Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flabbering Some More

Good evening...almost.  The sun is doing its transition as I write.  Or maybe it is the earth.  Hard to tell with both of them whizzing through space at remarkable speeds.  Today I have been thinking about what my cousin Steven said, "Every day is a miracle for each of us."  It really is, when you stop to think on it a bit.  The amazing earth, and all that is balanced precariously within its confines that sustains life is truly a miracle.  That brings to mind The Galaxy Song, and then I giggle just a little.  I think it is one of my favorites now.
So I am trying to put things in perspective...can you tell?  I had a most harrowing trip to school this morning.  There was black ice everywhere...and the visible kind too.  It took me an extra half an hour, and I felt like I was sliding the whole way.  I guess I should have taken the Explorer.  It might not have been so unstable.  Anyway, I did get to school safely, although definitely quite shaken.  And I walked into my illustration class a couple minutes late, which didn't seem to matter fortunately.  But then I had to put up my illustration, and although it was not the worst, it was definitely not the best.  And I must admit I like to be at least one of the best:)  My teacher wanted to know what happened:)  I told him I needed a couple of weeks, or maybe months.  He said, "Maybe years!"  Of course, he said it jokingly, but he also kind of meant it.  He thinks we all need to practice our skills.  And of course I agree.  But it was kind of a miserable critique for me.  I think it was for quite a few of us though.  We commiserated after class out in the hall:)
After class I felt rather lousy.  So I drove over to the co-op nearby where they sell the most delicious croissants!  I bought two and ate them both.  I know....bad carbs.  But it did feel very comforting:)  And I skipped lunch after that thinking I had better repent!!   Next I had my oil painting class.  I think it is my favorite class.  Of course I am reminded in there each time about how limited my painting skills are.  But even with that I still love it.  I love painting...even though I have so far to go before I really can paint.  But today I did learn a new technique from my very sweet teacher.   He really is a gem of a nice guy.  He is so sensitive and he really cares about his students.  And he goes out of his way to teach you something you need to know.  It is truly inspiring.  I know that I need to learn to be more caring and kind in this way.   So I ended my school day on a good note.
I really am tired.  Not the good kind, but the wrung out kind.  So I think I need to pay better attention to getting the right foods ...and more sleep!  I am really trying to make a life style change, rather than just a diet.  I need this to work for the rest of my life.  So that when I eat two croissants that I can adapt it into my day and not beat myself up about it:)  I am very serious about not admitting sugary sweet things back into my diet though. I...I....I....  there I go again.  Sorry.  I think I will go take a power nap!  Then maybe I will remember what it was I learned that was so interesting today:)  TTTL  Melody
P.S.  For anyone who has ever had a will have to click on it to actually be able to read it.

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