Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Good afternoon!  Today is going pretty well.  My classes were both good, although in illustration I found out we definitely have to use the computer for this next project....but I asked the teacher how much, and he said if all we want to do is scan it and print it that that would be OK.  So maybe I can handle it:)  And in painting I used the new technique my teacher taught me to paint in a few mom, my uncle Norm and Tommy.  I really enjoyed painting Tommy's face in, and it made him seem close somehow.  So that was good.  And on the way home I stopped at the Cheesecake Factory and bought a piece of cake for his birthday and brought it home to share with Mel.  I haven't eaten anything sweet since just after New Year's.  Anyway, Mel thought I had gone off the wagon.  But I assured him it was just for Tommy's birthday and then he realized why I had gotten a piece of cake, so we both scarfed it down:)   Yummy!
And then I came home and read Earl and Opal's advice on a happy marriage....very funny!  Thank you, B. C. :)  Here's a link.  Love and Marriage  So I am feeling pretty good.  And now I have homework to finish for sculpture.  Then we will go purchase the lumber for my project.  I think it is good I am busy.  I seem to be able to cope better with sad events.
Tomorrow should be happier.  It is Kenny's birthday!  He will be 33!  I am grateful for him!  And Cindy too of course.  Time just keeps marching on.  And there is quite a bit of hope in that.
Well, I had better get working!  I hope the rest of your day is happy and full of good things!  I am definitely still pulling for you!  HAVVVGW!!!  Melody

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