Friday, February 17, 2012

The Rock that Split

Top o' the mornin' to ya!  It is super to be able to just take my time.    I was going to say nice, but it is so much more than nice!  I love not having to rush!
So I thought I might share my topographical view of Half Dome with you.  It is pretty cool to look at it from above.
I pared it down somewhat from the large map that shows all of the surrounding area.  It makes me a little homesick for Yosemite:)  I love that area, and I have so many fond memories of going there as a child and teenager, and even as an engaged young woman.  Mel came with our family when we were engaged to be married.  We all slept in one big tent...separate sleeping bags of course...except for Joy and Diane who decided to sleep outside the tent so that they could see the stars.  We had to drag them quickly inside the next morning though, when a bear cub climbed the tree right next to them!  Ah memories!  Just seeing Half Dome brings many of them back to me.  It dominates the Yosemite Valley!  Of course there is also El Capitan.  And all of the gorgeous water falls.  Maybe I can talk Mel into taking me there this summer.  Especially if we don't camp.  He has never liked camping the way that I do.  And now that I am old and rickety I am kind of glad:)  Although with an air mattress I could probably tough it.
Here are a couple of pictures, just in case this is not familiar to you.
It is magnificent!  I hope my sculpture works.  I am slicing it up into 38 bits of elevation, using pine I think.  My teacher said no hard woods:(  But it should still be kinda cool....I hope.  At least I am enjoying the process of designing it.  I hope I get a partner that can understand this idea.  Most people in my class are pretty young, and they have not even heard of Yosemite!  Unbelievable I know, but true.  And I even like my idea behind it....that I am "the rock", but I am not gluing it together.  I am going to put it on a puzzle that can come apart....the way I can I guess:)  When I told my teacher he said, "Oh, you go home and cry somedays, huh?"  Very perceptive:)
Well, I suppose today I will be drawing vellum slices of Half Dome, finding wood, paint, and other sundries at Lowe's and Home Depot, doing laundry, running errands, and maybe cleaning house:)  And I should go over to the school and paint, but maybe I will save that for tomorrow...or Monday.  We have a day off of school Monday for President's Day.  I am glad for that!
So have a happy day out there in cyberspace today!  I'm pulling for you!  We're all in this together!!!!  HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

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