.  I don't know why this all makes me so nervous.  I guess because it is the first time I have attempted this.  But I think it is kind of cool so far.  I combined the masks to make a conglomeration:)
From the front (Kim)

From the Melody side

From the Mel side

I really thought the paper mache was fun.  I mixed up a 1 to 5 flour /water mixture, heated it up like gravy, and then dipped newspaper strips into it.  I have watched other people do this in 5th or 6th grade when balloon paper mache was the thing.  I don't know why I didn't try it back then.  But I am glad I did now.  Who knows?  Maybe I will try a pinata next!
     I don't think I mentioned that I was released from the Young Women's organization last week.  They called a new presidency, so we all got the boot:)  I will miss teaching those sweet young ladies.  And so far I don't have any new calling.  So I am feeling kind of weird today.  I almost always have some stressor on Saturday to be prepared for Sunday.  That's a joke....sort of.  Maybe my next calling will be....I have no idea.  They also called a new Relief Society presidency.  So I am pretty sure I won't be a Relief Society president.  Whew! (Laugh here!)
So I hope your day is going well.  All the best wishes from me to you!  Remember....I'm still pulling for you!  Take care and be safe!!!  And HAVVVGW!!!  Melody

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Last of the Apricots!

The last sink full of apricots
Hi again!  I am taking a break!!  Not the first I am afraid.  This is hard work!  But we are on the last sink full of apricots!  Kim is pitting them as I write this blog:)  I would help, but....
Do I sound lazy?  Well then look at the rest of these photos.  Aren't they beautiful?  We did 30 pack.   Then we made apricot nectar, and apricot jam, and I think we will do apricot leather with this last bunch of beauties.  It feels good to be at the end.  We did the whole tree full, so not a bad day for apricots.
Now, I just have to figure out the masks!  I saw the funniest thing on the Daily Show....he was interviewing a man that had written a very long and factual book on the wars in Afghanistan.  Because it is a comedy show, he did a sketch where he put a plastic trash can on his head labeled, "Isolation Chamber" sort of as an illustration of how he couldn't listen to it all I guess.   I thought it would have been a funny fulfillment of this art assignment.  I wish I had thought of it first.  I may do it as extra credit!
Well, I had better go help Kim if I know what is good for me.  Take care and have a wonderful day!  Melody

Apricot Colored Day

Kim picking the first box
Good morning!  It's going to be another busy day here....we're canning apricots!  Mel, Kim and I and perhaps Kim's kids.  We have a big tree full of apricots, and they are ready NOW!  They are so sweet and delicious...and fragile.  I suppose we will have to pick enough for one batch and then run them into the house and put them in the jars immediately and process them lickety split.  No waiting around in a box for these babies!  I also have a food drier that we can use for some of them....and Certo for making some freezer jam.  Maybe we will try fruit leather too.  I will get some recipes off of the internet.
Then I also have my masks to work on.  I have done three....Me, Kim and .....Mel!  I was surprised he agreed to being a mask model.  But he is a good sport.  And his mask is really the best one I think.  I am going to try to combine them somehow I think...with Kim in the middle as a result of the other two....or something like that.  I am still trying to figure it out in my head.  I need to sand and paint them when I get it figured.  So it may take most of the afternoon and tomorrow.
Me, Kim and Mel

Well, Kim and her kids are here.  I hope your day is going well out there in cyberspace!  Take care and HAVVVGW!!!  Melody

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Good morning!  I am experimenting with mask making.  I took a photo so you could see:)  I hope I can break out of this mask.  I thought if I blogged the setting time might go faster.  It is not as uncomfortable as I anticipated....but not great anyway.  It reminds me a little of the two times I broke my arm.  Of course casts were made with plaster back then.  They would wrap your arm in gauze and cotton I think, then plaster on the cast.  It was very uncomfortable! And you had to wear it for more than a month.  My littlest sister had to wear a body cast for about 5 months when she broke her leg bone where it enters the pelvis.  She was only 9, but at that age time goes so slowly!  It must have seemed like forever!
So we didn't have much of a class today.  Everyone is trying to finish up their projects for Monday.  I didn't think I could do this mask stuff in I came home.  I am glad I did!  This would be hard to manage in a classroom!
I went to look for cool stuff at the art store today.  I thought it might be neat to paint this with wax, or to mold a wax face from the plaster.  The encaustic stuff was a little pricey, and I don't know how to do it.  So I may just try molding wax with the plaster mask.  I will see how it turns out.
Well, I hope things are going great in your neck of the woods.  I guess sayonara is an appropriate sign off.  Take care!!!  Melody
P.S. Yesterday when I was writing from school I was using my iphone.  Usually I proofread what I write, but I was cut short as class was beginning.  I inadvertently wrote bs instead of he....referring to my beloved spouse of course.  Hope I didn't give anyone the wrong impression!!!  I hate to make spelling errors!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No Man is an Island....but you can live on one:)

So I am having trouble getting to this blog today.  And then here I finally am and I can't think of much to write, which is kind of strange.  All morning long I have been thinking of funny things to share.  So I will start with the sign downtown.  You know how I said that it said, "Baroque - when you're all out of money"  Well, I misread it.  It actually says "when you're all out of Monet."  I have read it at least a dozen times as I pass by it each day, and today was the first day I saw Monet.  It made me laugh right out loud to think I could have misread it.  Both ways are funny, but the funniest is that I am becoming a poor reader.  Maybe it is just my does seem like maybe I need a new prescription.
Class was....dark:)  We watched about four more of the art 21 artists from pbs.  So the lights have to be turned off.  That's not good when it is early and everyone is sleepy.  I think half of the class was asleep.  I didn't fall asleep, but I did rest my eyes a few times:)  I guess I am a little surprised at what is considered art, and every once in a while we see a really strange presentation of what is considered art.  Today we watched a video of a woman who built a cement island that she lived on for four months off of the coast of Denmark.  It was a little place....50 something feet long and not too wide.  It seemed so isolating!  And she talked about how she fought depression.  My experience with that is you shouldn't isolate yourself!  Anyway, I guess to each his own.
I am going to attempt another mask today...this time on my own face.  I am a little nervous, but I will make sure to leave space to breathe!  We put straws in Kim's' nose yesterday, but I am not sure it was necessary.  I think I may try to make a wax mold from the plaster mold.....just because it seems like a cool thing to do.  I will have to see what it says to do on the internet.  I love how you can find so much that is interesting on here.
Another Venetian Carnival mask
Well, I guess I will get to it.  I hope you are having a lovely day....with no regrets.  Take care and I will do the same!  HAGW!!!  Melody


Buenos Dias! I am sitting in class waiting for it to start. And so I thought I would send a cheery hello out into the great cyberspace. It has been a wonderful day so far:). Nobody cut me off in traffic! That may be a first. Also the construction on the freeway is done so no more 55 mph coming in. That is why I am here a bit early.
On my way in I saw two older couples out walking. It seemed like such a nice thing. I would do that with Mel but he is up every morning at 5:30 starting up machines. I don't think walking at 5 is all that appealing.
Well I had better get out my notebook and pay attention! I hope your morning goes well! Take care and HAVVVGW! Melody

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Enjoying the Passage of Time

Guten Tag!  I have been busy being student/mom/grandma today....SMG.  That's what the math was called in 7th and 8th grade when I was in junior high.  We all thought it stood for "Some mathematician goofed!" Anyway, that was quite a tangent!  I am better today than yesterday, but still a little manic and tired.  Odd to have both of those feelings at once.  But it is helping me to be creative.  I have made a little progress on my latest art class assignment.  I am making a mask.  It qualifies as a device that hides part of your body.  So it will fill the assignment.  And I have never made a mask out of plaster of Paris before.  It is kind of fun.  I used Kim as my guinea pig and made the base.  Here is a photo:
It has to dry over night and then I can paint it and decorate it.   I am not sure yet how I will do that.  I have been looking at Venetian Carnival masks, and creepy monster masks, etc.  My favorite is a mask that is three faces, but I don't know if I have enough time for that one.  I will include a photo.
So after class I went by Liz's and took her and her boys to Target to do a little baby shopping and also get the boys some shoes.  Gabriel was soooo funny.  He really wanted these "Transformer" shoes, and would have worn them out of the store if I had let him.  He was pretty cute trying to convince me that it was the right thing to do.   I remember when it was a challenge to keep him from crawling out the windows of our house!  He is actually a very sweet and well behaved little boy.  I am so glad children mature!!
After shopping I came home and Kim and I worked on this mask.  Tonight I am supposed to go to a baby shower for a friend in our ward.  I would sure rather stay home.  I am still very tired.  So maybe I will just take a gift by her house tomorrow.  I am sure there will be loads of people there.
So not much to report.  Life seems to just speed along, and I cannot seem to slow it down in the least little bit.  So I guess I will just enjoy the ride.  Seems like a good line for a song! (JT's of course!  "The Secret of Life")
I hope your day is going swell out there in cyberspace.  Keep smiling!  Unless it is too painful of course:)  HAVVVGE!!!  Melody

Monday, July 25, 2011


Me at the Eclipse Concert..a few months ago.
 Hi!  I remembered I had promised a few pictures from Mel's iphone, so I borrowed it and uploaded what he had.  I found this one I kind of liked from the Eclipse concert....I remember how excited I was to go and how good it felt to be there.
Then some of the next photos were taken after the Pioneer Concert in the Conference Center.  I love to go look close at the paintings they have hanging there.  I love all of the Frieberg paintings...which I didn't get pictures of.  But the one of Christ with the Lamanites and also the other one of Him descending from the clouds are a couple I really like.

Julie and I trying to be a part of the painting

Julie getting into character

 I really liked the painting behind me.
This photo looks like He is reaching for me.  I kind of like that idea.

Picture of the Picture takers

All the spouses with the siblings  (Mel and I in the back right)

Mel with a friend Todd Searle that he knew since he was 3
 The rest of these are from the family reunion and the party for Joe and Glenda's 50th wedding anniversary.  Joe is Mel's oldest brother.  Mel was surprised and delighted to see an old friend from his childhood, Todd Searle.  I guess he hadn't seen him since Mel moved away in 1960.  They had fun talking about old times and things they each remembered differently:)
Well, just thought I would share.  Hoping you are doing OK.  I have thought of an idea or two for my project, but nothing I can go with yet.   Auf Wiedersehen!  Melody

Manic Monday

Good afternoon!  The day is flying by so fast!  I seem to find a little solitude in here at the computer.  The house is filled with the happy, noisy sounds of children and their electronics.  Right now the sound of the television is competing with the sounds from their computer game...something with legos I think.  And since two of my grandsons are playing the game together, there is also their voices mingling with the electronic sounds.  It is kind of nice to escape into a room down the hall where the noise is a little less intense:)
Today we had our second class critique.  I think I did pretty well, so I am happy about that.  I thought I would share some of the other inventive projects from today.  It was fun to hear how each person came up with their artifact.
This was made from clothes pins.
It's much smaller than it appears here.
This one was made with wiffle balls filled with marbles and decorated with combs and a snake with a weird doll face.
My lovely silverware wind chime
So now I have to start working on our next assignment.  It should be interesting.  I am kind of stumped on this one.  I was thinking today of an idea from a couple of years ago....making a mask from an old high school photo:)  So old friends might more easily recognize me.  It might help me fit in better with the present group.  I feel so old some days!  And today I think I am suffering from too much sugar from our trip home yesterday....and not enough sleep.   I am a little manic....I just can't keep my mouth shut!  In class I kept making off-the-wall comments about everything.  And I would say to myself...."Shush!"  But next thing I knew I was mouthing off again.  It must be a faulty wiring problem or something.  I just can't seem to keep it under control when I get like this.   It's good I am home.  I think I will take a power nap in a bit and see if I can calm down.  I don't think I have done this all of my life.  Or maybe I have and I am just now noticing it.  It feels like I have taken an overdose of caffeine or something.  But of course I haven't.
Well, I guess I will get on with my day.  I am currently baking a cake for a birthday of one of Kim's friends.  She is working, so I am helping out a little.  I hope your day is going well.  I am pulling for you!  Keep smiling!  And HAVVVVGFHE!  Melody
This was made by gluing golf tees to different balls.

This is a pinwheel made with plastic hangers

This was made with an old bicycle wheel, and odds and ends he had at home.

This used to be a clarinet:)  It was kind of cool.

This pineapple is made from little plastic green army men.

This is supposed to be a chicken leg,
made from wire and paper mache

This was little pieces of glass she found on the beach and glued together.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Few Photos

Hi again!  I thought I would upload a few of these pictures from the Weyerman reunion.  Mel has a bunch more on his iphone, but he is using it:)  I'll post some more tomorrow.
We had a great time, but the temperature in Vernal was over 100 I think.  We took a little drive to cool off in our air conditioned car, which is where the Ashley Creek pictures come in.  Mel and his dad and brothers used to fish in this creek when he was very small.  They moved from Vernal up to Cache Valley when he was about 12.
It was fun to see where he did his growing up years.  I have only been there one other time, so it was like a new experience:)  Mel has this joke he likes to tell.  It goes...I was going to tell you about my most unforgettable experience....and then I knew better:)  My latest joke is, I am going to live to 100...or die trying.  It makes me chuckle just a little.
Well, I am glad to be back home.  It is only 97 here:)  I guess it is just going to be warm for a while.  But that's good for the apricots ripening on our tree out in the back yard.  They are almost there.  I am excited for fresh apricots!  They are so sweet when you grow them yourself!!
So I hope your Sabbath day has been a good one.  We didn't get to church today.  I feel bad about that, but we wanted to get home before it got too hot.  We did listen to the Mormon Channel.  It was great!  I got to hear from Elder Perry, President Monson, and Elder Eyring.  It is so nice that they broadcast like that. It helped to keep our minds on the more sacred things of our lives.  Take care and remember I'm still pulling for you!  We're all in this together!  HAGrrrreat Evening!  Melody

Cliffs behind Joe's house

It was very warm!  So my face matches my shirt.

Me with Mel's brother Hank

Mel and his siblings

Ashley Creek

Short but Sweet

Good morning! I wish I could type faster with one finger! I guess I should just be grateful for the miracle this is, to be able to communicate to the world from my iPhone!
We have had a great trip! Seeing Mel so engaged visiting with his family and childhood friends was worth the trip. Too bad we have to be back so soon. It will probably take about nine hours to get home....if we don't stop at all. I will post some photos later when I can access my own computer. We saw some beautiful sights yesterday. Mel's brother Joe lives at the base of a gorgeous area called Dry Fork Canyon. It really was fun to see.
So I hope you have a wonderful Sabbath day. Take care out there in cyberspace! Keep smiling! I will too! HAVVVGW!!! Melody

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blessed Honored Pioneers

Good morning! We are in Ogden this morning, soon to leave for Vernal. The pioneer day celebration concert was really amazing. It was certainly worth the trip here even if we didn't have a wonderful daughter and her wonderful husband and six boys to visit. But now we are headed toward Vernal to meet with Mel's sister and brothers. It should be fun!
So just sending friendly greetings. I hope your day is happy. Take care!! HAVVVGW!!! Melody

Friday, July 22, 2011

Art and Devices

Good morning!  I am up preparing my lesson to hand off to one of my favorite young women.  She is a young adult now and so she can sub for me.  She is nearly as excited to do it, as I am to have her do it.  One of the presidency will sit in class with her....not that she couldn't handle it, but I guess it is some sort of policy.  Anyway, I really do appreciate her helping me out.  It is hard to leave town when I have an obligation to teach.  So I am preparing handouts and things to make it easier for her.
I also need to pack, but that should go quickly.  And change the oil in our little Honda.  I can't believe I have already put 5000 miles on it!  I guess I drive about 30 miles into school each day, so there is 60 miles a day.  And then I am usually driving to get grandkids, or shop, or whatever.  It helps that we get such good gas mileage.
Let's see...after that I am free to leave...yay!  It makes it seem more like summertime with a trip planned, even if it is only for a couple of days.  I wish it was for a couple of weeks.  I don't think we have taken a trip like that for quite a long time.  I have with daughters.  But Mel just never has the time it seems.  His is not a business he can just up and leave.  Sigh!
Oh, I guess you are anxious to know....:)  What is my next art assignment?  It should be interesting.  We are supposed to come up with a device using or augmenting some part of the human body.   The teacher was pretty loose in his expectations.  I think I have a lot of freedom in figuring this one out.  We watched a pbs video on Tim Hawkinson.  It was pretty interesting.  He has a device called an emoter.  To really appreciate it you have to see a video, but here is a photo.
I think it reacts to sound or something.  And the different parts of the face move with different sounds.  It is really kind of cool.
I asked Amy and Kim and Liz for their ideas yesterday.  It was fun.  Some of the ideas were...a huge pair of sunglasses that had mirrors on the side to see behind you....a palm sized computer that was actually part of your palm....a device to smell things for you (Amy lost her sense of smell when she got a concussion about 16 years ago and she misses it!)....a device that allows you to nurse your baby in the car seat in the back and still drive the car:)  That one made me laugh.  I think we all are getting excited about Liz's new baby.  He is expected to arrive in September!  Let's see...I think they plan to name him Alexander.  I am amazed still that parents know the sex of their baby before it is born.  I kind of liked the excitement of finding out the sex when the baby was born.  But I guess in some ways it is good.  Grandmas can start knitting pink or blue waaaayyyy ahead of time.  I don't knit much though.  I used to crochet a lot, but I don't do that either.  I just drive...back and forth to school:)
Well, I had better get on with things here.  I hope you have a most lovely day out in cyberspace today.  Take care and remember I''m still pulling for you!  We're all in this together!   HAVVVGW!!!  Melody

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Silverware Art

Good morning!  I am home from school already and I still have a half an hour before it's not morning anymore.  Class was interesting again today.  We watched a few more artist pieces from Art 21...they are available on the internet.

You can kind of see some of the utensils in this photo

I brought in my finished wind chime, but found out that they weren't due until Monday:)  I guess he announced that yesterday after I left.  So working so intensely on it wasn't all that necessary, although it frees up my weekend.  We are going to a Weyerman family reunion in Vernal.  We are also stopping to watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform their Pioneer Day Concert.  I am quite excited to see that.  It should be a lovely, stress free weekend.
In the meantime Taylor is here with Liz, Amy and two of her boys and daughter are due to arrive any minute, and I think Kim may drop by.  So it should be a good afternoon.  I love having family over.  I bought a book the other day I found at the craft store for Taylor.  It is a book about making paper airplanes, and it has all different kinds of cool paper to use with designs.  I was happy to see him with it.  It is always nice to feel like the gifts you get for kids and grand kids are appreciated!
So I realize how boring this is today....sorry.  I do have a treat for you though!  Two sides of the sign downtown.  Are you ready?  First side ..."Camel - a horse designed by committee."  I liked that one!  But this next one made me laugh out loud...."Baroque - when you're all out of money."  I hope you got a little chuckle out of those.  And I hope you are having a fantastic day out there in cyberspace.  Take care!  And HAVVVGW!!!  Melody

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Bit o' the Irish

Another busy day!  But happy and fulfilling so far:)  In class we watched pbs art 21 about four different "artists".  I put that in quotations because I wouldn't really categorize them all as real artists.  But the world does apparently and they are well payed:)  I brought in the beginnings of my silverware wind chime and my teacher liked it.  I really do too.  It is fun to find a use for these odd pieces of silverware, and they sound beautiful!  Last night as I was working on it the wind kept them chiming in beautiful delicate tones.  I will probably hang this in the least for a while.  It has its own beauty.  I will keep working on it tonight as I got some good suggestions from my teacher that I want to adding more pieces and using something more elegant than fishing line to tie them to the base.  He suggested silk thread.  I will try that and also silk ribbon....or embroidery thread.  I will see what I can find.
I came home to a lovely sight.  Kim is here cleaning out my pantry.  She has been working in the shop for Mel and he ran out of stuff for her to do out there, so he sent her inside with instructions to clean out the pantry.  I am a little embarrassed it needs cleaning....but we have had so many people in and out and then with school work...I just never get to it.  It is looking so much better!  And now I can see what food storage I need to resupply.  I have run completely out of things like mayonnaise.  And other things have gotten too old to use.  The garbage can is going to be stuffed!  Good thing our garbage day is tomorrow.
Reminds me how excited my little boys used to get on garbage day.  They used to watch for the garbage truck to come.  I think I was a little afraid they might aspire to be garbagemen.  I think the thing that was appealing was that they got to ride on the outside of the garbage truck.  Funny to think of now.
Well, I hope all is going well out there in cyberspace.  I think you deserve an Irish blessing on such a beautiful here goes:

Keep smiling!  I'm still pulling for you!  HAVVVGW!!!  Melody

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Artist's View of Things

 Wow!  Today just seems to be speeding!  I guess because I have been very busy.  Michelle and Gary and their family came last night to spend the night before leaving for the coast.  They have 6 kids ranging in age from 17 to boy, 5 girls.  Anyway it was fun to see them and visit, but we stayed up way too late.  And then we were up pretty early since I have to leave by 7:30.  It was hard to leave as I would rather have visited with everyone before they left for their 2 week camping trip down the coast, to the Redwoods and on over to Tahoe.  I wish so much we could have tagged along.  But oh well.
School was really interesting.  We watched a film about an artist named Andy Goldsworthy, called Rivers and Tides.  He is an artist that uses things in the natural environment to create sculptures and other artifacts.  Some of them are very fragile and they just blow away, like this stick creation.
Others are made of ice like this cool snake-like sculpture made from icicles, or the more solid looking structure made from river ice.  Then he apparently makes these rock sculptures that are more fragile than they look.  Anyway, I loved his work.  It was very unique.  And it amazed me that he can make a living doing something so fun.  I guess he photographs everything and then makes books and films.  It was really a treat to see.
So now that leaves me with a dilemma.  How can I possibly make something beautiful with curlers?  Well, I can't.  So I spent a little time in
This was made with icicles!
This one was made with ice

This is made with rock
Hobby Lobby after school.  Do you have one of those?  It is a huge store with lots of junky stuff to decorate your house, some of it actually very nice:)  And lots of crafting supplies.  I don't usually spend any time there, but they do have some sort of interesting things.  So I wandered up and down aisles trying to get an idea....and I think I did.  They had a wind chime section that was really interesting and one in particular caught my attention.  It was made with fake dishes and a tea pot.  That made me think.  Could I make something with the old silver spoons that I have inherited?  They are mismatched and very tarnished and I have never known quite what to do with them.  I can't sell them because of the sentimental value.  But maybe a wind chime?  So I am going to try it out.  We shall see!
Well, I am exhausted, so I am going to take a power nap, then I will start polishing silver:)  I hope your day is going well out there in cyberspace.  And yes, I am definitely in pursuit of my dreams!  ZZZZZZ!
HAVVVGW!!!  Melody