Thursday, March 8, 2012

I think my muchness is really back!

Good evening!  I have had a most productive day today!  I have my sculpture all ready to stain which I am going to do tonight, and then tomorrow I will glue and screw it all together.  It is coming together well.  And my sculpture design of Half Dome is also coming together well.  (Thanks, Jake!)  So despite no working jig saw, or filter masks, or the right size spindle on the spindle sander (yep, it's all true!) I was able to combat all odds and get things done...being extremely creative:)  I do feel good about that.
In drawing class we got a new assignment...and it is all about photoshop and illustrator.  This teacher seems to have a better knowledge of it all, and is quite clear in his instructions, so I think this is really good.  I think eventually I am going to conquer these programs and be able to use them to my artistic advantage.  At least today it seems hopeful.  Yesterday's demo was helpful, but not enough.  So today's demo will perhaps take me to the place I need to be for my illustration poster.  I have already been testing my new knowledge and it really is helpful.  Now if I can just come up with a good enough sketch to scan into photoshop:)
In other news...Mel started moving his machines to the new shop!  It is very exciting I think.  He should be all moved in by next Monday when it will be full steam ahead.  He has lots of new work and his business is very busy at present.  So that is good.  I stopped by on my way home to see the progress and the electrician was there.  He said his wife knew me from girl's camp.  She was the stake young women's president a few years ago when I was up there too.  Such a small world!
Well, I suppose I could tell a joke....the sign downtown:)  "Hula - welcome waggin' ".  Ha, ha.  Anyway, here's hoping you have a great night.  I am counting on it here!!!  Take care!  I'm still smiling!  HAVVVVVGN!!!!!!!!!!  (I love exclamation points!!!!!!!!)  Melody

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