Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Beautiful Bright Morning! At least inside of me:)

Good morning!  I am ready for today!  I have a lot to accomplish, but I feel fit for the job!  Well, maybe this is a little hype, since I heard that your brain believes your self talk.  I have a lesson to prepare for tomorrow.  It is on our testimony of Jesus Christ.  It is a beautiful lesson that I hope I can present with love and faith.  I am also going to draw today.  I have three sketches due by Monday at 11:40 am.  Ha, ha!  I am counting the hours I guess.  I did make some progress on my illustration.  I e-mailed my teacher with the newest rough sketch, and he sounded like he mostly liked it.  But that is not due until Wednesday, so I have a bit of time to keep tweaking it.
Mel has a leadership meeting to go to.  I would like to go with him.  Maybe it will inspire me for the lesson tomorrow.  I love to listen to general authorities talk about most anything!
Well, I am wishing you a most wonderful day out there in cyberspace today!  Keep smiling!  I definitely am on this side of things!  TTTL  Melody

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