Monday, March 19, 2012

Gut Wan!!!!

Good morning!  I am giggling this morning!   It looks like it will be a good day.  Although why I say that is a mystery to me.  The sun isn't even up yet.  But I am happy and even kind of excited for my critique in illustration and painting today.  Yep, two critiques in one day!  That is a record I do believe.  Of course I am also nervous.  That just goes along with the territory.  But my painting teacher says that we should be grateful for critiques.  He says it is the only time in your art career where you will get honest appraisal of your work.  I don't think that is always true.  But it is a good ideal.  I suppose we should help each other by being brutally is soooo subjective!  What one person thinks is fabulous another may think is horrible.  And often I think it is like the Emperor's new clothes....everyone wants to think like everyone else, so they are afraid to say what they really think.  I find I do that less.  Maybe it is my age, but I find myself speaking my mind quite often anymore.  And my tongue gets sore from biting it so much, trying to keep from saying what I really think:)
I have been thinking of ants this morning:)  So I guess I really am getting old:)  No, it is just that I was thinking about what my dad said, and Mel about torturing the ants, and it brought back a very clear memory for me.  I remember being in the front yard of my grandma and grandpa Phillips' house in Oakland.  They lived on 66th Avenue.  Anyway, my grandpa was watering the front strip of flowers and there were all kinds of ants swimming and struggling with the water.  I must have been quite small to notice those poor ants.  Anyway, I remember my grandpa smoking, and I must have said some precocious thing like, "Why do you smoke?"  And my grandpa's answer was something like, "Don't ever smoke!  It is so bad for you.  I started smoking when I was really young, and I have tried quitting and it is soooo hard to quit.  So don't ever start!"  I was very impressed with that.  And I believed him and never wanted to even try smoking....even when I was offered a tiperillo ( a weird little cigar type of cigarette) on a band trip:) (And that is a whole other story!) He had a big influence on me in that regard, and I am grateful!  He did stop smoking before he died.  So in the end he won his battle.  He wasn't LDS, but he was a good man who lived a good life.  And he was always so kind to me.  I miss you Grandpa!  I have tried to paint him into my mirror painting, but so far I can't seem to make any of the faces resemble his...even with a photo as a reference.  All of the other ghostly faces do look like my relatives....but I think I felt very close to him so that I want it to look just so.  Sigh!
Well, I had better get going.  I have miles to go today!  I hope things are good for you today out there in cyberspace!  Take care and remember I'm pulling for you!  We're all in this together!!  HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

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