Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hi again! I am laughing! Although I didn't actually fall asleep, I did get a little rest.  And then I cooked a healthy dinner...mostly veggies, and even watched a program I kind of like...In the Middle.  And now I am trying to come up with an art process for my drawing class tomorrow.  One of the artists we watched in a powerpoint last class wore a sandpaper glove and drug his hand along a wall....back and forth, back and forth for eight hours I think.  Then he took a picture:)  He also put sandpaper on the bottom of his shoes and walked back and forth on a bridge til it made a path.  There was another artist who entrapped an ant in a metal border and then drew everywhere it went for quite a while..Another artist took a can of green house paint and poured it along Israel's border...Francis Alys is his name.  He is very interesting.
Another time he pushed a block of ice around Mexico City, photographing it until it finally melted.
I must admit I would never have thought this was art.  But what do I know?  Not much apparently!  So I need to come up with a process that is weird too I guess:)  I shouldn't make fun of it.  I really do admire the creativity.  But I have no idea what to do that would even approach this kind of process.  I don't think BSU would want me to pour paint anywhere, and ice wouldn't melt just now.  Maybe the sandpaper on my shoes would be fun:)  Not!  But it might keep me upright if the ice gets too bad.
Sorry, I am being quite silly.  You'd think with this mindset I could come up with something!  Well, I guess I will bend my mind around a few more processes on the internet and then call it quits for today.  I hope your night is restful and quiet and all the good things.  I heard an owl this morning when I was up so early.  I remembered when I first heard one and I thought it was a person outside my door:)  Soooo funny!  Sweet Dreams!  Melody

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