Sunday, January 29, 2012

No Cussing!

Good evening!  I just had to let you in on the outcome of my's over!  And I don't think I said anything I shouldn't have.   And it ended up being even a little longer than 12 minutes.  So that was good.  The rest of church was good.  The other speaker is a friend of mine.  She gave a really nice talk.  I think she was even more nervous than I was though.  She said she went 19 years without giving a talk....but that someone had found out a few years back and now they call on her at least once a year.  I thought that was pretty funny.
After church Kim and her family came over for dinner.  Her oldest is Ellen.  She is a sweetheart, and a pretty good little artist.  She likes me to draw things for her, but I think she will be better than me eventually.  She is already drawing such complicated stuff, and she is only 11.  We had fun though.  We joined the no cussing club.  I found out about it at church today.  It is pretty cool.  By joining, which is free, you can print a member certificate and also a sign for your room or locker or whatever that says, "No Cussing Zone".  Some young boy, 14, started it in 2007, and it has spread all over the US.  I think it is great!  Here is a link if you are interested.  No cussing  I think it is amazing the influence one person can have.  It makes me want to be better at standing up for truth and righteousness!
Well, I guess I have said what I wanted to.  I sure do blog a lot!  Sorry.  It is good therapy:)  Take care and HAVVVGE!!!!!    Melody

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