Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Sun Fades slowly in the West:)

Hi again!  I just got home...everything went well at school today.  Of course I now have new assignments for every class but illustration, since we finished our drawings today.  And then tomorrow we will finish our illustration project, so we will get a new assignment in there too.  We watched an interesting couple of videos in my drawing class.  I will give you a link for the shorter one.  Cai Guo Quaing  This Chinese artist does work in gunpowder:)   It is quite interesting.  Our next project is in processes, so this was one of the artists who works in processes.  We also watched a video of William Kentridge.  He is an artist from South Africa that does drawings that he makes into films and also uses operatic musical accompaniment.  Actually he has done whole operas with his films as a backdrop.  The video about him was very interesting, but long.  I guess he is quite popular right now in the art world.
Well, I am going to paint my illustration now.  I am kind of avoiding it, and I shouldn't since I have to turn it in tomorrow morning.  I just don't want to do it wrong.  So I guess there is another argument for getting to it:)  Have a lovely evening!  Keep smiling!  I am!!!!!  Melody

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