Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Roughing It Again

Good evening!  It has been a long day!  And kind of a trying one.  I am still trying to figure it out.  In my sculpture class we were handed back our grades for this first project...and I did well, so I should have felt great, but we then got a lecture on how we should drop the class if we didn't do well....it was kind of weird.  And it made me feel uncomfortable.  The rest of class we talked about our next assignment, which is in wood.  It sounds hard, and I am feeling a little stressed about it, since this teacher is kind of hard.
Then I had a nice break for lunch.  It was a pretty day here today.  But I really needed a nap I think.  I was pretty tired by the time my drawing class started.  I like my drawing time though, so it was fun.  I have made a few friends in there who are especially fun to talk to....before class starts because once it begins we are supposed to work!!!
Then....is this boring?  Sorry.  It was a rather ordinary day in most ways.
We did have a Relief Society "Preparation for Disaster" meeting.  It was really good, except, you know...it is thinking about disasters and all of that.  I think we are fairly well prepared here, but not completely.  We need to get a generator that would run our well in case of a power outage.  I guess that should be a priority.
   Well, now I should get some sleep.  I have a "rough" due in the morning, but I think I am going to get up extra early and finish it then.  Maybe I won't feel so "rough".  That reminds me of Dennis the Menace.  I love his dog, "Ruff".  I guess I just like dogs in comic strips!  I have been reading classic Peanuts this week with Snoopy being engaged and then rebuffed.  It is pretty funny!  And a little sad.  I guess that is what I like about Snoopy.  He is like all of us....trying to find a little humor in the absurdities of life.  I am not sure I succeeded too well with that today.  I think I need some zzzzzz's!
Take care out there!  Sweet Dreams and all of that jazzzzzzzzzzzz-z-z-z!!!  Melody

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