Friday, February 24, 2012

Checking In

Guten Tag, or Buenos Dias, or Dobar Dan!  It is a little windy here, but the sun is out and it is beautiful.  I love crisp, clean days!  It would be a nice day to travel I think.  The only traveling I have had was over to my hair appointment this morning early, and then we had another appointment for Mel's business at 10.  So the day is slipping away very quickly.  I am debating with myself about going into school.  I would like to stay home and just veg, but I do have things I need to be doing for school.  So I need to write a list and prioritize.  Wanna see?  Here's my list:
1. Monday for illustration I have to have thumbnails for a poster.  It can be for a theatrical production of any long as it hasn't already been done to Cats.  I am thinking I would like to do a play.  Something I have seen.
2. For painting I need to finish the painting I am on, but I also need to pin down what I am doing for my next painting, which should be my current painting.   So I think I could stay home and work on the poster and the current painting, so that Monday is ready.
3. Then for Tuesday I have to finalize my instructions for my wood project for sculpture, and plan for what to do for my rock painting in drawing.  I think I can do most of that here at home...which sounds good!!  Lists help me.  I get so that I have too many things buzzing around in my head and I get a little anxious about how I will get everything done.  I'm still wondering that, but at least I can stay home and wonder.  And I am happy to draw.  The ideas are what is hard.  So I suppose I will prioritize things from easy and out of the the sculpture more difficult.  Am I boring you yet?  Sorry, this is really helping me:)
Well here's my wish for you today...A happy smile from all you meet.  A fuzzy puppy to warm your feet.  A day of fun and laughter too, and maybe even a trip to the zoo:)  I hope you have a great day in cyberspace today!!!  Take care!  And keep smiling!  It's your greatest asset!!!  Melody

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