Monday, March 12, 2012

Night Time

Hi again!  I am feeling much better now that I have things done sculpture...and reading for my drawing class.  Here is a link we watched in illustration class today.  My teacher thinks that Jean Giraud (Moebius) was one of the best line drawers in illustration.  He died yesterday.  So we watched this.  Moebius  It was entertaining.  Although I wish I spoke French:)  And once again I feel I have so much to learn....I didn't even know who he was.
I finished my sculpture so I thought I would share.  I know it looks like I am taking a wood shop class:)  I think Jake will be pleased at his design.  And I will be excited to see mine all done tomorrow in class.  I also had a couple of pictures of Jacob and Josie and Naia from Saturday.  Enjoy!   HAVVVGN!  Me

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