Monday, January 30, 2012

A Wonderful Life!

Hello again!  Excuse me a minute while I answer my granddaughter's comment.  Dearest Hailey, I will be delighted to come and see you dance and to eat delicious cookies with chocolate chips in the middle, and my favoritest of all frosting!!!  I really love you too!  I used to be a little shy to dance too, but it is really fun when people clap for you and tell you to dance some more...which I certainly will do!  And Grandpa too!  I love to hear from you so please make sure to write to me some more.  Dear Grandma!
OK, so that was fun.  I love when Hailey sends me a special note, whether here, or on facebook, it is all wonderful.
So I know you are anxiously waiting to hear if my artwork made it into the show....and it did not:(  However, there were 225 entries, and only 37 got picked.  So I guess it was not too terrible.  And I did try. I talked to several other art students that didn't submit anything, so I am a step ahead I guess.  And it wasn't as bad as I thought.  A lot of the stuff that didn't get picked was really good, so I went away feeling OK.
In other news:)  I had a nice visit with my advisor this morning.  He was very encouraging, or at least he didn't say to go back to my kitchen:)  And he said I should come in any time and ask any questions I might have.  So that is good.  In his class today we watched a really hilarious video.  It is an interview of Maurice Sendak by Steven Colbert.  Of course, Maurice Sendak is a fabulous illustrator and author of several children's books, and one of the best in my opinion.  But I will warn you that the language is not virtuous, and the topics either at times.  But I really did think it was a lot of fun, in a mostly healthy sort of way.  Here is the link.  There are two parts.  Sendak 1, Sendak 2.
After illustration class was painting.  I think I am already learning a lot in there.  I have asked virtually every one of my teachers what is the difference between fine art and illustration.  Until today I did not get a satisfactory answer.  But my teacher today said that illustration is like a declarative sentence.  And fine art is like an interrogatory sentence.  It made it all so clear!  Of course I think the line is blurred any more, but at least it gave me some idea.  He also spent quite a while with me helping me to figure out what I might paint about for my first painting, without telling me what I had to paint.  He brought out several books for me to study of different artists too, which was really helpful.  I like his method of teaching.  I think I will like this class.
Well, tonight is family night the world around.  I am glad for that.  I like to spend time with Mel.  We usually watch a conference talk, and I get a lot out of that.  It is sure different without small children to share it all with though.  I will get used to this!  Or not:)
So I hope you have a lovely family night out there in cyberspace!  I'm still pulling for you!  It is a wonderful life!!!  TTTT  Melody

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