Thursday, March 29, 2012

The End of the Day

Good evening!   I have had a very nice day with daughters and grandchildren and my dad and Barb.  But I guess I wore Gabe and Taylor out, because they were sooooo angry at me for ripping them away from the rest of the grandkids.  Taylor told me he hadn't really wanted to come and he hadn't had any fun!!!!  And Gabe said he deserved to stay at my house all night long and it wasn't fair I was taking him home!  I know they hate to leave their cousins, but everyone else was headed home too and I am just too tired to keep at it any longer today.  We did have fun, despite what Taylor said.  The first half an hour as we drove to meet Michelle and her kids, Gabe told me all about why you forget all the stuff from when you were really little.  It is because the memories just pop out of your brain:)  If they didn't there wouldn't be room for any more!  And Taylor told me how he  still could remember learning to walk.  That one was hard to believe, since he was only 9 or 10 months old.  But I went along with it anyway.  It kept me giggling.
We had fun at the outlet mall picking out some new jeans for them.  Michelle found some cute things for her kids, and I thought it wouldn't hurt to get some jeans for Taylor and Gabe too.  Then we met Kim and her kids at the pizza place and stuffed our faces with all you can eat salad and pizza.  I couldn't stuff too much, but the kids made up for me.  Then we all went to my dad's.  He was quite surprised it wasn't just me.  We had fifteen of us by the time we arrived there.  A very noisy fifteen of us.  So after a while we thought we should move it all to the bowling alley at the Student Union Building on campus.  We were there for quite a noisy while, until Gabe was going a little ballistic.  He gets so wound up!  Anyway, that is why Taylor was angry....he hadn't quite finished his game of bowling.  But I was beginning to fear for Gabe's well being.  He was literally throwing the bowling ball, not just down the alley.  So it seemed like a good idea to leave.  I am sad that I stayed just a tad too long.  Sometimes it is hard to make those judgement calls.  Oh well.  I think Taylor will forgive me...eventually.
So now I am home and it is soooooooo quiet!  I will be glad when Mel gets home.  He works kind of late right now.  I will be glad when the new shop is more routine.  But things are busy there and that is good.
Oh, I forgot to mention I saw 8 pelicans yesterday:)  They were flying over the lake.  Just thinking about them gives me a very happy peaceful feeling.  I am so grateful for God's beautiful creations....especially pelicans!  And after that funny youtube video, I think I like manatees!  Every time I think of it running into the side of the tank I giggle.
One more thing....the other side of the sign.  "Gardener - plant manager"  I like that, and I feel so silly I forgot it completely yesterday.  I told my dad how forgetful I am getting, and his comment was..."You ain't seen nothin' yet!" meaning of course, that it only gets worse.  Sigh!
Well, I hope your evening is wonderful!  I am still pulling for you!  Take care and remember to keep smiling!  Me

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