Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Little Night Music

Good evening!  It has been a good day today.  I finally got approval on my Don Quixote design, so now I can go forward and actually make a poster:)  I keep singing, "I am Don Quixote, the man of LaMancha" in my head.  I don't know enough of it to stop....just the one verse and it is circling around and around and around.  Aaugh!!!  But this is good...  I found out we are getting a visiting illustrator this Friday night...Greg Manchess.   He is pretty fantastic and I am excited to hear him and see some of his work up close and personal.  Here are a few of his illustrations from off of the internet.
I think they are very painterly.  I like that he works in oils and I hope I can learn to paint this well eventually.  I guess I just have to keep at it.  He seems to have a very good command of color, which I am currently struggling with!  It seems so simple in theory, much harder to actually blend colors and get them to match and contrast and do all that good painting can do.  I think when school is out this summer I am going to copy some of the better artists and see if I can learn a little doing that.
Painting was a struggle again.  I have painted in almost all of the faces in the background in my mirror painting, but the faces in the foreground are still giving me fits.  SIGH!!!!!  I think if I had a better reference photo it would help.  I will have to search my photo albums.
So what else to tell you?  I guess there isn't much.  I am going to tackle photoshop tonight.  My teacher gave us another demo and I am hoping I can put it into practice tonight.  Anyway, I hope things are good in cyberspace tonight.  Do you like the astronaut paintings?  They are perfect, huh?  Well, have a gut wan!!!  Melody

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