Saturday, February 4, 2012

Illustrating Frogs

Good morning!  It is another sunny day here.  I love it!  It is amazing how a little sunshine can lift my spirits!  This morning Mel and I were even discussing our garden!  It does get very optimistic with a little sun.  And I can think about a garden this year.  Last spring I felt so overwhelmed with school and family I couldn't even consider one.
So I am thinking the sign downtown was not too original, but it still made me laugh out loud.  "Wok - something you thwow at a wabbit."  A little Elmer Fudd humor I guess.  Then there is another sign downtown that says, "The average man is evidence that women can take a joke."  I think that one is a little mean spirited.
Well, I have illustrations and painting to do today.  And three papers and two more lectures to watch.  Last night I watched a lecture by Jerry Saltz...after listening to a lecture on ethics.  That one was really good!  The one by Saltz...?   He is an art critic and it was interesting what he had to say about artists.  He compared an artist to a cat:)  He said most people were more like dogs...they come right up to you and communicate directly.  But artists are like cats...they put something else in between to communicate.  It is hard to explain what he said.  You may have to watch it:)  Here is the link. Saltz  It is kind of long, so be warned.  Also know that I don't agree with all that he says.  In fact I think a lot of these guys are very misdirected.  However it does help me to understand the crazy world of modern art.
So here I go...diving back into my modern world of art.  I hope you have a wonder filled day out there in cyberspace!  Take care and remember I'm still pulling for you!  HAVVVVGW!!!  Melody

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