Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Long Day's Journey Into Night

Good evening!  I have had a very good day today.  Except for the part where my sculpture teacher told me my design wouldn't work and I had purchased the wrong kind of wood.  But I know my design will work, and I just have to tell myself that.  I have made very detailed plans on vellum and lined them up and they go together well.  And as far as better wood....if it turns out wonderful I will make it myself in better wood.  I know so little about wood sculpture, and he told us not to use hardwood.  So it was particle board or plywood or a project pine that was extremely pricey.  Yeah, I picked particle board:)  He said I should have picked plywood.  This kind of information is only helpful before you have the man at Lowe's rip the boards for you:)  Oh well.  It should all be fine.  The young man I am trading plans with is so sweet, and I think we will have fun working together.  He is limping around too.  He slipped a disc in his back that is pinching his cyatic (sp?) nerve, so he is limping big time.  It made me think I am a whiner! :)
My drawing class was really fun again.  I tried painting jellyfish over my rock painting:)  My teacher came by and thought the jellyfish were "nice", but not to forget the meaning of my painting...which is that I hate violence and especially rock and bomb throwing, and war!  Well, it's a little more complicated than that.  But I had thought that jellyfish were a good example of a dangerous thing that looked me throwing rocks dipped in paint at a is kinda beautiful, but rock throwing is definitely dangerous!  Anyway, he suggested I might paint or draw in some other things besides just jellyfish, so that it didn't become a painting about beautiful jellyfish.  I don't know that I would mind that...but oh well.  I started thinking and this is what I came up with:)
This canvas is 3' by 6' -
just to give you some perspective
Yeah, I changed one of the jellyfish into a soldier...and another into a parachute.  I think I will develop this more, and put other things that are not shaped like jellyfish.  Then maybe I will shoot paintballs at it:)  I am having fun with this though.  Maybe too much fun:)  I can see why Jackson Pollock got carried away with process...especially when they were paying him so much to do it:)  It is very interesting to look at all the paint splotches.  I kind of zone when I do.  But I suppose I really like color, and I like seeing how the paint drips into other paint.
Well, the sign downtown was a little disappointing.  "Dessert - the reason to eat dinner."  I guess I agreed with that not very long ago.  But now I am enjoying vegetables....and especially fruits!  Tonight we had strawberries...from California. They are not too sweet yet, but they are sweeter than most everything else I am eating...except grapes.  Yum.  I did go and buy some smaller jeans today.  So that is progress:)
Well, I guess I had better go put my feet up and rest.  I am tired!  But I am still loving school....even the less than wonderful moments. I am still so glad to be learning new things, and especially to be trying new things in art.  Today while I was painting I just had to laugh.  It really does do something wonderful to my insides!  I can't really explain it, but for me it is joyful to paint.  Even when I don't paint well!  Weird I know, but true.
I hope things are going well for you out in cyberspace!  I am still pulling for you.  We're all in this together!  And the drums have quieted down considerably today.  Did you notice? :)  HAVVVVVGE!!!  Melody


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