Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Night!

Good evening!  I did it!  I finished the poster...and took it to Costco for date night to get it printed:)  Of course this is a fake poster.  That particular production was done in 1965.   The print looks better than this is on luster type paper and the colors looks much richer.  Anyway, that feels really good.  Now if I can just let it go.....
The next thing I have scheduled for this weekend is my mirror painting.  It is coming along.  I really do need to fix a couple of things before I continue too much further on it though.  It has one of the people in the background whose eye is crooked:)  My teacher said that if I emphasized just one part of the face it would make it more interesting....and it definitely did, but not in a good way.
So now I am going to just relax....until bedtime.  I am so tired of pushing so hard.  And I deserve a break:)  Ha, ha!  Those advertisements that say, "You deserve this or that" are really appealing to that selfish part of me that says, "Why yes, I do!"  I guess that is why they are effective ads.
Max has an appointment with the vet again in the morning.  I hope she can remove the drains!  He is a really stinky, sick smelling dog at the present time.  But he is so much better than he was.  He is up and active again.  I can tell he hurts, but he is not mopey anymore.  So that is good.  Mel said he would fix the fence so that Max can't get out anymore.  And that makes me glad.  Dogs roam quite a bit in this part of the countryside, but I think Max is done with that.  I don't want him losing any more battles with coyotes!
So, I hope you have a lovely, fun-filled Friday night.....and if not, well, tomorrow's another day:)  Take care and HAVVVVVGE!!!!!  Melody

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