Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Evening Report:)

Good evening!  I have had a wonderful day today.  Both of my classes went well.  I even feel a little like an artist again.  I am especially excited to see my Half Dome sculpture coming together nicely as my partner, Jake, is building it.  And it is fun to be building his sculpture for him.  It is a fun project.  I am not as bad with large wood saws and such as I imagined I would be.  Today I used the jig saw and the band saw and the belt sander....all of them making light work of things that would take much longer with a whittling knife:)  And I got my research paper done and turned in, which only about a quarter of the class did.  So it did feel good in there today.
In my drawing class I went in a little early and painted in a military tank and a drone:)  As my teacher walked in he said, "That is the drone I was talking about!"  It felt good that he could tell it was a drone.  Anyway, he talked to me about the direction I was going with my painting, and I was having a hard time explaining what I meant by everything.  So I said, "I have a cartoon strip I am going to bring in about how I just paints 'em, I don't explains 'em."  So I made a copy of Opal painting and quoting Jean Cocteau, which I will include here in case you haven't seen this one.  I love this!!  I don't think my teacher liked my smart Alec comment though...
he said as long as I am a student I do have to explain them:)  Anyway, after I finished drawing in a whiskey bottle, a pill bottle, and a syringe, I threw rocks at my painting again.  And then I just threw paint!  So now I feel done with this.  And in case you are waiting for an explanation, here it isn't.  I probably could discuss horticulture better:)  But it has something to do with how war is violent, destructive, and how much I hate it!  It doesn't just kill the enemy, it also destroys the soldiers through physical injury, mental injuries like PTSD, drugs, etc.  Anyway, this painting reminds me a little of Where's Waldo?, which I admit I had a lot of fun doing.  Maybe I am an abstract painter after all....who knew?
Well, I guess I am going to relax tonight and paint, write and draw more sketches of Rocinante tomorrow.  I love is kind of my Friday.  Mel and I went and tried a new restaurant in town tonight...Dickey's Barbecue Pit...I think that is the name.  Yummy!  It was really good!  Now if I can just find a good TV show...maybe William and Mary.  It is a PBS show I like.  I hope you have a lovely evening!  Take care.  I'm still pulling for you!  We're all in this together...and I think the cannibals have gone fishing:)  HAVVVVVGE!!!  Melody
This is the finished painting
(unless I decide to add some more)

The mushroom cloud

There's a helicopter drone, a soldier and Aladdin:)

The tank

This is the drone my teacher recognized

The pill bottle

The drone again and the whiskey bottle

Jellyfish, soldier, parachute

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