Monday, February 6, 2012

One more paper!

Good evening!  We just got back from a fun family home evening.  We learned lots of different unknown trivia about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  I would share some, but there is one last paper to write before it is time for bed.  So, maybe tomorrow.....oh, OK.  I had heard that George Washington had wooden dentures.  While it is true that he had dentures, since he only had one tooth left in his mouth because of gum disease (floss!), they were not made of wood.  Various materials that were used included; some of his own teeth, elephant tusk, whale bone, lead, and a bunch of other material I don't really remember but I wouldn't want in my mouth!  I guess some well schooled dentist had researched this by studying six of the surviving dentures. (Isn't that amazing?)
Oh, and I thought I would share something I am very excited about.  I found out today that my painting teacher's most favorite method of painting, and the one he teaches (!) in his foundational painting classes, is indirect painting....the kind used by the Dutch masters!  I am totally excited about this, because he said he would help me learn the method!!!  Yay!  I am not taking foundational painting, but he said he would teach me anyway.  So I am hoping I can learn.
Well, I had better get to this last paper.  I could hardly understand the article I am supposed to comment on.  It was full of big words that I kept having to look up, and lots of artist's names that I didn't recognize, so I had to look them up too.  And I don't really like all that was talked about.  Oh well.  It is an assignment that I can fulfill!
And as Shirley Temple liked to sing at the end of her show..."God Bless You, Pleasant Dreams, Nighty Night!!!"    Melody

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LeAnn said...

You sound like me I am always having to look up words I don't understand. I am happy that your teacher is going to help you learn a technique that you like. I really enjoy reading your posts and admire you for your desire to go to school. Blessings to you on your paper for tomorrow. I am sure you will do great.