Saturday, January 21, 2012

Being an "Artist":)

Good morning, Guten morgen, and Howdy!  I am off to a late start:)  Well, not really.  I was up around 3:30 this morning.  I couldn't sleep so I looked up trains and room interiors and different artists on the internet until I felt tired.  It was fun and brought back memories of riding in the dome car through the Feather River Canyon.  However, I have decided not to draw the interior of a train.  I think I can make a more convincing argument of my interior through a front room or a bedroom.  I like the idea of having a fire place...or at least a pellet stove:)  And a mantle of course that I can draw symbolic things.  And I like the idea of a door open and a large picture window.  I really love the picture in "The Polar Express" (the book) in the last pages where the boy is standing at the door looking at the train in his yard and waving good-bye.   And I like this drawing, By the Sea, I found on Chris Van Allburg's website.
I love the ocean out the window!
 We can't have people or animals in our picture, but I think I can figure out other things.  And of course I can't copy the beautiful illustrations by Chris Van Allsburg.  But I like the mood of the painting, and especially the lighting.  I will be busy today figuring things out.
And of course there is the sculpture.  I still have no idea what I will do with that.  I have thought maybe the bottom of a toilet plunger:)  I don't know!  It is still cooking in my brain.  I have a lot of books on sculpture that I still need to look through to see if I can get any ideas.  And of course I have been searching the internet.  It is such a convenient resource!
Well, I had better stop the fun and get to the work.  I do love blogging.  It kind of clears my "interior":)  I hope you have a most wonderful day out there in cyberspace today.  Keep smiling!  Melody

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