Sunday, February 26, 2012

Now Let Us Rejoice!

Shalom!  Today has been such a nice day.  We had stake conference this morning, and last night too.  Our visiting general authority was Robert B. Chambers.  I felt the spirit so strong as he testified today of the divinity of Jesus Christ, and also of his love for our prophet Joseph Smith.  I think he might be a church historian the way that he knew so well the history of Joseph Smith including many details of his surgery at 8 years old that I had not heard before.  I think the best things he said were that you must feel the truth, and then know it.  And that a family's spiritual traditions were extremely important, especially in our world today...things like family prayer and scriptures, and family home evening.  I should have taken notes because there was so much that he said that was so profound.
One of my friends, our stake Relief Society president, also gave a touching talk.  It was about the Cherokee Nation's tradition of how a young 12 year old boy becomes a man.  I found a youtube video that tells the story.  Here's the link.Cherokee Legend  I love that story!
Well, I hope this day is finding you well and happy!  HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

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