Sunday, February 5, 2012

Living Water

Good Sabbath!  I woke up this morning and discovered a new video from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I wish that I had had this when I was painting this picture a year and a half ago.  It is so good!  I love when Christ is explaining to her about the living water that He can give her. Here is a link. The woman at the well  I like that the church is making all of these videos.   It makes me want to visit Goshen, Utah and see the movie sets!
I feel close to my Savior, and these make me feel even closer.  How wonderful it must have been to meet Him as this woman did.  And yet, we can meet Him as we pray and read and ponder scripture about Him.  I testify that He is real, that He lives, and that He knows and loves each of us personally.  I know that!  I used to just believe that, but I have felt His love and tender mercies as I have gone through hard experiences, and I know it with certainty now.  My hope is that I can return His love by living a good life and following His teachings!  I know that it is the way to true happiness.
Well, I need to get going here.  I have a lesson to give next Sunday.  It is on our testimony of Jesus Christ:)  I need to study this lesson well and prepare so that my school work doesn't get in the way.  Here is my favorite video made by the church about our Savior.  It is very good!  I highly recommend it!!!  Finding Faith in Christ 
So I hope your sabbath day is full of peace and rest, like the song says:)   Take care out there in cyberspace!  Keep the faith!  And HAVVVVVGS!!!!!  Melody

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