Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Evening Report

I'm home!!!!Yay!!!!!  It was a long day today, but I feel like I accomplished a lot.  And I figured out something for my found object sculpture.  My teacher is very nice to me in there.  I showed him my sketches and he picked the one he liked!  No one does that, but I am glad he did.  Then when I was getting things ready to pour it wasn't like the sketch.  But it turned out kinda cool I think, and I got good feedback from him.  I also have a friend, Albert, in that class.  He is also in my drawing class.  And last semester he was in my painting class.  He is a pretty amazing artist, and a really sweet young man.  He has a wife and a daughter, and I think he values family life.  When we were talking today we found we had some other friends in common.  It is such a small world.
In drawing class things went well too.  I really like my teacher in there.  In fact I like all of my teachers this semester.  I think I will learn a lot.  And classes are fun, even though with the time crunch things get stressful.  I have to have my three small drawings done by Thursday.  But I think I can do that.
Tomorrow is illustration again.  I need to make some thumbnail sketches tonight for that class.  And I have to find 6 things I don't mind parting with for my painting class.  We are doing a collage tomorrow.  Or at least starting it.  He thinks we should have more than one painting going at a time.  So we are starting the collage, but it isn't due until the last day of class in May.
Well, that's my world today.  Busy and fulfilling....and exhausting!  My back hurts, my knee hurts and I am really tired.  But I wouldn't have it any other way. (Well, I could do without the aching.) I love school!  And I feel like I am making progress today.  I may change my mind again tomorrow:)
The other good thing is that I am feeling a little thinner....not much yet.  But I feel like I am on the right track....the downhill slope track.  And I feel healthier already:)
I hope things are good in your neck of the woods.  I'm still pulling for you!  We're all in this together!!!  Have a most wonderful evening!   Melody

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