Saturday, February 18, 2012

Under Lock and Key

Good morning!  I have been wondering what to write about this morning.  I thought you might enjoy the story of the scissor box.  It is remotely connected to Yosemite.
When my oldest daughter, Michelle, was growing up it became quite obvious that she had inherited the creative gene.  When she drew on the walls, it was not just a scribble, but a whole village would appear!  She had a fine sense for detail and I thought we had a budding artist for sure.  But things started going sour when she discovered scissors!  She loved to cut...and especially her own hair.  It started when she was about three, but continued on well into her kindergarten years.  I have a cute picture of her without much hair where her bangs should be.  Well, cute to me.  I think she doesn't like that photo too much.  Things got bad though, when she started cutting other people's hair!  Her cousin Vicki probably got the worst of that deal.  Anyway, I was frustrated as a mother.  I only had a couple of scissors, and I would hide them where I thought no one would find them.  But Michelle was my child who scaled her crib at 9 months, so the refrigerator top or the highest cupboard was really not much of a challenge.  And then one day when we were in Yosemite with my folks, my mom saw this little cedar box in the gift shop.  And she bought it for me to lock away the scissors.  And it worked!!!  I smile now a little when I think of bad haircuts.  Of course, that didn't end it completely.  Kim cut all of her beautiful ringlets off above her ears when she was only 2!  But that was my fault.  I left my sewing scissors out.  That one happened on my birthday...right before we were leaving for church.  I just sat in the middle of the floor and cried!  I am surprised neither of them went to beauty school!
Well, that is probably a little bit of a silly story.  But you may be wondering what I lock up in my little box now.  I was curious too.  I found an old newspaper clipping of my engagement to Mel, a ceramic thimble, a wooden flag pin, and my favorite article of all time, "I am the Queen, and that is all you need to know!"  It is a funny article about a mom who told her kids that and expected some respect in return.  I will have to copy it and include it here....maybe later today if I have time.
In the meantime, I have a couple of links to youtube for you.  They are of James Taylor when he was first on television....on the Johnny Cash show.  I thought they were kind of cool.  1971!  Oh Suzanna! and   Sweet Baby James.  I hope you enjoy these.  Have a happy day!  I am pulling for you!  We're all in this together!  And a little more Hungarian.... Sok szerencsét  HAVVVVGW!!!   Melody
P.S.  Just saw this and thought it was kind of cool!

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