Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Woman at work! Any minute now:)

Good evening!  It's been a long day, but I am not done yet!  I have some more sketches to do before tomorrow of Don Quixote, and then I think I need to prepare for my next painting coming up next week.  I also have a paper due on Thursday for sculpture, and a critique next week for my drawing class.  And this weekend is my granddaughter, Josephine's, baptism in Ogden:)  So it looks like I should keep my nose to the grindstone for a while.
Ha!  I heard an npr broadcast today about being too busy, and that we somehow like to be busier than the next guy...or at least say we are.  I know I am not.  I talked to a lady I met yesterday at school.  She has 5 kids at home...one of them autistic, all the rest in sports, most of them teenagers, and she is going to school full time.  I asked her how she was doing it, and she took a very deep breath and started telling me about all that she was battling to get everything done, and it made me tired thinking of all she had to do.  I also know that she is at least a couple of semesters behind me in the classes she is taking...also that this is her first degree, so she is having to take core classes too.  I think she is the busiest person I have met yet.  And she added that she was LDS, so she had to run her kids to mutual and activity days and scouts!  She is a trooper.  I hope she is super energetic!
Well, that made me tired just telling you about it:)  I am trying to think of anything else that was rather interesting today.  Oh, I know.  I was talking to a young girl in my drawing class today.  She told me she was feeling really hungry, and to top it off she had given up bread for lunch.  I said, "For lunch only?"  She laughed and said, "No, for Lent!"  That made me laugh too.  She said she would have to go without it for 40 days.  I told her I had also given up bread, and sugar and white flour, but not for Lent.  I was just trying to lose weight.  She said she was hoping to lose weight too.  That kind of bothered me, because she isn't really very heavy.  In fact I would say she is quite beautiful in her own way.  Oh well.  We are a society that is all too weight conscious.
Well, I can see the flabber is beginning again.  I had better get drawing!  I hope you have a restful night! I may not.  Yeah, I had a diet Coke.  I hate myself when I do that.  Why don't I just have water?  Coke wakes me up about 2 and then I have a hard time going back to sleep.  This all seems very logical now, but earlier it sounded so good to have a diet Coke.  Sigh!  I have gone quite a while without doing this to myself.  I am back on the no caffeine wagon again!  Even if I have to settle for bottled water!  (If you read this last part very fast you can feel the effects of the caffeine:)  So good night and Hasta la Vista!  Melody
Sharing on your wall was harder back then!
P.S.  I saw this image on Facebook and I couldn't bring it up on here so I made my own version:)

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