Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day is Done!

Good evening!  Another day has come and almost gone.  It sure is going by quickly these days.  And yet when I think back on this morning it seems like such a long time ago.  Time is a kind of quirky thing.
My painting class went well.  I am really liking the way the teacher teaches.  He has us each sign up on the board and then he takes as much time as he thinks we need to teach us from where we are.  Like today, when it was my turn, he came over to me and my painting and asked how I thought I was doing.  And this is funny.  I told him I was painting what we had talked about last week...a woman (me) looking in a mirror and seeing herself much younger, but also seeing all those faces of people that meant a lot to her.  Then I asked him if he thought it was too cliche.  He then said (and I was truly surprised by this) cliche is good!  He said that it is just a word we assign to things that we have in common, so that painting about cliche is a good thing.  He said that the trick is to find a way to paint it that makes the viewer have to think about what you are saying.  So he gave me a few suggestions on how I might do that.  He really seems to know his stuff.  I am really glad I am taking this class!  It is challenging of course, but I don't mind a challenge when I feel like I am listened to and understood.  In fact it makes me want to work harder when I feel that acceptance.  I will have to remember this as I am church, but especially in my own family.  It is so easy to jump in and tell other people what they ought to be doing.  But of course no one wants to be least not until we feel understood.
Tonight I am sketching different ideas for my sculpture class.  It isn't due til next week, but I thought I should work on it while I have some time.  Tomorrow is also drawing and it is our last class time to work on the big drawing.  I hope I can get it done, but if not I can go in on Friday, although I would rather be doing other things.  I have three sketches due for painting on Monday for our next painting, and then on Wednesday I have to have a finished illustration.  I want to try an acrylic method we learned today, if I can get the sketch right.  I think I am pretty close.  My teacher said the design was good, I just messed up on the content:)  I am drawing a girl who has just discovered she is growing horns on her head.  I had put her in a nightgown in a Sendak-y kind of a dream forest.  I really liked it, but my teacher said it missed the idea of a weird thing happening in the real world...not a dream world.  I see his point, but I am not sure where to go with it.  He said I was trying to show the whole story, and I needed to show just enough to interest the viewer and pull them into it.  Easier said than done I am finding.  But I can do this!!!
Well, I hope your day has been great out there in cyberspace.  I think life is great, and I welcome the challenges most days.  Today I have been a little tired.  I woke up at 12:30 and couldn't go back to sleep again last night, so I got up and did homework.  I finally got back to bed at 4, but that makes 6:30 kind of early!  Tonight I will do better.  I just have to let some of the worry go.
So I hope you have a good night!  Take care!  I should take my own advice I guess:)  HAVVVVVGE!!!   Melody

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