Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....

Good morning!!!  I am up and ready to go to school.  It doesn't start for 2 1/2 more hours though.  It's good I am up early because I need to re-examine my sculpture sketch....and add and subtract until it is a good idea.  Ugh!  I will be glad when that class is under way and I can talk to the teacher.  I feel just a bit lost in there.
So...I am greeting the day with a song...lalalalala!  And generally trying to stay positive.  I can do this!  My painting teacher said yesterday the most important thing was to have a willing heart.  I think I do.  As long as it doesn't cross my boundaries:)
Well, I can see I am full of gibberish this morning.  Hopefully I will get my head on straight for the day.  I just wanted to say.....hello, how are you, hope your day is wunderbar!  Keep smiling...I'm smiling...and laughing!!!!  Melody
P.S.  The sign downtown..."Footnote - sole music":)

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