Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Can Smell the Popcorn!

Good morning!  There's a smile on my face:)  And I am ready to face the day!  I am planning to select or take a photo for my illustration project.  Then I will trace the outline onto my medium hued drawing paper, and enhance it with gorgeously artistic lines of many weights:)  After that I am going to scan it onto some drawing paper and glue it onto my painting surface with matte medium.  Then I will sand it and coat it a couple of more times and hopefully it will be smooth and ready to paint tomorrow:)  I hope this all works and turns out beautifully.  And in the meantime, while I am waiting for coats to dry and such, I will work on my Jungle Book drawing.  And I also need to take off the painting and roll it up from my 4'x4' stretcher and stretch on a new canvas and gesso it and get it ready to paint a wave.  And no I am not really getting to do much of any relaxing or taking a break for Spring break.  And the funniest part is, all of my teachers said they hoped we had a wonderful break....ha, ha, ha!
I am planning to meet Michelle and her kids tomorrow for a little fun.  And Monday I did have lunch with Amy, so I have had a few fun moments.  Yesterday I stopped to see Taylor and Gabe and took them some treats from Costco:)  I do love Costco!  Liz and Alexander were napping, so I didn't get to visit with them.  Liz's husband Adrian is working the night shift right now for Mel, so their sleep schedule is very crazy.  I hope it doesn't have to continue like this for too long.
Julie and Randy didn't get the job here in Boise, so they will not be moving here after all.  I was so hoping they would.  But Randy hasn't given up.  He is still looking for some way to move back.  They have a house nearby already that they are renting out.  It would be so nice to have them back close.  And of course then I could see all of the kids more often.  They all grow soooooo fast!
Well, I guess I had better get to it.  It is hard to stay motivated, when what I really want to do is pop popcorn and watch a movie and invite all of the grandkids over.  Maybe I can finish things and we can do that for's hoping!!!  And I hope you have a great and good day out in cyberspace today!!!  Keep smiling!  Melody

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