Sunday, March 18, 2012

Big Brothers

Good evening!  I have been thinking of church today and especially of an event that was really special.  We have a few kids with autism in our ward.  Two of them are deacons:)  And they do an amazing job of passing the sacrament.  One of them, Eli, just started today...and it was quite an example of love within a family.  His older brother, Jessie, stayed near his side...coaching him and helping him to do it right.  I was very touched by their example.  And glad that Eli has that opportunity to learn.  And it made me think how each of us has challenges of one kind or another...not all of them so apparent as Eli's handicap, but apparent to ourselves.  And that each of us also has an older brother, anxious to help and assist and to encourage us in learning to do things right.  Of course I mean our older brother Jesus Christ.  I am so glad He is nearby to help and assist us through life's challenges.  And I am grateful.
So an update on Max, our dog.  He went back in for a second surgery yesterday.  They kept him at the pet hospital yesterday and today.  They called today and said he would probably be able to come home tomorrow.  He is doing better, but he had all kinds of infection.  That is why they think he probably got into a fight with coyotes....because they carry more infection than a domestic animal.  Anyway, he will probably be fine once his wounds all heal.  The house seems awfully quiet without him pitter patting around on the wood floor.  And I miss his cold nose nuzzling against my hand trying to get me to pet him.  And I even miss the annoying way he comes and sits in front of me when I finally get a moment to sit down...begging me to take him outside:)  I'll be glad when he is well again!
Well, that is all.  I mostly wanted to write about Eli and his amazing accomplishment today of passing the sacrament.  And my realization of what it means to have a loving older brother.  Take care!  And remember I am still pulling for you!!!  HAVVVVVGN!!!  Melody

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