Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Night Again!

Hi again, good evening, Buenos Dias....I hope all is well.  I am doing pretty good.
My critique for illustration went pretty well, except my teacher said I am a texture junkie:)  What he meant was I will have to learn to use texture in photoshop more effectively...which I know is true.  But hey, I think I did well just getting something printed in photoshop!  It is not an easy program!  Anyway, he did like my poster for the most part...even the printing, which he was particularly critical of for most of the posters.  Of course, with the exception of the graphic art majors in there, we were all pretty new at this.  But he is pretty encouraging these days, and I feel like I am learning a lot.
In painting we only got through half of the critiques.  So mine will be on Wednesday....which I think is good because I have a couple more days to work on things.  I thought I would post my mirror picture.  It is getting better, but far from finished.  And it doesn't look like me still.  But that is OK according to my is the idea that counts apparently.  So far in the background I have painted in my mom, my grandma Duffin, my uncle Norm, my grandpa Phillips, my great grandpa Riding, and Tommy...and a faint Aunt Ida, or grandma Phillips...I haven't decided:)  It's funny how family resemblances carry through as I am painting this.  I do find this painting pretty fun, despite the frustration of just not being very good at it.
Well, tonight I will be reading and writing.  I have a paper due in drawing class tomorrow on the introduction to the book.  And in sculpture I am supposed to know what a site specific artifact is.  Sooooo, I guess I'd better hit the books.  Mel is not home from work yet.  He went in kind of late, but it is FHE tonight, so I hope he is home soon.  And I hope he doesn't think he can work late every night!
Well, I hope all is happy in cyberspace today!  Take care!!! I am still pulling for you.  And HAVVVGFHE!!!!!  Melody
P.S.  I kind of like this:)

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