Friday, February 10, 2012

First the good news:)

Hi again!  I have some good news and some bad news....:)  Good news first.  I worked on my drawing for a couple of hours and I think I am almost done.  I decided to come home though's the bad news...I pulled a muscle in my other knee!  Drat!  I have been making such good progress with my knee that I had surgery on.  Oh well.  I guess that is life as we know it.  I am continuing to lose weight, slowly but surely.  So that certainly will help.  I will try to stay off of it this weekend as much as I can.
So here is the drawing.
I didn't use my good camera to take this, so much of the detail is lost.  But you get the idea.  I can work on it some more on Monday to finish things up, and correct things.  It is a little difficult with charcoal.  I would love to go back in with some white charcoal, but we aren't allowed.  So, it is what it is.
Now I have to come up with three finished sketches for my next painting project by Monday.  I am struggling with ideas for that one.  And I also have to have a finished illustration for Wednesday.  I am liking this, but feeling a little pushed at the moment.
I hope things are wonderful for you and yours in your part of the world.  Take care and keep smiling!!!  I am smiling from my side of things!
Oh, the sign downtown...."Kerchief - the king of all the hankies!"  That one made me smile.  I hope you're smiling too!  HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

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