Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Leaps!

Hi again!  Here is a link that really makes me smile!!  And cry just a little.  I used to be able to do this...not so wonderfully, but I could.  But a caution...don't watch this if you don't like ballet.  My nephew Seth is in it a few times.  And don't turn it off too soon, run it til the red line is all the way to the end.  The last jumper is the most fun! Leaping!
Well, school was good.  Hard, but good.  I brought home my painting to work on it for the next couple of days before we head to Ogden.  I am feeling rather frustrated with it.  But at the end of class my teacher came over and talked to me about how to make it better.  He is such a good teacher!  I wish I was a better student.  I feel like today that I should just give it all up.  I am soooooo slow at learning!  But I think this is part of the way I learn.  I try something new and I stink at it.  Then I try it some more and really stink at it.  Then I start feeling like what's the use.  But if I don't give up eventually I start to get it a little.  And then a little more, and before too long I find I have mastered a little something.  But there are so many things to learn and today I feel very discouraged.
Yes, I know it is hard to do a self portrait.  And yes, I am still learning how to use paint temperature (which is what my teacher talked about with me today), but shouldn't it look a little bit like me?  Sigh!  I think I should be able to capture myself from 40 years ago without so much agony!  Oh well, I do like the faces in the background.  I feel like they pretty much look like who they are supposed to look like.  And I will learn this!!!!!!!!!
So have I ranted enough yet?  I hope so.  I need to not get so discouraged.  I am probably a little hungry.  I skipped lunch today.  So this is me, headed for the kitchen:)  I hope the next time I post this it will be better:)  Take care!  I will leap on in faith...nothing wavering!!!  HAVVVVGE!!!  Melody

Happy Leap Year!

I love February 29th!  The catch up day for the last four years!  I have a lot of catching up to do today!  I also like it because it is a birthday for my brother in law who is technically still a teenager:)  He is actually Mel's oldest living brother, but I think having a birthday only once every four years keeps a person young at heart, even if not young in body.
So we have a winter storm warning here.  I am watching the rain pouring and listening to the wind howling and thinking that maybe I will have to give myself a little extra time to get to class.  I had hoped to stay and learn photoshop from youtube this morning:)  But I may not do that.  The lights just flickered.  We often have power outages, so I think I'd better get going.  I just wanted to wish you some very merry leaping today!  Keep hopping!!!  And HAVVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Woman at work! Any minute now:)

Good evening!  It's been a long day, but I am not done yet!  I have some more sketches to do before tomorrow of Don Quixote, and then I think I need to prepare for my next painting coming up next week.  I also have a paper due on Thursday for sculpture, and a critique next week for my drawing class.  And this weekend is my granddaughter, Josephine's, baptism in Ogden:)  So it looks like I should keep my nose to the grindstone for a while.
Ha!  I heard an npr broadcast today about being too busy, and that we somehow like to be busier than the next guy...or at least say we are.  I know I am not.  I talked to a lady I met yesterday at school.  She has 5 kids at of them autistic, all the rest in sports, most of them teenagers, and she is going to school full time.  I asked her how she was doing it, and she took a very deep breath and started telling me about all that she was battling to get everything done, and it made me tired thinking of all she had to do.  I also know that she is at least a couple of semesters behind me in the classes she is taking...also that this is her first degree, so she is having to take core classes too.  I think she is the busiest person I have met yet.  And she added that she was LDS, so she had to run her kids to mutual and activity days and scouts!  She is a trooper.  I hope she is super energetic!
Well, that made me tired just telling you about it:)  I am trying to think of anything else that was rather interesting today.  Oh, I know.  I was talking to a young girl in my drawing class today.  She told me she was feeling really hungry, and to top it off she had given up bread for lunch.  I said, "For lunch only?"  She laughed and said, "No, for Lent!"  That made me laugh too.  She said she would have to go without it for 40 days.  I told her I had also given up bread, and sugar and white flour, but not for Lent.  I was just trying to lose weight.  She said she was hoping to lose weight too.  That kind of bothered me, because she isn't really very heavy.  In fact I would say she is quite beautiful in her own way.  Oh well.  We are a society that is all too weight conscious.
Well, I can see the flabber is beginning again.  I had better get drawing!  I hope you have a restful night! I may not.  Yeah, I had a diet Coke.  I hate myself when I do that.  Why don't I just have water?  Coke wakes me up about 2 and then I have a hard time going back to sleep.  This all seems very logical now, but earlier it sounded so good to have a diet Coke.  Sigh!  I have gone quite a while without doing this to myself.  I am back on the no caffeine wagon again!  Even if I have to settle for bottled water!  (If you read this last part very fast you can feel the effects of the caffeine:)  So good night and Hasta la Vista!  Melody
Sharing on your wall was harder back then!
P.S.  I saw this image on Facebook and I couldn't bring it up on here so I made my own version:)


Good morning!  I am off to school to sculpt, paint and contemplate Rocinante:)  How fun!  I hope I can use a chop saw without chopping anything too important!!!  Actually I think I will be using the jig saw mostly. Last week I used the table saw for the first time....and it was actually very scary!  And even more so after the teacher told me I was doing it wrong and could have sent the wood flying.  Phew!  I am glad that didn't happen.  Well, I hope things go well out there in cyberspace today!!!  HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Monday, February 27, 2012

Manic Monday 2

Good evening!  I am home and feeling a little proud:)  Not really, but it sounds good.  I did get through school today, and not too badly either.  First off, I got to tell my teacher that the video I recommended we watch as a class, "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore", won in it's category of the best animated short.  That felt good as I did get a little razzing when he showed it to the class.  Also I did well on my thumbnail sketches for that class today.  I am going to do "Don Quixote" for my poster, so I think it will be kind of fun.  I was going to do a dancer doing some kind of fantastic leap or whatever, but a couple of my sketches were about windmills and ol' Don on his horse, and my teacher liked those better.  Does it seem like I am always bending my will to the whims of my teachers?  Yep!  I figure they have more experience and also a little more of an objective opinion.
In painting I got personal instruction on the bone structure and anatomy of the human skull.  I asked my teacher for help in painting a younger version of myself for the painting I am doing.  So he took about a half an hour giving me pointers and painting as he went...and staying after class to do it.  He really is a dedicated teacher.  I am amazed at his knowledge of all of the bones in the human body.  And I suppose if I am going to be any kind of a painter I had better start learning all of this myself.  He was so confident in where each bone edge was and how it formed the face.  I would like
to have that much confidence!  Of course, he didn't have a lot of time to make it look very much like me, but I learned so much watching how he used the paintbrush and shades of paint.  I stayed another hour after he left and tried to do what he had showed me before I forgot.  But I have a lot of practicing to do before I learn this.  Sigh!  Is there enough time to learn all I want to learn?  I don't know.  Maybe some of this will have to take place in the Millennium:)
So tonight I am doing homework and waiting for Mel to come in from the shop.  He is working his employees round the clock right now, trying to keep up with orders.  It is good, but it keeps him so busy.  I am feeling a little like it is a really good thing I am busy with school.  I might feel a little ignored if I wasn't:)
Well, I hope this finds you happy and well.  Take care out there in cyberspace!  I am really pulling hard for you!!!  We're all in this together....  insert picture of pot of boiling soup with cannibals grinning around the edge:)  Just kidding of course!  HAVVVVGFHE!!!  Melody

Good morning!

Another week begins today with illustration and painting classes.  I must admit that it is about now when school seems to get harder.  All of my teachers are pushing for our best work, and piling it on.  So it seems a little overwhelming.  But I can do this!!!  I remember days of sick kids, or running teens to school and jobs and sports and drill team, and this is a piece of cake in comparison....or maybe it is just a different way of slicing the cake.   And I am majoring in what I love.  I have a friend here who is going for her master's in communication, and another who is getting a degree in chemical engineering.  I would not be as excited for school if I had to take either of those majors!  So I will count my blessings and head on over to school!  I hope you have a great day in cyberspace today!!!  HAVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Now Let Us Rejoice!

Shalom!  Today has been such a nice day.  We had stake conference this morning, and last night too.  Our visiting general authority was Robert B. Chambers.  I felt the spirit so strong as he testified today of the divinity of Jesus Christ, and also of his love for our prophet Joseph Smith.  I think he might be a church historian the way that he knew so well the history of Joseph Smith including many details of his surgery at 8 years old that I had not heard before.  I think the best things he said were that you must feel the truth, and then know it.  And that a family's spiritual traditions were extremely important, especially in our world today...things like family prayer and scriptures, and family home evening.  I should have taken notes because there was so much that he said that was so profound.
One of my friends, our stake Relief Society president, also gave a touching talk.  It was about the Cherokee Nation's tradition of how a young 12 year old boy becomes a man.  I found a youtube video that tells the story.  Here's the link.Cherokee Legend  I love that story!
Well, I hope this day is finding you well and happy!  HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Electric Mail

Hi again!  Are you still smiling?  Just think of me here in cold and windy Idaho, and smile away....unless you are somewhere colder and windier of course.  This wind is non-stop today.  But here I go.  I got my thumbnails done.  Now I am headed for school.  :)  Me


Good morning!  I hope it is for you!  It is windy here...really windy.  I could hear the wind through the night.  So I am a little tired today.  But oh well.  I think this is part of the package of growing older.  At least it seems to be a common complaint among my peers...or is the new word peeps?  Or maybe I am just catching on to a word that has been around for a decade or more:)  However when I hear peeps I think of little marshmallow chicks, not compatriots.
Last night we played cards with some friends...not the gambling kind...just "hand and foot."  Isn't that an odd name for a card game?  It sounds a little like a disease.  And I am learning that it is a good thing I am not a professional card player:)  I just don't care enough about the games.  It is only a little strategy and a whole lot of luck....of which I am apparently lacking.  But it doesn't bother me in the least to lose a game of cards.  I feel bad for whoever is my partner, but other than that I have no remorse.  However....if it was scrabble....that's a whole different story.  I think it is good we don't play it much....because I really want to win at that game.  And perhaps it is the card games we play.  In high school, and later at BYU, I used to play pinochle, and I enjoyed it a lot.  Then later, after the invention of the internet, I played canasta.  But I think it was because of the little "hee, hee, hee" that sounded every time you made a good play:)  Sorry, I am off on silly stuff again.
Today I am going to paint!!  I am going over to the school and working on my oil painting.  I need to work on it when there are no distractions.  I would bring it home, but then I have a wet oil painting to worry about getting back on Monday.  So I will stick it out for a few hours at school.
I hope things are going well today in cyberspace.  Keep smiling.  Remember I'm still pulling for you!  And have a most wonderful, inspiring, and joyful day!!!  Melody

Friday, February 24, 2012

Checking In

Guten Tag, or Buenos Dias, or Dobar Dan!  It is a little windy here, but the sun is out and it is beautiful.  I love crisp, clean days!  It would be a nice day to travel I think.  The only traveling I have had was over to my hair appointment this morning early, and then we had another appointment for Mel's business at 10.  So the day is slipping away very quickly.  I am debating with myself about going into school.  I would like to stay home and just veg, but I do have things I need to be doing for school.  So I need to write a list and prioritize.  Wanna see?  Here's my list:
1. Monday for illustration I have to have thumbnails for a poster.  It can be for a theatrical production of any long as it hasn't already been done to Cats.  I am thinking I would like to do a play.  Something I have seen.
2. For painting I need to finish the painting I am on, but I also need to pin down what I am doing for my next painting, which should be my current painting.   So I think I could stay home and work on the poster and the current painting, so that Monday is ready.
3. Then for Tuesday I have to finalize my instructions for my wood project for sculpture, and plan for what to do for my rock painting in drawing.  I think I can do most of that here at home...which sounds good!!  Lists help me.  I get so that I have too many things buzzing around in my head and I get a little anxious about how I will get everything done.  I'm still wondering that, but at least I can stay home and wonder.  And I am happy to draw.  The ideas are what is hard.  So I suppose I will prioritize things from easy and out of the the sculpture more difficult.  Am I boring you yet?  Sorry, this is really helping me:)
Well here's my wish for you today...A happy smile from all you meet.  A fuzzy puppy to warm your feet.  A day of fun and laughter too, and maybe even a trip to the zoo:)  I hope you have a great day in cyberspace today!!!  Take care!  And keep smiling!  It's your greatest asset!!!  Melody

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Long Day's Journey Into Night

Good evening!  I have had a very good day today.  Except for the part where my sculpture teacher told me my design wouldn't work and I had purchased the wrong kind of wood.  But I know my design will work, and I just have to tell myself that.  I have made very detailed plans on vellum and lined them up and they go together well.  And as far as better wood....if it turns out wonderful I will make it myself in better wood.  I know so little about wood sculpture, and he told us not to use hardwood.  So it was particle board or plywood or a project pine that was extremely pricey.  Yeah, I picked particle board:)  He said I should have picked plywood.  This kind of information is only helpful before you have the man at Lowe's rip the boards for you:)  Oh well.  It should all be fine.  The young man I am trading plans with is so sweet, and I think we will have fun working together.  He is limping around too.  He slipped a disc in his back that is pinching his cyatic (sp?) nerve, so he is limping big time.  It made me think I am a whiner! :)
My drawing class was really fun again.  I tried painting jellyfish over my rock painting:)  My teacher came by and thought the jellyfish were "nice", but not to forget the meaning of my painting...which is that I hate violence and especially rock and bomb throwing, and war!  Well, it's a little more complicated than that.  But I had thought that jellyfish were a good example of a dangerous thing that looked me throwing rocks dipped in paint at a is kinda beautiful, but rock throwing is definitely dangerous!  Anyway, he suggested I might paint or draw in some other things besides just jellyfish, so that it didn't become a painting about beautiful jellyfish.  I don't know that I would mind that...but oh well.  I started thinking and this is what I came up with:)
This canvas is 3' by 6' -
just to give you some perspective
Yeah, I changed one of the jellyfish into a soldier...and another into a parachute.  I think I will develop this more, and put other things that are not shaped like jellyfish.  Then maybe I will shoot paintballs at it:)  I am having fun with this though.  Maybe too much fun:)  I can see why Jackson Pollock got carried away with process...especially when they were paying him so much to do it:)  It is very interesting to look at all the paint splotches.  I kind of zone when I do.  But I suppose I really like color, and I like seeing how the paint drips into other paint.
Well, the sign downtown was a little disappointing.  "Dessert - the reason to eat dinner."  I guess I agreed with that not very long ago.  But now I am enjoying vegetables....and especially fruits!  Tonight we had strawberries...from California. They are not too sweet yet, but they are sweeter than most everything else I am eating...except grapes.  Yum.  I did go and buy some smaller jeans today.  So that is progress:)
Well, I guess I had better go put my feet up and rest.  I am tired!  But I am still loving school....even the less than wonderful moments. I am still so glad to be learning new things, and especially to be trying new things in art.  Today while I was painting I just had to laugh.  It really does do something wonderful to my insides!  I can't really explain it, but for me it is joyful to paint.  Even when I don't paint well!  Weird I know, but true.
I hope things are going well for you out in cyberspace!  I am still pulling for you.  We're all in this together!  And the drums have quieted down considerably today.  Did you notice? :)  HAVVVVVGE!!!  Melody


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Good afternoon!  Today is going pretty well.  My classes were both good, although in illustration I found out we definitely have to use the computer for this next project....but I asked the teacher how much, and he said if all we want to do is scan it and print it that that would be OK.  So maybe I can handle it:)  And in painting I used the new technique my teacher taught me to paint in a few mom, my uncle Norm and Tommy.  I really enjoyed painting Tommy's face in, and it made him seem close somehow.  So that was good.  And on the way home I stopped at the Cheesecake Factory and bought a piece of cake for his birthday and brought it home to share with Mel.  I haven't eaten anything sweet since just after New Year's.  Anyway, Mel thought I had gone off the wagon.  But I assured him it was just for Tommy's birthday and then he realized why I had gotten a piece of cake, so we both scarfed it down:)   Yummy!
And then I came home and read Earl and Opal's advice on a happy marriage....very funny!  Thank you, B. C. :)  Here's a link.  Love and Marriage  So I am feeling pretty good.  And now I have homework to finish for sculpture.  Then we will go purchase the lumber for my project.  I think it is good I am busy.  I seem to be able to cope better with sad events.
Tomorrow should be happier.  It is Kenny's birthday!  He will be 33!  I am grateful for him!  And Cindy too of course.  Time just keeps marching on.  And there is quite a bit of hope in that.
Well, I had better get working!  I hope the rest of your day is happy and full of good things!  I am definitely still pulling for you!  HAVVVGW!!!  Melody

Birthday Greetings!

Happy Birthday sweet Tommy!  You would be 35 years old today!  That is so hard to believe.  I still miss you!!!  And love you!!!!!!!!  Mom

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm Just Talking Silly Talk!

Good evening!  I sure had fun in my drawing class today.  We are studying processes, so I decided to try dipping rocks in paint and throwing them at the canvas:)  I had a pretty good mess when class was over.  Fortunately I had put a drop cloth down, so it was a quick cleanup.  Don't worry, it isn't done.  I have three weeks to keep at it.  Right now it looks a little like Jackson Pollock I think.  But I am going to put some lines in, in response to the paint.  I think I see a jelly fish in there somewhere:)  I really am having fun though.  This photo isn't great.  I had already put it up on the shelf and then I remembered I should get a photo.  So it was quick...and a little at an angle.  It is much better in real life:)
Sculpture went well.  I am feeling a little intimidated in that class, so I am very happy when I get through a class period and all is still well.  My teacher liked all of my hard work.  No one else in the class had made as much progress.  So I looked good:)
Tonight I should redo all of my drawings on the nice proper sized vellum I bought today.  But I hurt!  I think it is the wet weather, but both my knees and my shoulder are really sore.  It is tough getting old.  But I had a nice compliment today.  The topic of my age came up and I said I was 62.  The young man who was sitting across from me looked genuinely astonished and said, "You don't look a day over 40!"  The funny thing was he meant it.  And considering I am limping today, that really was nice.  But I think when you are only 20, 40 looks old.  So he may have just been being kind.
Well, I think I am going to run some really hot water in the jacuzzi and hide in there for a while.  Take care out there in cyberspace!  I am still pulling for you!!!  We're all in this together....(distant drums playing).  HAVVVVVGE!!!  Melody

Scribble Hi

Hello! It's a busy day today. School is going well though. I got through my sculpture class. Next is drawing where I will be dropping painted rocks on a 3x6canvas. Should be fun! I hope your day is going well. Take care and HAGW!!!! Melody

Monday, February 20, 2012

The remains of this day!

Aack!  I am feeling crazy!  So maybe if I write about it I can see how to figure things out.  I have my in scale drawings done, but now I must draw the shape for each layer as a pattern.  How do I do that?  Hmmmmmmm- OK, I got something figured out.  But it took me a few hours:)  Now I am headed to bed!  But before I do...the sign downtown..."Microwaves - poor surfing conditions".  Oh well, they are funny sometimes.  Nighty night!  Me

Rise and Shout!

Good morning!  I am finally up.  I think I am avoiding today just a little.  I have so much to do before school tomorrow!  But I can do this.  And it probably will not take me as long as I am anticipating.  In life I have found that sometimes anticipation is much worse than reality.  But then sometimes the opposite is true.  Oh well, I guess the best thing is just to start in.
I found this photo and it reminded me...:)
When I was young, one of my most hated chores was dishes!  We didn't have a dishwasher of course, so it was a longer chore than it is now.  My mom used to say the hardest part was getting your hands wet.  Of course, it took me a long time before I knew what she meant.  But I am glad she taught me that.  It has helped in tackling many things over the years.  In fact, this is much easier than being a mom.  I can do harder things than I am required to do today.  So that will be my motto today as I draw an in-scale drawing of Half Dome and all of the patterns for each ring of wood.  I should be enjoying this once I figure it out.  I found a cool sculpture online that will help quite a bit I think.  This is the link.  Half Dome
I also have to figure out what I am going to throw rocks at for my painting project.  I am leaning towards a stretched canvas, since it would be more portable than a long piece of wood.  And I have quite a bit of canvas left on this roll.
I had strange dreams again last night.  I woke up with a word in my head....hebeebsis I think.  I was reading it on a poster just before I woke up.  Just for fun I tried to translate it in google translator, but it still remains hebeebsis....maybe I am spelling it wrong:)  Dreams are such strange things.  Sometimes they make me feel better, but most of the time I wake up feeling a little frustrated...or tired:)  Last night in one of my dreams I was watching children again.  The nice thing was I was much younger...and my knee didn't bother me at all!  It does seem to be getting better slowly.  Mel commented that I look like I am walking better:)
Well, I guess I had better get on with things.  I hope you have a gladsome, cheery day out there in cyberspace today.  Keep smiling!  I am smiling from this side.  Life is grand!!  TTTL  Melody

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Carol to My King

Good Sabbath!  It is sunny and bright here.  And there is sunshine in my soul!  I love that song...  on so many levels.  The line that goes, "When Jesus shows His smiling face" makes me think of a smile on one of my grandchildren's faces....sweet Josephine!  And giggly Naia, and sassy Elle....and endearing Hailey....and charming Alyssa...and gorgeous Madeline...and beautiful Cassie and  amazing Shelese....and I can't forget happy Rachel!  And I mustn't forget sweet Amanda or lovely Sarah!  My eleven wonderful granddaughters!  They form a circle of love and sweetness in my mind.  And then I have 16 grandsons!  I always wanted more sons, and I think of their noble characters and I am smiling in my soul today.  How very blessed I feel.  And I am so glad I listened forty two years ago to President Benson when he encouraged couples to have as many children as they were able.  I have never regretted that decision, or resented that counsel.  Of course we have had to pass by many of the luxuries in life, but now that I am at an age where I am sorting and tossing, I am glad that we passed those by.
So I guess I am back to counting blessings again.  They just seem to pile up:)  I am most grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, and for His atoning sacrifice, that makes it possible for me to repent and change.  I hope I am doing a good job of that:)  It would help if I could stop making mistakes in the first place.  Sigh!  And I am so grateful for Mel, my sweetheart for 42 years now.  We met in December of 1969, a month after my 20th birthday.  I remember it was like meeting an old and dear friend the first time we ever talked.  That first evening I told my roommate he was the kind of man I had always wanted to marry.  She thought I was nuts of course. She wondered how I could know that after only talking with him for a little bit.  I felt like we had always known each other.  It was a wonderful thing....and it still is.
And I continue to be grateful for challenges.  I don't always feel grateful when I am faced with them and struggling with them, but I know they are the things that make me grow stronger.  And no, I don't need anymore just now, thank you:)
Well, I guess I had better get going.  We have choir practice this morning.  I hope you have a most peaceful, happy day out there in cyberspace.  Keep smiling!  I am most definitely smiling from this side! HAVVVVVVVGS!!!  Melody

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day Tripping!

 Hi!  I talked Mel into taking me to the mountains today:)  It was so much fun!  The river is the north fork of the Payette River.  It is usually much higher, but it was still pretty.  The tired looking old people are Mel and I of course.  There was a little snow flurry that came in while we were there that I thought was pretty, and the sky was fabulous!
Anyway, I thought you might like seeing a little of scenic Idaho:)  And yes, I am avoiding homework!  Although we did stop at Lowe's on the way home and got a few more colors of paint from the Oops pile.

I love these colors!

The Golf Course

Say "Cheese!"

Hope your day was Grrrreat!  Take care out there in cyberspace!  HAVVVVVGE!!!  Melody

Under Lock and Key

Good morning!  I have been wondering what to write about this morning.  I thought you might enjoy the story of the scissor box.  It is remotely connected to Yosemite.
When my oldest daughter, Michelle, was growing up it became quite obvious that she had inherited the creative gene.  When she drew on the walls, it was not just a scribble, but a whole village would appear!  She had a fine sense for detail and I thought we had a budding artist for sure.  But things started going sour when she discovered scissors!  She loved to cut...and especially her own hair.  It started when she was about three, but continued on well into her kindergarten years.  I have a cute picture of her without much hair where her bangs should be.  Well, cute to me.  I think she doesn't like that photo too much.  Things got bad though, when she started cutting other people's hair!  Her cousin Vicki probably got the worst of that deal.  Anyway, I was frustrated as a mother.  I only had a couple of scissors, and I would hide them where I thought no one would find them.  But Michelle was my child who scaled her crib at 9 months, so the refrigerator top or the highest cupboard was really not much of a challenge.  And then one day when we were in Yosemite with my folks, my mom saw this little cedar box in the gift shop.  And she bought it for me to lock away the scissors.  And it worked!!!  I smile now a little when I think of bad haircuts.  Of course, that didn't end it completely.  Kim cut all of her beautiful ringlets off above her ears when she was only 2!  But that was my fault.  I left my sewing scissors out.  That one happened on my birthday...right before we were leaving for church.  I just sat in the middle of the floor and cried!  I am surprised neither of them went to beauty school!
Well, that is probably a little bit of a silly story.  But you may be wondering what I lock up in my little box now.  I was curious too.  I found an old newspaper clipping of my engagement to Mel, a ceramic thimble, a wooden flag pin, and my favorite article of all time, "I am the Queen, and that is all you need to know!"  It is a funny article about a mom who told her kids that and expected some respect in return.  I will have to copy it and include it here....maybe later today if I have time.
In the meantime, I have a couple of links to youtube for you.  They are of James Taylor when he was first on television....on the Johnny Cash show.  I thought they were kind of cool.  1971!  Oh Suzanna! and   Sweet Baby James.  I hope you enjoy these.  Have a happy day!  I am pulling for you!  We're all in this together!  And a little more Hungarian.... Sok szerencsét  HAVVVVGW!!!   Melody
P.S.  Just saw this and thought it was kind of cool!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Good evening!   It has been a good day today.  I had fun going to the different paint stores in town and looking at the different colors in the "oops" pile.  So far I have white and gray and light blue and a kind of Prussian blue and an orangey browney color they label "brick orange".  I will look in Boise next, probably tomorrow.  I am getting kind of excited about dropping painted rocks onto some surface....I think it will be a piece of painted plywood.  I am just worried at how heavy wood is.  Somehow I will have to get whatever surface into the classroom.  Maybe canvas would work better on a frame.  Hmmmm...
The other task at hand is still figuring out Half Dome.  I wouldn't worry so much if I was the one constructing it.  I hate to make a lot of work for one of my classmates though.  And it will be a lot of layers the way I have it designed so far.  I am trying to modify it somehow, so that it still looks like Half Dome, but not so complicated.  I want to be able to look my classmates in the eye when this assignment is over:)  But I also want to do my best.  Sort of a quandary I guess.
Did I mention that in illustration we are supposed to make a poster next?   Yep, and I think it is supposed to end up being digital.  I hope I heard that wrong:)  But I think that is what the teacher said.  It's funny how all of a sudden I am noticing every poster I walk or drive by.  There are a lot of them.  I guess I didn't really notice before this assignment.
Well I don't really have much interesting to share....except the sign downtown:)  "Fungi - the life of the party".  I laughed out loud when I got that one.  The other side was funny too, but I forget what it said.  Maybe tomorrow:)  So have a good date night!  We watched a movie I rented...not very good.  It was called "Bed and Breakfast" and I would give it a two thumbs way down!!!  Although there were some pretty scenes of the Napa least it looked like it was taken there.  I love when they show scenery that looks familiar in movies!  There was a lot of Portuguese in the movie.  But the subtitles went so fast we had to keep pausing it.  I don't think we have ever had to do that before.  Maybe Portuguese is a fast language.  I don't know.  Anyway, I will sign off now.  GW!!!!!!!  Melody

The Rock that Split

Top o' the mornin' to ya!  It is super to be able to just take my time.    I was going to say nice, but it is so much more than nice!  I love not having to rush!
So I thought I might share my topographical view of Half Dome with you.  It is pretty cool to look at it from above.
I pared it down somewhat from the large map that shows all of the surrounding area.  It makes me a little homesick for Yosemite:)  I love that area, and I have so many fond memories of going there as a child and teenager, and even as an engaged young woman.  Mel came with our family when we were engaged to be married.  We all slept in one big tent...separate sleeping bags of course...except for Joy and Diane who decided to sleep outside the tent so that they could see the stars.  We had to drag them quickly inside the next morning though, when a bear cub climbed the tree right next to them!  Ah memories!  Just seeing Half Dome brings many of them back to me.  It dominates the Yosemite Valley!  Of course there is also El Capitan.  And all of the gorgeous water falls.  Maybe I can talk Mel into taking me there this summer.  Especially if we don't camp.  He has never liked camping the way that I do.  And now that I am old and rickety I am kind of glad:)  Although with an air mattress I could probably tough it.
Here are a couple of pictures, just in case this is not familiar to you.
It is magnificent!  I hope my sculpture works.  I am slicing it up into 38 bits of elevation, using pine I think.  My teacher said no hard woods:(  But it should still be kinda cool....I hope.  At least I am enjoying the process of designing it.  I hope I get a partner that can understand this idea.  Most people in my class are pretty young, and they have not even heard of Yosemite!  Unbelievable I know, but true.  And I even like my idea behind it....that I am "the rock", but I am not gluing it together.  I am going to put it on a puzzle that can come apart....the way I can I guess:)  When I told my teacher he said, "Oh, you go home and cry somedays, huh?"  Very perceptive:)
Well, I suppose today I will be drawing vellum slices of Half Dome, finding wood, paint, and other sundries at Lowe's and Home Depot, doing laundry, running errands, and maybe cleaning house:)  And I should go over to the school and paint, but maybe I will save that for tomorrow...or Monday.  We have a day off of school Monday for President's Day.  I am glad for that!
So have a happy day out there in cyberspace today!  I'm pulling for you!  We're all in this together!!!!  HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quotes for the Day

Good evening!  I am home and sooooo glad to be here.  School was hard today.  I just need a thicker skin...and good quotes from famous sources:)  I am smiling!
In sculpture I am going to tackle Half Dome:)  Or at least I am going to design it for someone else to tackle.  Mel suggested I could use a topo map to figure it out.  I have to have the plans all done by Tuesday.  And then I have to buy the materials for someone else to make my design.  And of course I will get someone else's in return.
 In my drawing class I came up with an idea that my teacher liked.  I am going to drop rocks:)  Actually I am going to drop rocks dipped in house paint  (whatever colors I can find in the Oops paint pile) down onto a long board or plank.  I will have to take a picture of this one in order to explain it.  But I think it will be fun!  And I will feel a little like Jackson Pollock I think...splashing paint every which way.  I will have to do this in our big room at school and even then I will need to protect the floor somewhat.  I am planning to stand on a ladder and drop a few rocks, then move the ladder down and drop a few more.  And no, I don't have some great meaning behind this, although I suppose I could tie it into how much I hate bombs dropping....or how the earth evolves through flood and avalanches.  But I really don't think I should have to come up with an explanation.  Unfortunately, my teacher expects an artist's statement.  So I will have to think of something!  I will have to look up Jackson's reasons for his paintings:)  I remember  an artist in one of the many films I have watched saying, "I'm an must be art!"  I can't remember who said it, but I thought it was funny.  I really like this better though, by Salvador Dali, "Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it."
Well, I just thought I would check in and assure the world I am still alive and kicking.  And I am glad I am.  I thoroughly enjoy all of the students I am meeting and getting to know.  Each one is so interesting. And I am finding that I like them all.  And I am glad I am not having to compete with any of them!  They are all so talented...and miles ahead of me in many ways.  I hope your day has gone well.  Keep smiling!   Life is wonderful!  Here is one of my favorite youtube sculptures by Andy Goldsworthy.  Rivers and Tides part one  Enjoy!   HAVVVVGE!!!  Melody

Misty Memories

Good morning!  I sure had a lot of dreams last night.  In one of them I was back on that icy road on my way to school!  That really did scare me.  Another one brought back some memories of San Lorenzo and Hayward that I thought I should record, since I will probably soon forget them if I don't:)  When I was 8 years old my folks decided to move from San Lorenzo to Castro Valley and so they bought a lot and started building.  Of course to do that we had to sell the house we were in.  I don't remember much of those details, but I do remember that after the house sold we had to move.  The first rental was just down the street....about five houses down I think.  I don't remember a lot, but I do remember our cat started having her kittens.  Unfortunately she was a very young cat and things did not go well and she tore something inside so that she was in pain.  I remember her jumping from one moving box to another, and dropping kittens on her way.  My mother was pregnant with my littlest sister and it was especially upsetting to her.  We gathered all of the kittens up and kept them warm.  But we had to take the mommy cat to the vet.  It didn't make it, so then we had all of these little kittens to try to keep alive.  One by one they died.  They didn't used to have kitten formula the way they do now, and we were probably feeding them the wrong stuff.  I can remember milk coming out through their noses.  So sad!  We buried the kittens one by one as they died.  I can remember being sad, but realizing that my mom was even sadder.  I just thought I would record that memory.  My little sister probably doesn't even know the trauma my mom went through right before she had her.
The other memory was in the next house we rented.  It was in Hayward, a couple of blocks from downtown....right next to the railroad tracks.  We lived there for a few months before we moved into our new house.  There was a family next door with a bunch of boys.   There was one my age.  He was somewhat of an adventurer.  One thing I remember doing with him was putting coins on the railroad tracks and waiting for the train to come and run over them.  That was really cool, but probably kind of dangerous.  The other thing I remember is catching bees.  I had a fascination for bees.  We would catch bees by stomping on them in the clover, not too hard, just enough to stun them.  Then we would carefully pick them up and place them on our pant legs and watch them crawl around in a stunned fashion til they finally got their bearings and flew away.  I don't think I made this method up.  I learned it from him:)  Amazingly we never got stung.   He and his brothers also liked to jump off of their roof...which was quite high I think.  I never tried that....thank Heaven!  I wonder where their mom was now:)
The other vivid memory I have is when my sister was born and my Aunt Ida came to stay with us.  She walked all three of us kids downtown to the corner store to get Shasta!  It was warm...Diane was born on June 30, so those drinks were wonderful!  I had never heard of a Shasta before then, so I was really impressed.
Well, I hope I haven't bored you too much.  I thought they were kind of interesting memories.  And now they are recorded:)  And I had better get going!  I hope you have a most wonderful day out there in cyberspace!  Take care and remember I am still pulling for you!  We're all in this together!!!!  HAVVVVVVVGW!!!!!  Melody

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hi again! I am laughing! Although I didn't actually fall asleep, I did get a little rest.  And then I cooked a healthy dinner...mostly veggies, and even watched a program I kind of like...In the Middle.  And now I am trying to come up with an art process for my drawing class tomorrow.  One of the artists we watched in a powerpoint last class wore a sandpaper glove and drug his hand along a wall....back and forth, back and forth for eight hours I think.  Then he took a picture:)  He also put sandpaper on the bottom of his shoes and walked back and forth on a bridge til it made a path.  There was another artist who entrapped an ant in a metal border and then drew everywhere it went for quite a while..Another artist took a can of green house paint and poured it along Israel's border...Francis Alys is his name.  He is very interesting.
Another time he pushed a block of ice around Mexico City, photographing it until it finally melted.
I must admit I would never have thought this was art.  But what do I know?  Not much apparently!  So I need to come up with a process that is weird too I guess:)  I shouldn't make fun of it.  I really do admire the creativity.  But I have no idea what to do that would even approach this kind of process.  I don't think BSU would want me to pour paint anywhere, and ice wouldn't melt just now.  Maybe the sandpaper on my shoes would be fun:)  Not!  But it might keep me upright if the ice gets too bad.
Sorry, I am being quite silly.  You'd think with this mindset I could come up with something!  Well, I guess I will bend my mind around a few more processes on the internet and then call it quits for today.  I hope your night is restful and quiet and all the good things.  I heard an owl this morning when I was up so early.  I remembered when I first heard one and I thought it was a person outside my door:)  Soooo funny!  Sweet Dreams!  Melody

Flabbering Some More

Good evening...almost.  The sun is doing its transition as I write.  Or maybe it is the earth.  Hard to tell with both of them whizzing through space at remarkable speeds.  Today I have been thinking about what my cousin Steven said, "Every day is a miracle for each of us."  It really is, when you stop to think on it a bit.  The amazing earth, and all that is balanced precariously within its confines that sustains life is truly a miracle.  That brings to mind The Galaxy Song, and then I giggle just a little.  I think it is one of my favorites now.
So I am trying to put things in perspective...can you tell?  I had a most harrowing trip to school this morning.  There was black ice everywhere...and the visible kind too.  It took me an extra half an hour, and I felt like I was sliding the whole way.  I guess I should have taken the Explorer.  It might not have been so unstable.  Anyway, I did get to school safely, although definitely quite shaken.  And I walked into my illustration class a couple minutes late, which didn't seem to matter fortunately.  But then I had to put up my illustration, and although it was not the worst, it was definitely not the best.  And I must admit I like to be at least one of the best:)  My teacher wanted to know what happened:)  I told him I needed a couple of weeks, or maybe months.  He said, "Maybe years!"  Of course, he said it jokingly, but he also kind of meant it.  He thinks we all need to practice our skills.  And of course I agree.  But it was kind of a miserable critique for me.  I think it was for quite a few of us though.  We commiserated after class out in the hall:)
After class I felt rather lousy.  So I drove over to the co-op nearby where they sell the most delicious croissants!  I bought two and ate them both.  I know....bad carbs.  But it did feel very comforting:)  And I skipped lunch after that thinking I had better repent!!   Next I had my oil painting class.  I think it is my favorite class.  Of course I am reminded in there each time about how limited my painting skills are.  But even with that I still love it.  I love painting...even though I have so far to go before I really can paint.  But today I did learn a new technique from my very sweet teacher.   He really is a gem of a nice guy.  He is so sensitive and he really cares about his students.  And he goes out of his way to teach you something you need to know.  It is truly inspiring.  I know that I need to learn to be more caring and kind in this way.   So I ended my school day on a good note.
I really am tired.  Not the good kind, but the wrung out kind.  So I think I need to pay better attention to getting the right foods ...and more sleep!  I am really trying to make a life style change, rather than just a diet.  I need this to work for the rest of my life.  So that when I eat two croissants that I can adapt it into my day and not beat myself up about it:)  I am very serious about not admitting sugary sweet things back into my diet though. I...I....I....  there I go again.  Sorry.  I think I will go take a power nap!  Then maybe I will remember what it was I learned that was so interesting today:)  TTTL  Melody
P.S.  For anyone who has ever had a will have to click on it to actually be able to read it.


Good morning!  And it is a lovely morning, even if I do have to take this awful illustration for a critique this morning.  I guess I should have left it black and white, because I really don't have a clue with color.  Although I kept thinking if I had just scanned this and done the color digitally I might have come out ahead.  Oh well, enough self pity.  It is what it is.  And I am still learning....for sure!!!!  So enough whining!!!
Besides this foreboding about the critique I have this morning:) I am feeling pretty good.  Although my next class will be painting and I am still feeling lost in there.  Hmmmm, maybe I am a little tired.  I sure sound negative.  Perhaps because I have already been up for three hours.  Yeah, I woke up at 4 and couldn't fall back asleep.  Sigh and double sigh...and a yawn, and maybe a loud BAM!  That should wake me up:)
Well, the other thing I notice is that I am flabbering away.  Reminds me of a children's book I like...Rain Makes Applesauce.  One of the lines is "You're just talking silly talk...and rain makes applesauce."
Well, I had better go make applesauce...or something for breakfast.  Here's wishing you a great and wonderfilled day out there in cyberspace.  I will keep smiling if you will:)  And I definitely am smiling...even chuckling this morning!  HAVVVVVGW!!!!!  Melody

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Sun Fades slowly in the West:)

Hi again!  I just got home...everything went well at school today.  Of course I now have new assignments for every class but illustration, since we finished our drawings today.  And then tomorrow we will finish our illustration project, so we will get a new assignment in there too.  We watched an interesting couple of videos in my drawing class.  I will give you a link for the shorter one.  Cai Guo Quaing  This Chinese artist does work in gunpowder:)   It is quite interesting.  Our next project is in processes, so this was one of the artists who works in processes.  We also watched a video of William Kentridge.  He is an artist from South Africa that does drawings that he makes into films and also uses operatic musical accompaniment.  Actually he has done whole operas with his films as a backdrop.  The video about him was very interesting, but long.  I guess he is quite popular right now in the art world.
Well, I am going to paint my illustration now.  I am kind of avoiding it, and I shouldn't since I have to turn it in tomorrow morning.  I just don't want to do it wrong.  So I guess there is another argument for getting to it:)  Have a lovely evening!  Keep smiling!  I am!!!!!  Melody

Another Failed Attempt (Success must be right around the corner!)

Good morning!   And Happy Valentine's Day!  I am up and ready to face today's challenges, and yes it should prove to be challenging.  I am supposed to come up with some autobiography in wood....not carved, which I think might be easier, but what do I know?  Anyway, I will come up with something.  Then I have a break before the drawing of the ship in my house is due.  So I will go in there and try not to ruin it:)  Bob Fagan used to say when you hear yourself saying, "I'm just going to fix this one thing" that you should stop before you ruin everything.  I think he may have a point.  I was painting my illustration last night and I did that very thing.  It was looking pretty good and I thought "I'll just try this color here on the neck..."  Bad idea.  The color was wrong, way too dark, and I couldn't erase it with water or paper towels or even tears!  Sooooo...after class I am going to attempt it again.  But this time I will use watercolor and save the acrylic for practice sessions for a while.  I just don't have time to goof this up since it is due tomorrow morning.  And that is one of the problems of school...that everything is so rushed.  But I suppose that is also true when you are trying to meet deadlines in work.  I know that is true for Mel in his work.
      I had a frustrating dream about pancakes earlier.  It was one of those dreams where you want something (pancakes), but no matter how hard you try you never quite get them, or in this dream I did finally get them, but they were cold:)  I guess I am missing pancakes on my current diet.  Or maybe it is the sweet syrup.  Actually sweet things are not calling to me anymore....kind of amazing for me.  In fact I don't crave foods the way I used to.  I think it really helps not to eat sugar.  Am I boring you yet?
     So here is an interesting thing.  Did you know that Victor Hugo, the author of Les Miserables, was also a great artist?  I didn't until yesterday.  His work is amazing!  I love his writing, and now I love his artwork!
     So I am wishing you all the best today...and smiling as I do.  Take care out there in cyberspace!  I'm still pulling for you!  We're all in this together!  HAVVVVVVGW!!!  I mean that!  Melody

Monday, February 13, 2012


Hi again!  How's your day going?  Mine is turning out to be pretty good.  I went to my painting class expecting to be blasted out of the water for not doing enough, and it turns out I did just fine.  In fact better than fine.  I still do not have a clear vision of what my next painting will be, but I am closer after having a group critique.  It helps to hear other opinions about the direction you are going.  I wonder if Michelangelo ever got that kind of help:)  Or Rembrandt?  At least they must have gotten help when they were learning how to paint in the first place.  I wish I got a little more of that actually.
Now I am going to roll up my sleeves and whip out my illustration for Wednesday's class:)  I am going to try more time.  I hope I can get it right.  It is a little tricky for me.  I keep thinking it is watercolor....but of course it is not.  This method I am going to try is kind of like watercolor though.  The artists I am imitating are Sam Weber and Eric Fortune.  I would put a link to Sam Weber but his subject matter is not all great.  Probably true of Eric Fortune too.  But I like the method of using acrylic washes and then filling in with more intense color.  So I am going to get brave and try it on my simple illustration.  I hope I can pull it off.  Wish me luck!!!
Here's wishing you...a great rest of today.  It is half gone already!!  Aaaack!  I love writing that:)  It is sooooo expressive.  So are zap, pow, zing too, but so far I haven't found a use for them in my blog:)  I'll have to think on that for a while:)  So long!  Melody

A New Wheeeeek!

Good morning!  I have been up a while trying to find good topics for my sketches.  I have to leave for school in a couple of hours.  My first class is a work/study time, so I don't have to go in until my second class.  Anyway, I am struggling with these sketches.  My teacher said that they shouldn't just be thumbnails, but well developed least three.  He said you should have colors worked out and samples of that.  I am not sure what he meant, but I am hoping we can do watercolor sketches, although those so far have been pretty bad.  I am using one of my watercolors I did a while ago, thinking that maybe that will work.
I wish I had a clearer vision:)  Can you tell how frustrated I am?  I have been working on this all weekend, and I still don't feel done.  Sigh!
But on the lighter side of things:)  It is a beautiful, bright, sunshiney day outside.  I think I just need to take a walk.  My knee is much better.  I guess I just pulled a muscle, and it is healing.  I am still limping and I don't really think it would be a good idea to walk too far....maybe out to the shop to invite Mel in for breakfast:)
Well, just wanted to wish you a happy day out there!  Life is challenging, but smiling helps!  I am definitely smiling on this side!  Take care and HAVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Believe in Jesus Christ

Good evening!   I am glad to be in this part of today:)  My lesson went well, but I did feel really nervous.  So it is nice to have it over with.  I suppose I will calm down as I get used to this (ha, ha).
I did find a really good talk by Elder Maxwell about living a Christ centered life that I used in my lesson a little.  It is really thoughtful and inspiring! Neal Maxwell  I always loved hearing Elder Maxwell speak.  Did I tell you I met him in the Boise Airport once?  He was there with his wife.  He was so very gracious.  My daughter Amy had met him before when he came to stay at her in-laws for stake conference, and she felt she should say something to him.  So we stayed back while she said something to him.  But he invited us all over to say hi and to meet him and his wife.   I remember thinking what a kind person he was, and how privileged I felt to be able to meet him.  I feel that he exemplified what he taught.
     I have sure enjoyed today.  It is nice to have a day where I don't do homework.  I really needed the break.  I had a girl in one of my classes at school say that sometimes she wondered how she was doing in her life.  And then she said something like most people don't really stop and think about that, you know?  I answered her that in my life I stopped to think about it every Sunday....that it was part of my beliefs.  I guess she was as surprised to hear it as I was to find myself saying it.  But it is true.  Every Sunday I stop the normal stuff and concentrate on the spiritual side of my life.  I think it helps.
     Well, I hope your day is going well.  I am so grateful for my testimony of the Savior, especially on Sunday, and especially today when I had a lesson to give on His divine mission.  What a power!  I am so grateful for His great life and sacrifice for me.  I am amazed at the love He has for me, and each of us.  How wondrous and great! I know that my Redeemer lives!!!  What comfort this gives me!   HAVVVVVGE!!!!  Melody

Beautiful Day of Peace and Rest

Good Sabbath!  I am excited and nervous for today's lesson.  It really is a good lesson about the Savior and His love for us.  Sooooo...I have my handout ready.  Check!
The pictures I am going to use ready.  Check!  And my basket with Dove chocolates also ready:)  Check!  I guess it is a bit of a tradition in our Relief Society to pass out chocolates.  I hope we don't get in trouble for this:)  But it does seem to help warm up the audience:)  I keep reminding myself that these women are my friends...but somehow having them all looking at me and waiting for what I will say next really unnerves me.  So I have a list of questions, and hopefully they will do most of the teaching today.  I know I learn more when I am involved in answering questions.  And also when I hear other sisters' experiences.  I hope we can have the Spirit there to really do the teaching!
I also wanted to share some of my ideas for my next painting...because my next painting is going to be about beauty and movement and least I hope that is what comes across.  Anyway, I really like these photos I pulled off of the web and thought you might also enjoy them!
Well, here's hoping for a wonderful Sabbath for all of us!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVGS!!!  Melody

This one is painted by Winslow Homer

This one is painted by Turner

Another Winslow Homer (he is one of my favorites)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Breaking it up!

Hi again!  I'm taking a break.  I just got this in my e-mail and thought I would share in case you haven't seen it yet.  This one would particularly interest my dad I think:)  He loves to contemplate the universe in this way.
So I have one sketch done...sort of.  This is harder than it sounds!  As I was looking for references I found a picture of Tommy and it stalled me out.  I miss him soooooo much.  I am so grateful for the promise of eternal life!  I did go to the leadership meeting today with Mel.  President Uchtdorf's message about the "why" of the gospel is ever present with me I think.  I really had to contemplate that big time when Tommy was so sick!  It was sure a good meeting.  It really helped me with my lesson for tomorrow!
Well, I best get back at it.  HAVVVVGA!  Melody

A Beautiful Bright Morning! At least inside of me:)

Good morning!  I am ready for today!  I have a lot to accomplish, but I feel fit for the job!  Well, maybe this is a little hype, since I heard that your brain believes your self talk.  I have a lesson to prepare for tomorrow.  It is on our testimony of Jesus Christ.  It is a beautiful lesson that I hope I can present with love and faith.  I am also going to draw today.  I have three sketches due by Monday at 11:40 am.  Ha, ha!  I am counting the hours I guess.  I did make some progress on my illustration.  I e-mailed my teacher with the newest rough sketch, and he sounded like he mostly liked it.  But that is not due until Wednesday, so I have a bit of time to keep tweaking it.
Mel has a leadership meeting to go to.  I would like to go with him.  Maybe it will inspire me for the lesson tomorrow.  I love to listen to general authorities talk about most anything!
Well, I am wishing you a most wonderful day out there in cyberspace today!  Keep smiling!  I definitely am on this side of things!  TTTL  Melody

Friday, February 10, 2012


Hi!  I found my profile so I thought I would share it on here...just in case you're interested:)
Melody  Hope all is well!  Me

First the good news:)

Hi again!  I have some good news and some bad news....:)  Good news first.  I worked on my drawing for a couple of hours and I think I am almost done.  I decided to come home though's the bad news...I pulled a muscle in my other knee!  Drat!  I have been making such good progress with my knee that I had surgery on.  Oh well.  I guess that is life as we know it.  I am continuing to lose weight, slowly but surely.  So that certainly will help.  I will try to stay off of it this weekend as much as I can.
So here is the drawing.
I didn't use my good camera to take this, so much of the detail is lost.  But you get the idea.  I can work on it some more on Monday to finish things up, and correct things.  It is a little difficult with charcoal.  I would love to go back in with some white charcoal, but we aren't allowed.  So, it is what it is.
Now I have to come up with three finished sketches for my next painting project by Monday.  I am struggling with ideas for that one.  And I also have to have a finished illustration for Wednesday.  I am liking this, but feeling a little pushed at the moment.
I hope things are wonderful for you and yours in your part of the world.  Take care and keep smiling!!!  I am smiling from my side of things!
Oh, the sign downtown...."Kerchief - the king of all the hankies!"  That one made me smile.  I hope you're smiling too!  HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Good Wishes

Good morning!  I had such a nice visit with my visiting teachers!  What good women they are!  So now I am headed back to school.  I will take a picture of my drawing and post it later.  HAVVVVVVGW!!!
P.S. I saw this on facebook and thought I would share.
"This is a true story of Mother’s Sacrifice during the Japan Earthquake.
After the Earthquake had subsided, when the rescuers reached the ruins of a young woman’s house, they saw her dead body through the cracks. But her pose was somehow strange that she knelt on her knees like a person was worshiping; her body was leaning forward, and her two hands were supporting by an object. The collapsed house had crashed her back and her head.
With so many difficulties, the leader of the rescuer team put his hand through a narrow gap on the wall to reach the woman’s body. He was hoping that this woman could be still alive. However, the cold and stiff body told him that she had passed away for sure.
He and the rest of the team left this house and were going to search the next collapsed building. For some reasons, the team leader was driven by a compelling force to go back to the ruin house of the dead woman. Again, he knelt down and used his had through the narrow cracks to search the little space under the dead body. Suddenly, he screamed with excitement,” A child! There is a child! “
The whole team worked together; carefully they removed the piles of ruined objects around the dead woman. There was a 3 months old little boy wrapped in a flowery blanket under his mother’s dead body. Obviously, the woman had made an ultimate sacrifice for saving her son. When her house was falling, she used her body to make a cover to protect her son. The little boy was still sleeping peacefully when the team leader picked him up.
The medical doctor came quickly to exam the little boy. After he opened the blanket, he saw a cell phone inside the blanket. There was a text message on the screen. It said,” If you can survive, you must remember that I love you.” This cell phone was passing around from one hand to another. Every body that read the message wept. ” If you can survive, you must remember that I love you.” Such is the mother’s love for her child!!"

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sawing Logs:)

Good evening!  I am home...finally...and it feels so good!
 Sculpture class was interesting today.  We got to watch the teacher demonstrate the chop saw and the table saw.  Honestly, they both really scare me.  But I guess I can learn this too.  And if not, there is always Mel:)  I just hate to ask him to do things I should be learning.  So I will learn the skills.  Sigh!      
Our teacher got ill in class though, and so we got out early which gave me more time in my drawing class, although there was another class working in there when I got there.  But they didn't mind me quietly drawing on the wall:)  I knew some of the people in the other class that came over and made nice comments about my drawing.  That always feels nice.  I was telling one of them that it looked like a little old lady's front room, compared to all of the fancy and unique things everyone else is drawing.  But he said that he didn't know any old ladies with a ship out their front door:)  I guess he made me feel better about the drawing.  I just don't have the same mindset as so many of these kids who have grown up on video graphics.  My world is pretty real, and I like it that way!
Well, I haven't much to write about today.  I am still kind of tired.  I am glad it is Thursday because tomorrow I can sleep in.  Although I have visiting teachers coming at 8:30....but sleeping in is sleeping til 7:30 if I am lucky.  I hope you are doing well out there in cyberspace.  I'm pulling for you!  We're all in this together!  Here's hoping you have a wonderful evening!  TTTT  Melody

Gut wan!!!!

I am laughing out loud as I hurry to get to class:)  Hope your day is joyful!  Melody

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day is Done!

Good evening!  Another day has come and almost gone.  It sure is going by quickly these days.  And yet when I think back on this morning it seems like such a long time ago.  Time is a kind of quirky thing.
My painting class went well.  I am really liking the way the teacher teaches.  He has us each sign up on the board and then he takes as much time as he thinks we need to teach us from where we are.  Like today, when it was my turn, he came over to me and my painting and asked how I thought I was doing.  And this is funny.  I told him I was painting what we had talked about last week...a woman (me) looking in a mirror and seeing herself much younger, but also seeing all those faces of people that meant a lot to her.  Then I asked him if he thought it was too cliche.  He then said (and I was truly surprised by this) cliche is good!  He said that it is just a word we assign to things that we have in common, so that painting about cliche is a good thing.  He said that the trick is to find a way to paint it that makes the viewer have to think about what you are saying.  So he gave me a few suggestions on how I might do that.  He really seems to know his stuff.  I am really glad I am taking this class!  It is challenging of course, but I don't mind a challenge when I feel like I am listened to and understood.  In fact it makes me want to work harder when I feel that acceptance.  I will have to remember this as I am church, but especially in my own family.  It is so easy to jump in and tell other people what they ought to be doing.  But of course no one wants to be least not until we feel understood.
Tonight I am sketching different ideas for my sculpture class.  It isn't due til next week, but I thought I should work on it while I have some time.  Tomorrow is also drawing and it is our last class time to work on the big drawing.  I hope I can get it done, but if not I can go in on Friday, although I would rather be doing other things.  I have three sketches due for painting on Monday for our next painting, and then on Wednesday I have to have a finished illustration.  I want to try an acrylic method we learned today, if I can get the sketch right.  I think I am pretty close.  My teacher said the design was good, I just messed up on the content:)  I am drawing a girl who has just discovered she is growing horns on her head.  I had put her in a nightgown in a Sendak-y kind of a dream forest.  I really liked it, but my teacher said it missed the idea of a weird thing happening in the real world...not a dream world.  I see his point, but I am not sure where to go with it.  He said I was trying to show the whole story, and I needed to show just enough to interest the viewer and pull them into it.  Easier said than done I am finding.  But I can do this!!!
Well, I hope your day has been great out there in cyberspace.  I think life is great, and I welcome the challenges most days.  Today I have been a little tired.  I woke up at 12:30 and couldn't go back to sleep again last night, so I got up and did homework.  I finally got back to bed at 4, but that makes 6:30 kind of early!  Tonight I will do better.  I just have to let some of the worry go.
So I hope you have a good night!  Take care!  I should take my own advice I guess:)  HAVVVVVGE!!!   Melody


Hello, hello! I just got out of illustration class. And no, my teacher didn't like my rough. So I talked to him a little after class. I hope I understand it now. We watched videos on a couple illustrators who use acrylics. And
then he did a demo that was pretty good. I will have to try the techniques he used.
Next is oil painting. I am looking forward to that. I guess I enjoy painting more than watching other people paint, although it is probably the next best thing:)
I hope all is well and happy. I am smiling from this side of cyberspace:) See? HAGW! Melody

Wednesday already?

Good merry morning to you!  I am rushing already!  But I think I have a good "rough" for fingers are crossed in hopes that my teacher thinks so:)
I hope you have a wonderful day out there in cyberspace.  I am still pulling for you!  Melody

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Roughing It Again

Good evening!  It has been a long day!  And kind of a trying one.  I am still trying to figure it out.  In my sculpture class we were handed back our grades for this first project...and I did well, so I should have felt great, but we then got a lecture on how we should drop the class if we didn't do was kind of weird.  And it made me feel uncomfortable.  The rest of class we talked about our next assignment, which is in wood.  It sounds hard, and I am feeling a little stressed about it, since this teacher is kind of hard.
Then I had a nice break for lunch.  It was a pretty day here today.  But I really needed a nap I think.  I was pretty tired by the time my drawing class started.  I like my drawing time though, so it was fun.  I have made a few friends in there who are especially fun to talk to....before class starts because once it begins we are supposed to work!!! this boring?  Sorry.  It was a rather ordinary day in most ways.
We did have a Relief Society "Preparation for Disaster" meeting.  It was really good, except, you is thinking about disasters and all of that.  I think we are fairly well prepared here, but not completely.  We need to get a generator that would run our well in case of a power outage.  I guess that should be a priority.
   Well, now I should get some sleep.  I have a "rough" due in the morning, but I think I am going to get up extra early and finish it then.  Maybe I won't feel so "rough".  That reminds me of Dennis the Menace.  I love his dog, "Ruff".  I guess I just like dogs in comic strips!  I have been reading classic Peanuts this week with Snoopy being engaged and then rebuffed.  It is pretty funny!  And a little sad.  I guess that is what I like about Snoopy.  He is like all of us....trying to find a little humor in the absurdities of life.  I am not sure I succeeded too well with that today.  I think I need some zzzzzz's!
Take care out there!  Sweet Dreams and all of that jazzzzzzzzzzzz-z-z-z!!!  Melody