Saturday, March 3, 2012

Can't Stop Blogging

Good evening! I am sitting in Julie's front room watching her kids dance to Michael Jackson on the Wii. It's a different world! From my side too as I type away on my iPhone. I would never even have imagined any of this was possible when my own kids were this age.
Josie's baptism went wonderfully. She is a sweet, gentle and caring person. I am so glad she is part of our forever family! And she is a great dancer! But the one who is amazing is Hunter. He is four and can keep up with Michael Jackson in such a cute imitation. We are enthralled!
Well I should probably get back to the real world:) HAVVVGN!!!! Melody


DontStopRunning said...

I'm 11 and can do the worm and I'm wotking on the moonwalk :3 ~Ellie

singing/granny said...

Ha, ha! I love you Ellie!!!! Grandma