Saturday, July 16, 2011

Consider the Lilies of the Field

Well, I think it is done, done, done!  My wire sculpture that is.  It probably won't look done to you, but it is supposed to have certain qualities, which are: convex and concave, transparent, translucent, and opaque, inside and outside, negative and positive shapes.  And then I suppose it would be nice if it was pleasant to look at, but I think I have failed in that area.  Sigh!  So let's see if this will upload.  Yes!  Can you believe I have spent the better part of three days on this?  Wait four days!  That's ridiculous of course, but so much of learning takes practice, and I need practice on this for sure.  At least it looks like something.  Most of the other students are doing some variation of a circle or a square or a squiggly line.  They are smart!!:)  The hardest part was sewing!  I had to secure the material onto the wire and glue didn't work very well except for gluing cheesecloth.  So most of this is hand stitched.  I used a little tiny needle because I couldn't find anything else...until I was putting it all away just a bit ago.  Then I found a brand new package of very thin, large eyed needles that would have been perfect,  Sigh!
Right now there is a thunderstorm outside.  It is getting dark, the wind has picked up and I can hear the rumbling sounds of thunder.  Perhaps it will cool things down and water the lawn:)
So, now that I have my sculpture done I am going to start putting together my lesson for YW tomorrow.  It is on forgiving yourself.  I think that is a good topic, and also one I struggle with.  Obviously or I wouldn't still feel bad about throwing spaghetti:)  Or was it linguini:)  I love that clip!  I think the hard part of forgiving myself is that I am still not perfect.  And that is OK.   I am learning that slowly but surely.  But I will keep at it.
Oooh!  That was a loud boom!  I guess I will sign off.  I hope your day has been wonderful.  Take care and remember.....:)  So much to remember!  HAVVVGW!!!  Melody

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