Friday, March 9, 2012


Good smiley morning!  It is a sunshine day here today.  It's supposed to reach 65!  I am excited about that.  And I am excited about the day ahead of me today.  Of course, Friday is always too busy.  I try to use it as a homework day, and a catch up on the housework day, and today it is also a finalize my Relief Society lesson day.  Luckily there is Saturday, which is my backup day for everything I didn't finish on Friday.  So I've loaded the dishwasher and I am doing laundry and sculpture at the same time this morning, and trying to fit in illustration.  Actually I think I will devote the day to illustration and fit the laundry and sculpture in between.  In one of my organizing your life books (I have a whole shelf full of these) it says you can dovetail your work.
A complicated puzzle of my life!
So on that theory I am going to push the button on the washing machine, stain the wood (I didn't do that last night), and then while the washer is washing and the stain is drying I will draw Donny Quixote and his ballerina to scan onto photoshop.  By then it should be dinner time:)  Ha!  I hope it is only lunch time though.  Because I want to switch loads of laundry, glue boards together, and then magically change ol' Donny into something beautiful, and breathtakingly artistic.  Good luck, huh?  It could happen:)
I am really looking forward to date night tonight.  I love to go see other artists' work, and tonight we are going to see three.  At the college there is a Raymond Pettibon exhibit which opens tonight at 6 which I plan to attend.  Then at 7 there is a presentation by Gregory Manchess at the new Yanke art gallery a few blocks away.  And in the same building is an exhibition by a couple of Japanese artists...Ryosuke Kobayashi, a photographer, and Toyotsugu Itoh, a graphic artist.  So it is kind of a cool weekend for Boise art.  And I am very glad to be able to attend.  I just hope there is ample parking:)
Well, the day is marching on...I may have to run to catch up!  I hope things go well for you today!  Keep smiling!  And remember I am still pulling for you!  We're all in this together!!  HAVVVVVGW!!!!!!  Melody

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