Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Breathing Easier in my little Studio!

Good evening!  I am taking a breather...literally.  I am covered in plaster dust!  And my fingers are getting sore from sanding plaster.  So I needed a breather in my art studio:)  Funny, but I wouldn't want to get plaster dust in here...there's a carpet!  So I am working in the kitchen while Mel puts together plastic parts in the great room.  We are both working with the TV on.  The difference is that his work makes money:)  And he doesn't get covered in dust!
So I really haven't got much to say...nothing different there.  Funny, for just a second I had a vision of Bullwinkle saying,"Nothin' up my sleeve!"  I miss Rocky and Bullwinkle, and Boris and Natasha.  They were good characters!   I can remember laughing so hard at their funny jokes!  Oh, and I heard that Monty Python's Flying Circus is 70 years old!  Can you believe it?  I am sure I am not that old.  So maybe it was something else they were talking about on NPR today.  I would look it up but I am too tired.
We watched another funny video in illustration today.  But I am too tired to look that up too.  I think there is a link from my teacher's link.  I'll look it up tomorrow and post it here when I have had a little sleep.  Sorry, I probably should stay off of here when I have been up so long.
Budge Hall.  Another memory from a long ago time.  Oh yes, I'd better sign off.  Take care!  Sweet dreams!  Melody

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