Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sawing Logs:)

Good evening!  I am home...finally...and it feels so good!
 Sculpture class was interesting today.  We got to watch the teacher demonstrate the chop saw and the table saw.  Honestly, they both really scare me.  But I guess I can learn this too.  And if not, there is always Mel:)  I just hate to ask him to do things I should be learning.  So I will learn the skills.  Sigh!      
Our teacher got ill in class though, and so we got out early which gave me more time in my drawing class, although there was another class working in there when I got there.  But they didn't mind me quietly drawing on the wall:)  I knew some of the people in the other class that came over and made nice comments about my drawing.  That always feels nice.  I was telling one of them that it looked like a little old lady's front room, compared to all of the fancy and unique things everyone else is drawing.  But he said that he didn't know any old ladies with a ship out their front door:)  I guess he made me feel better about the drawing.  I just don't have the same mindset as so many of these kids who have grown up on video graphics.  My world is pretty real, and I like it that way!
Well, I haven't much to write about today.  I am still kind of tired.  I am glad it is Thursday because tomorrow I can sleep in.  Although I have visiting teachers coming at 8:30....but sleeping in is sleeping til 7:30 if I am lucky.  I hope you are doing well out there in cyberspace.  I'm pulling for you!  We're all in this together!  Here's hoping you have a wonderful evening!  TTTT  Melody

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