Thursday, February 2, 2012

Art in its Many Forms:)

Good morning!  I am feeling much more rational this morning.  First off, it must have been one of the characters from Monty Python that turned seventy:)  I couldn't find which one, but the show is only 42 years old since 2010 was their 40th anniversary.
And here is the link to the sight we watched in class.   cardboard face  It is short, and I must have really been sleep deprived, because today it is only amusing, not hilarious the way it seemed yesterday.  But it is kind of a fun activity to do with kids.  I will have to try it with my grandkids.
So I am sharing my sculpture with you today.  I kind of like it.  It makes me laugh at the world of art.
I think plaster is an interesting medium.  It will never really feel finished I think, because it is too soft.  I can see why Michelangelo preferred marble:)
Well I had better get on with my day!  I hope yours is amazing and happy!  Take care out there in cyberspace!  I am still pulling for you!  We're all in this together!  HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

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Amy Boyack said...

Dear Hailey,
I love you Grandma. I love you. I'm sure I love you because I really love you when you hug me. And, sometimes I'm shy of that when somebody tells me to dance. I'm a little shy of dancing. So, I love you Grandma. And, this time I'll make cookies with pink frosting. I love you Grandma. And, everything will be OK. And, I really loved your sculptures. Because I went on your website and I really loved your sculptures.
Dear Hailey.